/ How to Humidify the Air in a Room

How to moisten the air in the room

In order to moisten the air in the apartment,You can purchase special air humidifiers. They are climate devices that maintain the required level of humidity. Special installation of devices is not required, they are intended for operation in enclosed spaces. There are many kinds of moisturizers, they can work all day and night, they do not make noise and consume little energy.

Experts recommend installing humidifiers near heating appliances. It is under the influence of warm air that the required humidity will spread faster through the room.

As already mentioned above, humidifiers aredifferent. Traditional are those whose work is based on the usual process of evaporation of water. In such a humidifier, water is poured into the evaporating element. In this case, the built-in fan sucks dry air from the outside and through the evaporation element drives it. The process of humidifying the air becomes more intense, depending on the height of the air temperature. In the room, air is not only moistened, but also cleaned. Such devices are more suitable for a children's room or bedroom.

Steam humidifiers work as followsWay. There are two built-in electrodes that, when in contact with water, begin to conduct a current between themselves, which causes the water to boil. This principle of operation on the boiling of water gives 100% air humidification. These humidifiers do not have filters and other similar elements, that is, they can not purify the air. But such devices can be used as an inhaler, because they use aromatization. They produce moisture in high quantities, because they can be used in flower shops, greenhouses, winter gardens.

The most recent developments areUltrasonic humidifiers. On the plate, vibrating with a high frequency, water arrives, which due to the strongest vibration is split into very small sprays. These microscopic drops form a cloud over the plate, hovering over it. The fan takes dry air from outside and drives it through a cloud of droplets, thus the effect of a cold vapor occurs. Also in the device there is a special filter, which detains all harmful microscopic particles from air and water. The water in the humidifier rises to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, thereby destroying most of the microbes and viruses. Also, humidifiers of this class can regulate the required humidity level in the room, since they have a built-in hygrostat.

Climate complexes allow simultaneousMoisten, aromatize and clean the air in the room. Some models use a "silver rod" - this is a completely new development that saturates water with silver ions, destroying over 700 species of various bacteria and viruses that are so often present in air and water.

In these devices the air passes a three-stage cleaning. Purification takes place in three stages:

  1. Through special HEPA filters, which have anti-allergic action;
  2. Through the evaporator with antibacterial impregnation, which kills viruses and microbes;
  3. Through a carbon filter, utilizing tobacco smoke and other unpleasant odors.

Air purifiers are also represented by differentTypes of models. In general, these are devices designed to purify the air from a variety of harmful impurities and destroy airborne bacteria and viruses. Some instruments ionize the air, generating negative and positive air ions. Cleaners are designed for enclosed spaces, and, like humidifiers, do not require installation and can work around the clock. There are different models based on the principles of the filter elements, the power and the presence of any additional functions.

Currently widely usedAdsorption or carbon filters for air purification, coarse filters - they are also called mechanical, photocatalytic and electrostatic filters, filters of the HEPA type.

The basis of deodorizing adsorption coalFilters - this is activated carbon. They absorb harmful gas impurities and all kinds of unpleasant smells, they are often used with filters of other types.

Filters for coarse cleaning are an ordinary fine mesh. A mechanical filter can only detain large impurities - animal hair, coarse dust and so on.

Photocatalytic filters are engaged in the fact that they decompose the contaminants on them to water and carbon dioxide.

Electrostatic roller filters are mainly designed to collect dust, its positively charged particles.

HEPA filters purify air by 85% - 95%. They are made of special material, based on fiberglass and are used even in laboratories and medical institutions.

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