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Independent travel to Italy

Journey to Italy

Before you decide to visit Italy, you need toWill learn a little about this country. Think about what you can get to Italy. There are several ways - by plane, there are regular bus services from St. Petersburg and Moscow, and by private transport. Air transport is considered to be comfortable. We will tell you how to get to this country and save money. Budget airlines are considered to be common. If you fly from St. Petersburg, it will be convenient to get to Helsinki, and from there Bluel can fly to Venice, Milan and Rome. If you fly through Moscow, it's cheaper and for this use Sindbad's services.

If you flew to any city in Italy, exceptVenice, then very expensive taxi runs to the city. In this case, it is better to take buses that travel from airports to the city center. There already take a taxi to the hotel, it will be much cheaper for you.

Take care of housing in advance. You do not need to immediately book hotels in all the cities that you plan to visit. You will do everything one day before you arrive at the appointed city. But you can make an independent trip and without the help of travel agencies, you yourself will find the hotel, enough will go on the Internet.

To book a hotel, you need to have a passport andA bank card, you can do all the operations on the Internet through it. Read carefully the conditions of the hotel, some of them from your card will withdraw the entire amount for the stay. Most hotels make a deposit for the first night, then it returns to your card, it takes two weeks, during which time you can pay for accommodation at the hotel card or cash. One day prior to arrival you can cancel the booking, it will be free to you. Or your card will be charged for one night stay at the hotel. In the country there is no classification of hotels and certification by category. All hotels in Italy include breakfast in the room rate. Do not need to buy a map of the city, in any hotel you will give it for free.

Inside the country it is more convenient to travelBy rail. Tickets of 1 and 2 classes differ in price by 2 times, although they differ only in armchairs. For a comfortable journey from the city to the city 2 class is suitable. Tickets are purchased at train stations at ticket offices and vending machines. Those who are poorly proficient in Italian, it is better to resort to the services of automatic cash registers, which accept credit cards, banknotes and coins. The ticket must be punished before boarding the train. Yellow composters are installed on the platforms. You can buy a ticket from the controller and validate the ticket, but if you buy a ticket on the train, you will pay a fine of up to 45 euros, pay an additional 8 euros for buying a ticket on the train, and pay for the ticket itself.

You can move by car inside the country. Italian roads are as safe and well equipped as possible. Most of the roads in Italy are paid. For 100 kilometers you will pay 5 euros, a liter of gasoline costs about 1.30 euros. Staff services must be paid. When traveling by car, you need to know that the driver and passengers should use seat belts. You can not use a mobile phone while driving, you will pay a fine of 70 to 285 euros. Place for parking from 7. 00 am to 20. 00 pm is difficult to find, parking paid and up to 2.50 euros per hour.

Public transport is represented by riverFerries, suburban trains, metro, trams, buses. Depending on the city, you need to choose convenient transportation. In Milan, it is convenient to travel by metro. In Venice, only water transport. In Rome, Verona, Florence, you should give preference to buses. Tickets in the metro are purchased at the ticket offices of the subway. On land transport tickets are purchased at newsagents, restaurants and bars near the stops. The ticket price on average costs one euro or one and a half euros. Tickets must be punished in the vehicle. In the absence of a ticket or if the ticket is not compiled, a large fine is levied.

In Italy they pay with plastic cards, inItaly accepts the cards of Russian banks. In an ATM, you can withdraw no more than 300 euros a day. Withdrawing money from the card is a paid operation, it costs 3 euros and plus 3% of the amount.

Italian Cuisine
This is a large number of pizzas, pasta, cakes,Sandwiches, rolls, bread. Large selection of pasta, vegetable soups and salads. To whom the large quantity of flour products bothers, it is possible to diversify the food by a hike in a supermarket and to prepare meal independently, or to descend in the Chinese restaurant. But if your journey is not long, then you will enjoy the impressive wine list and Italian cuisine. The main thing in an Italian restaurant is traditional service and food.

We want to give you advice, how much you needTo visit this or that city in Italy. For Milan, you need about 4 days. In Verona, for sightseeing, it will be enough to arrive in the morning and leave on the same day. In Venice it is advisable to stay for 3 days. A visit to Rome should be no less than a week, and probably you will not want to leave it ever. You can include other interesting cities in Italy, only you need to think it through.

In conclusion, you need to say that you can make a trip independent in chic Italy, thanks to these tips, make it unforgettable and comfortable. Enjoy your trip!

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