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Interior of the house in the style of rococo

Color spectrum This style is pastel, shades of pink, light green, marble and lilac. All these colors evoke thoughts of freshness and adolescence, which is why the ideal of rococo is recognized as a teenage woman.

But the rococo style will not be relevant in everyApartment. The interior of the house requires a set of rules. For example, for a small apartment with low ceilings and limited space, this style will not be appropriate. Rococo is a decorative style, therefore, to achieve functionality, it is better to decorate one of the rooms: living room, study or bedroom. But the best option is to equip a rococo private mansion or a country house.

When decorating a house in the Rococo style is not a prerequisite for a uniform color scheme. Different shades of rooms give a kind of playfulness to the whole house.

Unlike other styles, rococo suggeststhe presence of a wavy and floral ornament, which must be made so natural that they could easily combine with patterns in the Chinese style. It is characterized by the concealment of planes and structural features. So, for example, a wall and a ceiling can connect a semicircular, smooth transition, zadekorirovanny relief. You can also destroy the plane with the help of mirrors, which are arranged so that they are reflected in each other.

Initially, the walls were decorated with silk, whichmust necessarily be in harmony with the curtains on the windows and doors. Currently, this effect can be achieved with the help of velor wallpapers. The walls are recommended to be divided into 2 parts. For this purpose, the upper part should be pasted with monotonous wallpaper, and the lower part with an ornament. You can also use the panels in the form of mirrors.

When decorating the window for curtains Use a light tapestry or silk gentlePastel tones, decorated with a lot of draperies, decorative elements, embroideries, ruffles, ribbons, various folds. The main attribute of the Rococo style is lambrequin, embroidered with roses and decorated with golden fringe. For this style is inherent to decorate the windows with several layers of curtains.

Rococo Rooms have, as a rule, a round or oval shape,which can be achieved with the use of polyurethane foam or gypsum board. To decorate the window and doorways, you can use ornaments of scrolls, leaves, fruits, oval medallions with bows and garlands, previously painted in white or covered with gilding.

Ceiling do monophonic, while decorating it with gypsumStucco or elements of decor from foam, polyurethane foam. In children's and bedrooms, the ceiling decor should be modest, and in the living rooms, dining rooms and hallways - complex and full. You can also decorate the ceiling, curbs, cornices and corners.

For this style is best suited chandelier with bulbs In the form of candles and crystal pendants. The bra is better to choose in the form of a flower, bowl or sea shell. To create an intimate atmosphere, on the perimeter of the room make a hidden backlight. To do this, use argon lamps on a tape-wire, which can easily be hidden in the ceiling cornices.

Floor indoors, as a rule, either wooden or ceramic(imitation of marble). The size of the parquet board, tiles, the number of strips in the laminate, and their color - your choice, which should be in harmony with the interior as a whole. The surface of the floor is better to make a glossy, to enhance the whiteness or gold shine of the furniture. The height of skirting boards is arbitrary, but they must be either straight or curved along the profile.

Rococo style furniture has graceful, smooth lines, it's as ifcast from plastic mass. Wood carvings in the furniture are replaced by bronze lining. Very often, even the surface is decorated with gilded carving and overlays, and also covered with colored varnish. In the interiors of the houses are new varieties of furniture: canapes, chest of drawers, chaise longue. Also in fashion are women's furniture: a cardboard (a small cabinet for papers), a secretary on high legs, various bedside tables, a toilet with a folding mirror. The rooms are furnished with furniture such as sofas with silk upholstery and a large number of pillows, armchairs with bent backs and armrests, oval tables with curved legs. The furniture of that era is characterized by smooth transitions of forms and has twisted legs.

Furniture in the Rococo style is distributed asymmetrically,there is a feeling that this or that piece of furniture is not in its place and if you rearrange it, the interior will look much more harmonious. In small apartments such a principle is difficult to observe, but this can be achieved with the help of accessories: vases, figurines, watches, etc.

In ancient times The main attribute of the Rococo style was the fireplace, cluttered with watches, chandeliers, porcelainfigurines and other ornaments. Above the fireplace there was a mirror, framed by a chic frame. In general, the interior of the rococo was attended in large quantities by tapestries, mirrors, pastoral and erotic silhouettes, small figurines from porcelain, busts.

In the era of rococo rapid development began to developthe art of making silverware and china. Priceless masterpieces of the time are the Seven and Meissen porcelain, which is known throughout the world and at the present time.

The art of cooking and exquisite table layout was also developed in the Rococo era. It is because of its charm and beauty that the rococo style attracts interior designers even today.

All the nuances of the Rococo style can be considered morevery long, but the most important thing to remember is the following: the interior style of rococo makes our houses and apartments luxurious and elegant, brings in them an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and some intimacy that hung in the personal chambers of the French kings, their minions and all courtiers. Here he is, the interior in the style of rococo - unusualness will give your home refinement.

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