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Interior of living room, English style


As a rule, the walls of rooms are glued with wallpaper, coverPaint or upholstery. The simplest and low-budget option is painting. For decoration of walls in English style designers advise to use colors of warm shades - terracotta, burgundy, red, pistachio, dark green, yellow, gold. When choosing wallpaper, give preference to wallpaper with floral, floral, heraldic ornament or the wallpaper in a strip of color or monophonic. Shades of wallpaper should be used the same as for painting the walls. The most luxurious and expensive option is cloth upholstery. For this, fabrics for curtains and curtains, furniture tapestries and shtofs are used. Very often when decorating walls use the following method: 1/3 of the wall (lower part) - a tree, 2/3 of the wall - wallpaper, cloth or paint.

Ceiling and floor

Most often the ceiling is in the English style of white orLight shade. Since the floor in this style should be thorough, sound and quality, then for its finishing use a ceramic tile or a tree. Ceramic tiles should be natural shades and small sizes. Tiles can have a geometric or floral pattern, and also be monophonic. Wooden floors, this is usually parquet. After laying the parquet, cover it with a thin layer of varnish, so that the structure is visible. In the English style, wide skirting boards and cornices are used for the ceiling and floor. Skirting boards choose light shades, and cornices or decorated with relief, or smooth.


The English style is characterized by furniture fromNatural wood from very dark to light shades. The surface of the furniture is varnished, then polished and waxed. The tables are upholstered with genuine leather, with a furniture tapestry or shtof. English style is furniture with strict lines, patterned, carved or elegant armrests, legs and cornices. Fittings, as a rule, expensive and artsy - patterned keyholes, handles with ornaments. Furniture upholstered in leather or textiles, which are quilted by the way "chesterfield". Upholstery material is used with a pattern.


English style - a fabric with a pattern (strip,Cage, floral and floral ornament) or monophonic. To give comfort, rooms in this style are decorated with decorative pillows in large quantities. Pillows are sewn from tapestries or shiny smooth fabrics, decorated with applique, embroidery or fringe with brushes. In the same way decorate and curtains. Curtains, drapes and curtains should be respectable and luxurious. One of the attributes of the English style is a carpet, it must be made of natural materials or wool, large and dense.

Living room

To decorate the living room walls in the English styleApply a thick wallpaper in stripes or small flowers, as well as panels made of natural wood. Interior and style of English will make your family nest unusual. The floor is covered with parquet, and the ceiling is decorated with stucco. Colors are used from warm red and yellow to cold green, blue and gray.

Textiles occupy an important place in the designLiving room in English style. A large number of pillows on sofas and armchairs, plaids, drapes are the main elements of the living room. The windows are decorated in English classic style, it is a combination of a fine curtain or veil, a dense curtain and lambrequin.

Furniture in the living room is made, as a rule, fromNatural wood mostly dark shades. To make such furniture use ash, yew, mahogany, oak and walnut. English style welcomes exquisite furniture with upholstery made of natural materials, with elaborate carving and inlay, with exquisite legs.

Interior in English style must containSuch decor elements as fabric shades, porcelain and silverware, carpets, paintings, crystal chandeliers, candlesticks. All interior items should be chosen to create a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. The living room should embody dignity, respectability and moderate luxury.


For decorating a bedroom in the English styleFollow the same principles as for the design of the living room. The walls are decorated with wallpaper or fabric, floor - parquet or wooden plates, windows - lush curtains in two layers. It is necessary to have a large number of pillows and featherbeds. For a bedroom in the English style is also characteristic of the presence of a canopy, this is due to the fact that the British like to sleep in a cool room with open windows.

But the most important element of the bedroom in all stylesIs a bed. The bed should be very comfortable and made of wrought iron or wood. To make the bedroom in the English style of royal apartments, use materials of predominantly gentle tones, curtains and upholstery made of luxurious velvet, decorative cushions in large quantities, fluffy carpet, soft bedspreads, antique lockers or a dressing table.


Cabinet in the English style is a green colorGamma, wood panels, furniture from natural wood of dark tones, upholstery from a natural leather. To give solidity in the office should be a roomy, massive desktop. Also characteristic is the presence of bookcases, in which there is a chic library.

All cabinet furniture should be made ofNatural wood, the surface of which is varnished or waxed. When decorating a cabinet in English style, the main thing is not to forget about such items as tapestries, paintings, engravings, carpet, antique clock, table lamp and quite expensive writing instrument.

The main thing is to remember that the interior of the living room,English style is not suitable for all rooms. The best for interior decoration in the English style are suitable rooms with high ceilings, large doors and wide windows, i.e. very spacious.

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