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The best interiors: a small apartment

So, your little apartment does not allow youFeel like a "king" because of their small cubic meters? Do not worry. This case is easily fixable! First, you need to make a plan and call it: "the best interior: a small apartment." Only after this, you can safely get down to business and turn your "unsightly accommodation" into a luxury apartment. You say, it's not possible? Believe me, nothing is impossible. Show your wit and the best qualities of the designer. What we will try to show you on the example of a typical two-room apartment.

There are no unbearable walls.

Here it is, serious repairs. Avoid which does not succeed. Only he can make it so that your little living space is transformed and will have a modern look.

Modern interiors have been admitted for a very long timeVariants of adjacent living rooms and kitchens. In other words, the kitchen-studio is something that will certainly increase your apartment. Combine the kitchen and the adjoining room, and you will immediately notice the enormous transformation of your apartment. To do this, you simply need to demolish a wall between them and lay bricks or plasterboard one of the doorways. All this will certainly increase the total area and make your apartment look modern. But, and thanks to the correct and competent division of the kitchen-studio into functional areas, it will easily play the role of a kitchen, a dining room, an office and even a bedroom.

Details decide everything.

Between the kitchen and the living room you can make a conditionalBorder. It can be attached to the ceiling of a wooden beam with halogen lights placed on it. In order not to clutter the zone separated for the kitchen, there you can place special shelves where all kitchen utensils will be stored. These shelves can be placed at the bottom and top in the working area of ​​the kitchen. But for a smooth transition from the kitchen to the living room, you can place a small and original countertop, which must be included in one common window sill. Such a table top can serve as a part of the desktop in the living room.

On the perimeter of the room you can place specialShelving, which we recommend to settle a lot of necessary and aesthetic objects. By the way, these racks are very roomy, thanks to their shelf design and, in addition, they create a good effect of lightness and do not "steal" the free space, overloading the space of the hall.

Sofa is best to choose folding, whichEasy to make the day and saves a lot of space. This sofa perfectly complements a small coffee table and a plasma TV set on the living room wall. But as for the wardrobe, it can easily be replaced with a large but at the same time capacious chest of drawers.

For a large hallway is perfectA special entrance wall, which, as a rule, is small and takes up little space. This wall has a cabinet with a mirror, where you can hide the outer clothing and a shelf for shoes. But the annoying electric meter, which is sullenly placed on the wall in the hallway, can be closed with a wicker basket.

Children's room or bedroom, you can alsoTurn into a multipurpose room: this is the bedroom and the study. Here again, we can not do without our countertops, window sills, light portable shelves and beds. Remember that there must be a minimum of furniture and a maximum of space. By the way, about the bed. You can easily replace it with an orthopedic mattress, which can be installed on a special wooden frame. If you are not categorically inclined to sleep on a mattress, you need to buy a bed-wall, which can serve as a spacious closet and a place for rest. And all thanks to its lightweight design, which allows you to hide the bed inside the wall.

Other details.

There is absolutely no need to remindThe small footage has a small apartment at the disposal of the bath and toilet. But even if the bathroom is very modest, it can always be comfortably furnished. For starters, the bathroom itself can be replaced by a small and comfortable shower cubicle, which will save a significant part of the space on which you can install a washing machine with a quiet conscience. But above the machine itself, you can hang on the wall various metal shelves and baskets for assistants in the bathroom of things. Thus, you will increase the space in the bathroom and avoid the fact that the washing machine needs to be put in the kitchen. The washbasin is best replaced by a very small one and placed in a corner position.

That's how our story looks, where your bestIdeas can easily increase the space of your "illiquid" apartment. So, if you live completely not in a spacious apartment, do not get upset because of this. Remember that any space can be transformed and equipped with taste and space saving, and for this you will always help modern best interiors and your imagination. After all, successful interiors and the apartment of a small living space are two completely compatible things that perfectly complement each other and expand the space of your living space.

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