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Decorate the bed with a canopy

The easiest way to buy a bed with a ready canopy,But the cost of this option will not be small. If there is no possibility to invest a large amount of money in such an acquisition, it is not difficult to decorate a sleeping place with a canopy at home. Living in comfort and beauty can be and without extra costs.

Ways how you can decorate the bed.

One of the easiest ways to make a canopy -It is to install the cornices on the sides of the bed and hang curtains on them. You can use light material to create a romantic atmosphere, and curtains made of a denser fabric will create an exquisite style. Cornices in this case you can use absolutely any. It can be cornices with rings, string or wooden cornices. The fabric can be originally draped to get the effect of waves.

If you want to drape the bed with a canopyRoom for the girl, it is better to do it in the form of a canopy. Above the head of the bed is a pin, a cloth is attached to it, which must be long enough to reach the floor. It is advisable to use a thin fabric. You can decorate the canopy with colored ribbons. This design is perfect for a small princess apartment.

For a small apartment, with a bedroomA small area, you can make the next version of the canopy. Above all four corners of the bed on the ceiling are mounted 4 rings. Then a long strip of tissue is passed through each ring. The length of the fabric should be calculated so that it reaches the floor. In the middle of the fabric canopy can be decorated with beautiful multi-colored ribbons. For a small bedroom is an excellent option, this canopy does not take up much space, looks original and elegant.

Material for canopy.

Baldakhin can be made from any fabric. Well, if it will be in harmony with the style of finishing the bedroom. As a rule, a canopy canvas, silk or velvet is used for the canopy. Such canopy will be dense and heavy. If you want to create a lighter interior, tulle or organza will do. The color of the fabric for the canopy is chosen in tone by curtains and bed linen. This will help you create a unique style in your bedroom.

Elements of decor.

Usually the canopy is done in length on the floor. To give your bedroom a bohemian look, you can make a canopy from a longer fabric, so that the edge lies on the edge of the bed or on the floor.

In order for the self-made canopyDid not differ from the professional work of the masters, add some details to the design. For example, you can add on top lambrequin, the same as on window curtains. Attach the fringe, ribbons, brushes and other decor elements that can be purchased at specialty stores. If your canopy is made of heavy fabric, it will look great catching for curtains, which in the morning can be assembled in the corners of the bed in the morning.

The bed, decorated with a canopy, will give yourBedroom romantic and elegant. Such a room will become a truly comfortable place in your apartment or house. This original element of the interior will lift the mood, and please the eye.

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