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Apartment design: Scandinavian style

Furniture, made mainly of oak and beech wood, was characterized by functionality, refinement of structures and was surprisingly light.

At exhibitions in Europe and the US, furniture from ScandinaviaWas noticed and since then has enjoyed great demand and popularity among fans of natural style. So the bribing simplicity of the Scandinavian way of life unexpectedly and firmly entered the fashion of European countries, the design of an apartment in the Scandinavian style is very popular. How does the house, designed in accordance with the design, reflect the character of the peoples of the North?

The business card of this style is naturalness. In the interior there is an abundance of natural wood. Birch, oak, beech, pine, lightly covered with clear varnish, widely used in the design of the floor, walls, and sometimes the ceiling. All this harmoniously combines with modern trends and next to the wood panels peacefully adjoins the stone masonry. In the finish of wood, sometimes elements of glass and chrome steel are used.

The design of the apartment in the Scandinavian style is characterized by restraint and a certain propensity for Spartanism, but it is not devoid of individuality, originality.

In large spacious rooms you will not findPiles of unused accessories, there is not in them and excess furniture. Here you will find only the most necessary, but everything is provided for the small things. Elements of decor in the design of such a house are few, which only emphasizes the naturalness and ecological character of the situation.

The necessary minimum of furniture is practical and organizedly distributed throughout the rooms, also made of natural rocks of unpainted wood.

Smooth, graceful lines of low light tables,Chairs, cabinets and beds manufacturers cover a light translucent varnish, preserving the natural naturalness of the tree. To use such furniture is a pleasure, because it is almost a complete merger with nature.

Another feature of Scandinavian furniture -A wide variety of textile finishes. As a rule, they are dominated by one color palette. The bright variety of colors in one subject is no longer Scandinavia.

For all its seeming simplicity, the Scandinavian styleApartments and his philosophy - a whole science. It requires discipline and a clear observance of harmonious proportions. Negligence and ill-thought in the organization of space entails a breach of delicate balance. Therefore, when decorating a house in Scandinavian style, the designer should carefully plan all the details of the situation.

Special attention should be given to the color schemeInterior. Try to convey the original sun color: an irresistible craving for a cold "northern" style to a warm summer. The spacious bright rooms of the "Scandinavian" house are usually filled with a lot of warm tones. In the course go all the shades of yellow, terracotta and white flowers. The house, as if penetrated by the sun's rays. The absence of extra items and a minimum of furniture multiply the effect achieved.

No less active use of other colors. Basically it is a soft muted greens, some elements of blue, turquoise, all shades of gray and amber.

Decor items, as mentioned earlier,Are present in very small quantities. Basically, these are colored furniture covers, contrasting pillows and fluffy carpets, designed to dilute the design restraint slightly.

Walls can be decorated with photos in simpleFlat frames or small pictures. It is important not to overdo it. Remember about harmony? Scandinavian style - it's simplicity and conciseness in everything, so nothing screaming and artsy! No cumbersome frames, and the paintings themselves should not be much. Ornaments are justified only when emphasizing the virtues of style, organically combined with the situation and interior. For example, glass floor vases are quite acceptable and even welcome, since, by contributing to the refraction of the sun's rays, complement the image of a dwelling filled with light.

The only thing you can decorate the "northern" house inUnlimited quantities - it's all kinds of greens. Plants can be located everywhere: on the floor, windowsills, tables, they can be hung on walls, etc. The more green the better!

Leaving the priority behind the theme of light, ScandinavianDesigners prefer curtains from thin, transparent fabrics that do not interfere with the penetration of sunlight. But even this does not always help. Bright daylight on the Scandinavian Peninsula is still in short supply. That is why one of the main features of the style in question is the presence of a large number of lamps. The lack of sunlight is compensated by electricity. Floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, ceiling lamps, chandeliers of various shapes and sizes fill the house with a soft warm light. And rainy winter evenings in Scandinavia again comes summer.

Yes, he is not as flashy and outrageous asEuropean or American design motifs. But his captivating tranquility and unusual dimensionality help to distract from vain reality, which undoubtedly has a beneficial effect on the psyche. "My house is my castle" - an ideal definition for a real "Scandinavian" house.

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