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Russian style in the interior of your house

To begin with a little about the very concept of "style." Style - a kind of system of constructive and decorative elements that reflect the preferences and tastes of society of a particular era.

Despite contradictory opinions, the Russian style still exists, and as it turned out, in as many as three variants.
1. «A la ryus» - known throughout the world, this is an option soCalled ethnic style, which is based on the products of folk crafts, as we mentioned at the outset. . Nesting dolls, samovars, bast shoes, stoves are Russia, which is reflected in souvenir shops all over Europe. This too colorful image is not acceptable to many designers, but still it does not become less popular.
2. "Russian Hut » - so vividly and simply it is possible to name the secondA kind of Russian style. As is known, the main feature of the Russian hut is the absence of unnecessary or accidental things, only necessary and useful. Each object has its place and performs a certain function in the house, which does not change with the passage of centuries. Such an interior at first glance is simple and uninteresting, but in fact it reflects the soul and helps preserve traditions, customs passed down from generation to generation.
3. "Terem" Is a "fairytale" version of the Russian style, but forHe also hides a historical basis: it is not a secret that princely chambers were built from such houses. For this interior is characterized by bright and intricate patterns, which can be found everywhere: on walls and on dishes; Everywhere stone and wood carvings, and, of course, tile stoves.

Each of the listed types of Russian styleCan approach the interior of your house, the main thing is not to overdo it and with details, otherwise the apartment can easily turn into a local history museum of people from the outback. To prevent this from happening, and the Russian interior gives your home a light old age charm, recalling its origins, you need to know a few basic features of this style that can be changed to a modern style.

  • Simplicity and naturalness, naturalness - one of the main features of the Russian style. The interior in the Russian style is ecological, because it uses mainly natural materials, the most common of them is the tree. It is the tree, thanks to its natural properties, conveys its warmth to the house, and also creates a kind of comfort and comfort that will never create a building out of stone.

  • Color spectrum Interior depends on the option you chooseDecoration of the room. If you prefer the style of Russian hut, then you can use a combination of golden, white and red colors. If you choose a style of the tower, then you need to choose a lot of bright and saturated colors, to your taste.

  • Accessories:
    As you know, wooden carving and lace - the mostAncient components of the Russian style. Tablecloths, curtains, cloaks for chairs and pillows - in a word all the textiles in the house were silver or decorated with expensive stones. Carved wooden patterns also adorned the interior. The national character is also attached to the interior by household utensils: wooden utensils, spinning wheels, nested dolls. In the Russian house there was also the so-called "red corner", stood an icon with a candle or an icon lamp.

  • Furniture:
    Furniture in Russian style is necessarily made of wood, for example: pine, oak, birch or ash. A wooden table and benches are the main furnishings. To store things, chests are used.

  • Floor, ceiling, walls:
    At the basis of the design of floors, walls and ceiling inRussian style - the same principle of simplicity and naturalness. The floor must be made of wood. Its surface is either wooden or plastered and necessarily light in color. The walls can be painted with bright floral patterns.

  • Windows and doors:
    Usually in the Russian style there are massiveDoors, simple shapes, windows are necessarily wooden. An important element is the curtains, which should be made of unpainted flax or chintz. Everything should be maximally natural and natural, so that the inhabitants of the apartment could feel part of nature.

We have reviewed the main features of the RussianStyle, but there is another version of the style, which is increasingly used in its work by designers from the West, and in addition, it is popular with wealthy people in our country who want to feel like kings in everything. This popular version of the Russian style is known under the name «Russian Empire". Furniture of that era is usually divided into 3 groups:

  • The first group was closer to The French Furniture, because in those years it was very fashionable all the French, despite the prohibitions of the king. This furniture was expensive, only residents of the palace could afford it.

  • The second group, the so-called- Homestead, The furniture that rich people could afford. This subspecies of the Empire style combined the full splendor of France with the simplicity and soulfulness of the national Russian hut.

  • And finally, the third group, was called in Europe Biedermeier, This style of Empire could afford small officials. This furniture combined English simplicity, modesty and relatively simple forms.

If you decide to choose to furnish your homeRussian style that will remind you of how the kings lived in Russia, then some simple decorating tips listed below may be useful for you:

  • A piano or grand piano is a sign of the Russian style, since education and art have always been an important milestone in the development of the Russian state.

  • Paintings, sculptures, other musicalTools - a sure sign of the Russian style. But here the main thing is not to overdo it, because the premises, for example, made with sculptures, will resemble a Greek temple rather than a chambers in the palace of the Russian Empire.

  • The coffee table will add color of those times, due to its functionality and appearance. It should be elegant, but still noticeable.

  • Walls can be decorated with paintings of Russian artistsOr vice versa, move away from luxury, and post instead of them revolutionary posters of those times that will allow to emphasize the spirit and character of the inhabitants of this house.

If you want even more comfort, then you can installIn the living room fireplace, and if there is no possibility, you can paint it on the wall, put it in mosaic or ceramic. And remember that the Russian style in the interior will suit those people who want to return to the origins of their history, their ancestors, as well as those who want to rest at home from the city's bustle and noise.

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