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Top Ten Phones

Frankly, the last few yearsBecame quite "prolific" with respect to novelties among mobile communications and accessories to it. At the moment, in any salon for the sale of phones, simply "shelves" from the abundance of a variety of cellular models that are released from popular brands. Of course, among these best devices there are also those that have a beautiful appearance, but in terms of functions they can not justify themselves. And there are also such devices, which you will certainly get proud of your new "pocket friend". Just the last and were awarded the "top ten mobile phones", about which we have to tell you. Let's all the same find out what the new mobile world has entered the top ten phones.

In modern society, the phone is not onlyMeans of communication and communication, but also, as we have already said, a multi-functional thing, through which you can watch movies, listen to music, play games, go online (including a variety of social networks where a large part of people spend most of their time). Given all these requirements, was released iPhone (the brainchild of the famous "monster" mobile and not only devices, the company "Apple"). Namely, the so-called "bull's eye" offers us an improved version of the iPhone 3 Gee model. This phone is stuffed with so many functions that it can easily be replaced even by a pocket computer. Plus, the phone has an extended battery life and an improved mobile camera for photo and video shooting. This phone took the first place of our dozen worthy mobile phones.

Our "apple" is surely followed by "NTS hero" and"Sony Ericsson C902", these two phones safely divided between the second and third place of our list. Do not say about these two phones at least a couple of words, means do not say anything at all. Taiwanese smartphone "NTS hero" in the world market received a huge number of awards and positive feedback from experts. Of course, he is still far from the iPhone, but the less he can perfectly please his future master. The phone is based on the "Windows" system and has an accelerated processor. Also, the smartphone is equipped with a good camera for shooting and an improved display. But the Swedish-Japanese mobile model, "Sony Ericsson C902" is proudly called a camera phone. First of all, this is due to the fact that this model has a 5-megapixel camera for photos and video. So, by purchasing "Sony Ericsson C902" you will be able to practice in the role of the photographer.

The fourth place of our ten was occupied by "Nokia E66". The phone is quite simple in appearance (it is made in the form of a slider), which can not be said about its functions. Camera in 3, 2-megapixel, GPRS, Wai-Fai function of Internet access and much more. This phone is best suited for a connoisseur of classics or a business person.

The South Korean company "AlJ Electronics" and itsThe brainchild, the smartphone "AlGy KJU 990 Wyatti" was placed on the fifth place of our rating. This smartphone is equipped with a three-inch touch screen and a 5-megapixel camera that has a xenon flash. This telephony model has an excellent combination of both appearance and functional content.

But the sixth and seventh place was taken by the well-knownWe are companies for the production of mobile phones. Two of their phones are already on our list, but keeping up with the improvements of HTC and Sony Ericsson, we decided to keep up with each other. They offered us two more models of their phones - Sony Ericsson E880 and NTS TUTN 2. "Sony Ericsson B890" is a music phone and has a huge number of various functions, but its neighbor, in place in our rating, "NTS TUTN 2" is a stripped-down version of the smartphone that has an excellent display and navigation bar with function buttons. These two phones will certainly be able to please even the most demanding person.

The last three places on our list are occupied by suchTelephones like: "Samsung Touch", "Nokia En95" and "Nokia 6220 classic." These phones honorably settled on the eighth, ninth and, last, tenth place. "Samsung" as always pleases its fans with great design, compactness and ease of use, but Nokia smartphones are pleased with their practicality and solid appearance. All these phones are equipped with an excellent camera and have a number of available and necessary functions in use, thanks to which, you will certainly be happy for yourself by purchasing any of these three models.

This looks like a dozen phones that deserve our attention. All these phones are very practical and has exactly the functions that should always be "at hand".

Finally, if you are a business person orConstantly go on a business trip, remember that the best choice for you will be a mobile not with a touch screen, but a classic and familiar phone that also has the necessary functions. Well, if you are a glamorous party girl, then your phone should be mega advanced and fashionable. In this case, after all, you need to pay attention to the sensory novelties from the world of smartphones. In other words, before you buy a phone, think for what purposes you need this device, and our mobile market will certainly provide you with the necessary phone model, which will become one of your main accessories in everyday life. Successful shopping for you!

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