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Ways to quickly fall asleep

Recipes for a healthy sleep.
Sleep should be full, muscles and bodyCompletely relaxed. To the morning, people did not feel completely broken, the body for the night must get rid of the slag. A modern citizen needs to sleep for 7-9 hours a day. Any lack of sleep will affect your appearance, and will affect illnesses and depressions.

To sleep was healthy, you need to prepareRoom. The ceiling and walls in the bedroom should be pastel, calm tones, the computer and TV should not work in the bedroom, mirrors should not be hanging in it. It is best to curtain the windows in the bedroom so that noise and street light do not interfere with rest. The normal temperature for a healthy sleep is the temperature plus 18 degrees.

Rapid falling asleep will prevent dense nutrition inDinner, at night the stomach should rest, heavy food is contraindicated. Take a warm bath before the sleep with aromatic oils of mint, lemon balm, lemon or with the broths of the same herbs, or take a warm shower. In the tub, the water should not exceed 38 degrees, if the water is hot, it will only cheer and disperse the dream.

Comfortable nightgown or pajamas made from naturalFabrics, bedding clean linen will help to quickly and comfortably fall asleep. The blanket should not be heavy and warm, and the pillow should not be soft and high. Two hours before bedtime, you need to drink a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea with leaves of motherwort, valerian, lemon balm, mint or a glass of warm milk with honey or cinnamon. These drinks have a slight hypnotic effect.

Before going to bed, do not play sports, becauseHe can cheer up, break the regime of the day, knock out of the rut. After training, you can not fall asleep immediately, it will take 3 hours to calm down and recover. The same applies to yoga. Training should be done in the morning and afternoon. At night, do not watch thrillers, horror movies, disturbing news, they will become harbingers of insomnia. Exciting foods such as alcohol, oysters, chocolate, tea, coffee will cause insomnia. In the evening, it is better to completely abandon such food.

Ways to sleep quickly.
For a day you are very tired, and have come home withDesire to quickly get into bed and fall asleep. But already two hours you lie in the dark, different thoughts come into your head, but there is no sleep. You can be congratulated, you have insomnia. How can you fight it?

1. We consider parrots, elephants, rams, sheep.
You can take anything and anyone. When you just consider yourself 1, 2, 3 and so on, you'll still think about other things at the same time and do not fall asleep for a long time, you need to clearly imagine what you think.

2. Walk before going to bed.
Take a walk before going to bed in the park or square. At this time, try to get distracted from the problems. It is not recommended to walk around the Garden Ring and Leninsky Prospekt, because of the exhaust gases, the headache, and you will not be able to quickly fall asleep.

3. Take a bath.
You can not lie in boiling water, hot water givesThe opposite result, there will be no sleep. The temperature should exceed 37 degrees. In the bath you can add a few drops of flavor oil. Mint, chamomile, lavender will do. No lemon and orange flavors, they are better to take advantage of in the morning, these aromas will help to wake up.

4. Open the window.
In a stuffy room it's hard to fall asleep and it's hard to get enough sleep. In the bedroom, open the window and do not close it even at night. If you are afraid that you will freeze, put on a warm nightgown. Breathe should be cool and fresh air.

5. Read the encyclopedia.
Choose what you are interested in, let the font be poorly readable and small. In five minutes you will fall asleep, without putting out the light.

6. Do not forget about vitamin E.
Lack of vitamin E in the human bodyLeads to depression, to chronic fatigue, and hence to insomnia. In your diet include foods that contain such an important vitamin - vegetable oils, avocados, nuts. Buy a vitamin complex for yourself.

7. Brew the tea.
Better let it be herbal. Melissa will calm, chamomile will help to relax. Be careful with green teas. They have toning properties. Drink tea an hour and a half before bedtime.

8. Grandmother's remedy.
Drink warm milk with cinnamon or honey, itHas a hypnotic effect. This drink contains substances that immerse a person in a dream. During the illness, sleep is considered the most important medicine, and the patient, if it sleeps a lot, will recover sooner.

9. Do not overeat at night.
It's bad for your figure, then stuffedThe belly is difficult to fall asleep. The last time you need to eat 2 hours before bedtime. Better it will be something easy - rice with vegetables, yogurt, salad. Not suitable for an evening meal of chocolate sweets and biscuits. If you are hungry, before going to bed drink a glass of milk or kefir.

10. Contest.
With meditation you can calm down andDistracted from daily problems. Close the door in the room, light the candle, and look, without looking up at the flame of the candle. Soon you will stop thinking and fall into an unfamiliar and strange state, all your thoughts will disappear. On the Internet, there are special programs for meditation.

11. Remake the bedroom.
If the bedroom has a lot of bright colors (motley carpet,Orange wallpaper, a red blanket), then it's clear why you can not fall asleep. Buy a book on Feng Shui and carefully read it. For the bedroom, calm, soft tones and blue-and-blue tones are suitable, a computer and a writing desk should be placed far away from the bed or into another room. If you do a reshuffle, then you will go to sleep much faster.

In conclusion, you can say, follow these tips, and you can quickly fall asleep. Have a nice sleep!

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