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Interior of the apartment in the Art Nouveau style

History of the origin of the Art Nouveau style

Interior of the apartment in the Art Nouveau style takes us to the XIXCentury, when in the decoration began to appear ornate plant patterns and flowing, flexible outlines. This style had different names in different countries, but its common features were unchanged. And although in the 21st century, modernity began to acquire new interesting outlines, nevertheless, this style remained completely denied geometry and angles, smooth lines, multi-level forms and asymmetry. Modernity bears its owner primarily simplicity and functionality, but does not deprive its decorativeness. This style is a bizarre combination of the designer's fantasy with plant and animal forms, embodied in modern materials and colors.


But if we talk about the specific application of modernity,Then the furniture in this style, although it can have a rectangular shape, but must contain decorative elements or accessories made in the form of bizarre branches, bodies of insects and animals, skillfully intertwined with each other, and various inserts of frosted glass or stained glass. These elements are used in the design of upholstered furniture, cabinets, chairs. Perhaps the main direction that should guide the design of an apartment in the Art Nouveau style is the imitation of natural forms. This style is very easy to combine with different materials - wood, iron, plastic. Here, forged gratings with animal-floral ornamentation, and stained-glass windows with an abstract pattern, and walls draped with cloth are also appropriate. Thanks to this, the Art Nouveau style opens up truly limitless possibilities! The use of strong forged elements creates a feeling of airiness and lightness, while not reducing their strength.

Room layout

If you make out your apartment interior in thisStyle, then at your disposal is almost free planning rooms. You can expand windows and doors, make multi-level floors and ceilings, supply them with asymmetrical lines, smoothly flowing one into the other. In general, great importance is attached to the layout of window and door openings, stairs, arches. When decorating walls and ceilings, plaster molding is used. The mirrors are placed in massive wooden frames with a whimsical carving and shape. For the kitchen or the living room use round solid tables and chairs with arched legs.

Window And floor design

Interior in style when decorating windows -Preference for light curtains pastel colors, whereas in the upholstery of the walls you can allow some color and variegated color patterns. For the decoration of the walls, wallpaper is used (mostly with a rich texture), and fabric, and modern types of decorative plaster. As other decorative elements for the interior of this style are suitable bronze and marble statuettes, candlesticks, chandeliers with floral ornaments.

For the floor, it is preferable to use wood, if it is a parquet, then its laying is done by various patterns reminiscent of the weaving of branches or the movement of waves on the seashore.

When using ceramic tiles or tilesFor bathrooms and fireplaces, or when laying a curb, give preference to those samples in which any classical or geometric patterns have a rounded shape.

Color spectrum

In general, the Art Nouveau style is a kind ofA synthesis of different cultures and arts. That is why this value is given to the color and texture of the materials used, the fluidity of the molds and their transitions from one to the other, forged elements and stained-glass windows.

Given the thrust of this style to all natural,When designing such interiors a certain color scale is used. In order not to distract the eye from the perception of smooth lines, it is tender and muffled, and it is, first of all, green, more often its shades and semitones. You can also use all the natural colors - withered roses, violets, pearls, gray, purple, and the colors of autumn characteristic for a later period: beige, brown, gold. But the color scheme should in no case be bright, this style prefers a slightly "smoky" atmosphere of color, which gives it a unique feeling of appeasement.

Approach to the design of an apartment in the Art Nouveau styleMust be complete, each room must have a connection with the previous one and support the idea of ​​non-geometric space. Even ordinary at first glance, the ceiling or the wall in this case is not just functional blocks, but interrelated decorative elements. Their lines are always curved, smooth, resembling a wave.


1. Modern, like no other style, does not like overloading with complex lines and ornaments. Do not forget that this is primarily simplicity and functionality. And, of course - individuality. It is the cute little things that are so characteristic of this style, the chosen color and texture, that allow the created interior in the modernist style to carry in itself the unique features of its master, no one will ever be able to repeat it, it will be just yours and nobody else.

2. Today in salons and shops there is no shortage of modern picturesque elements of the decor inherent in the modernist style. However, lovers of antiquity can afford to buy antique furniture, dating back to the end of the XIX century or the beginning of the XX century, when this style was most popular. You can find chairs with curved legs, cabinets, cupboards and chests of drawers with floral ornaments and bronze handles, forged chandeliers and sconces, flower stands, table lamps with a shade made of cloth.

And although most modern style is used in decorationCountry houses, using the methods of Art Nouveau not only in the design of interior spaces, but also in architecture. But such a heavenly corner, which is the interior in this style, you can create in your apartment. So safely go ahead and make your dream come true!

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