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How to arrange the furniture correctly

Great attention is paid to how exactly it is locatedFurniture in the dwelling, is paid by the Chinese. In other words, experts in feng shui - ancient Chinese art, which includes the harmonization of energy flows (qi), which circulates in the body not only of every person, but also of the world around us. That's it, relying on these patterns, we'll try to figure out how to properly arrange furniture in your apartment.

We will begin with the holy saints in our dwelling -Bedrooms. Here it is worth noting the fact that it is during his night rest (sleep) that a person is especially vulnerable in his inner and spiritual world. And his energy is always in the stage of replenishment and therefore, it is very weak and vulnerable. For this reason, in order to properly and rationally manage the replenishment of your energy, for your bed you need to find such a place that it is energetically beneficial for your inner world. The most suitable for this arrangement of the bed is its arrangement in such a manner that the resting person, lying on it, could see the door of the room. In the event that your bedroom layout categorically does not allow this arrangement of the bed, do not get upset. The best and at the same time easy way to get out of this situation, you can become an ordinary mirror. Hang it on the bedroom wall so that it reflects the room door, and you, directly lying on the bed, saw it through this reflection. That's the question and decided. But here it is not superfluous to say that if you, after all, your bedroom allows you to arrange a bed "with a view of the door", you must do it so that during the time you went to it, your legs were not on Direction to these very doors. This arrangement of a sleeping person with his feet to the door of the room can often cause an association associated with death. And this fact is always worth remembering and taking into account it.

In addition, it is worth remembering thatAn unfavorable neighborhood next to the bed, there may appear the presence there of massive and cumbersome furniture. It is a huge wardrobe or wardrobe next to your bed, will be the main and main "barrier" between you and the flow of qi energy. Failure to comply with these basic rules on how to properly distribute furniture in the bedroom, threatens a person by constantly finding him in a depressed and depressed state. By the way, plus to everything, you can not normally rest and get enough sleep, even if you devote most of the time of the day to your sleep.

If you are married, then you are best offRest on one solid and huge mattress, which is designed for a double bed. If you and your spouse sleep on two different mattresses that are joined together, remember that this can lead to a variety of conflicts in the family. And thus, your marriage can just give a "break". Head sleep is best to the east, it is in this direction and you need to put a bed. The head of the bed, oriented in this direction, will help to actively catch the energy of the rising sun by your body. But under the bed itself, it's never worth storing junk and various unnecessary things. This all can lead to insomnia of a person. And, as you know, insomnia is the main enemy of all health.

On the walls are not only bedrooms but also other rooms,It is recommended to have pictures that depict flowers or a variety of landscapes. It is these decor elements that very well and effectively pacify and smooth the negative origins and facets of unfavorable chi. But as for large floor vases and statuettes of considerable size, then it should be more careful with this. Such decor elements, in large numbers, negatively affect the uniform and correct location of energy in the apartment. So, before arranging these products from ceramics, you need to think very carefully where and how they should be placed.

A very important link in the hall is the pointProsperity. Such a point, if you look at it while in the doorway of the entrance to the room, always be in the upper left corner of the living room. It is here that experts strongly recommend placing houseplants in pots that have very large, rounded leaves. These flowers can be placed on the floor, a special table or an original stand, specially made for houseplants.

If you have a desk in your apartment,Always put it near the window. Remember that the rays of light should evenly fall on the entire surface of your desktop. But on the table itself you can put various trinkets that bring happiness. By the way, the same trinkets should definitely be put on the cabinet. As a rule, such trinkets can be: a sea shell of huge sizes, crystals of rock crystal, some talismans or a statuette in which you are sure that they bring you luck and well-being.

But in the children's room, never put a bed near the window, or doors. Try to keep it under a neutral and free wall.

In the kitchen, it is necessary to arrange the furniture correctly in the kitchen.In such a manner that the dining table is in a so-called free state. That is, stood without touching the wall of any of its sides, and around it were placed chairs. This arrangement of the table, has a beneficial effect on the process of absorbing food by the family.

So we told you about the basic rulesArrangement of furniture in the apartment. Now you know for sure that the right furniture should always be in the right place. As they say: "everything has its place". Good luck to you!

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