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The most expensive car in the world: the top ten

So, before you the list of the most expensive cars in the world: The top ten. Each car from the given ten costs not one million dollars, but, not looking at it, they are smart and are dream of many motorists. Any car of the dozen has not only an excellent appearance, but also an improved and even universal control system. Let's finally plunge into the auto world with a head and get to know more closely the representatives of the most expensive dozen cars in the world.

At the last Tenth Place of our TOP - ten "parked" Aston Martin Venkjus (255, 000 thousand dollars). The speed of this miracle car reaches 100 miles in 10 seconds. But, despite these indicators, the car is very easy to manage. By the way, the car has automatic gear changes, which allows a comfortable journey on it. The interior of this car is very spacious, and the seats are covered with natural leather, as for the interior itself. The whole control system of the car is placed in such order that the driver could safely drive the car, without being distracted from the road.

On The ninth Place is located Lamborghini Marchelago (279, 900 thousand dollars). This, very expensive "handsome", is able to win the heart of any motorist. The original design of the car itself is very noticeable in its retailing with the rest of the cars of the dozen. Features of this car is that its body is made of carbon fiber, and in front of the cab there is a transmission. Plus, the car is designed for four drives, which very much distinguishes it from the rest of the supercars. The doors of the car open in the lifting mode. The car can accelerate to 60 miles in 4 seconds. Than you are not the best car.

Eighth Place rented Rolls-Royce Phantom (320, 000 thousand dollars). This car is considered one of the most luxurious sedans in the world. By the way, the car was issued in honor of the centenary of the meeting of the founders Rolls-Royce, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. Therefore, in the car itself, there are signs and logos that remind you of this. In addition, the interior of the car is decorated with materials such as mahogany and aluminum. In the whole world there are only 2,000 such cars.

Seventh The rank of the ranking takes Maybach 62 (385, 250 thousandDollars). This car represents such an expensive and luxurious limousine. This Stuttgart child has a very exclusive and unique style, which is directly related to quality and taste.

On Sixth A place pleases our eyes, another "handsome" Mercedes SLR McLaren (455, 500 thousand dollars). Another expensive car, which is designed, no more, no less, for 650 horsepower. Due to this, the maximum speed of this supercar can reach 340 kilometers per hour.

Opens the top five Porsche Carrera (484, 000 thousand dollars). This supercar is located on The fifth Place of our rating. Unfortunately, according to the idea of ​​manufacturers, the number of these machines should not exceed the mark of 1 270. Therefore, very soon the car will be removed from production. These machines are designed for the US, some European countries, and even what sounds proudly for Russia. The given car is capable only 5 seconds to be dispersed to the maximum speed of two hundred kilometers per hour. The highest limit of the car is 330 kilometers per hour.

Fourth Takes place Jaguar X Ji 220 (650, 000 thousand dollars). The first English car of this model, was published in 1992. But, despite this, it continues to be released to this day. But with more advanced innovations and appearance. This car has been holding the rating of the highest standing car for years. The car can easily pick up speed up to 347 kilometers per hour in almost 4 seconds. An excellent indicator for the so-called "old man".

At the honorable Third Place of the best supercars, has settled down PeganiThe probe is C12 F (741, 000 thousand dollars). This super-sports car is a two-seater convertible, which has 550 horsepower. The machine is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox. Great attention was paid to the front and rear drive of the car, where the wheels were installed from a very light alloy and very original tire size. The rear drive - twenty-inch wheels and tires size 335 to 30, front-wheel drive - nineteen-inch wheels with a tire size of 255 to 35. This all gave the car a unique appearance.

The second Place ranking is firmly entrenched in Ferrari Enzo (1, 000, 000 million dollars). This model car was named after the famous engineer in the automotive world of Enzo Ferrari. The car is released on the market in a very limited number. Auto, of itself, represents a universal car, which is designed to move on it in the city. This car is recognized as one of the most modern and aesthetic cars in the world. Many critics called him the most perfect penalty. And indeed, Ferrari Enzo deserves it.

And honorable The first Place rank is the most popular car in the world Bugatti Veyron (1, 700, 000 dollars). This car is the most expensive and, at the same time, the best and most beautiful among all representatives of supercars. In addition, Bugatti Veyron is a very powerful and fast car. Its power is 1000 horsepower. And such a "handsome" can accelerate up to 410 kilometers per hour. Up to 100 kilometers the car can accelerate in just three seconds. Here is the best indicator of the most expensive car, which is worth your attention.

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