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What helps and hinders our rest

Many of us at the word "rest" understand only the lack of work. But this does not mean that during relaxation we relax with our soul and body.

What prevents the rest?

What is an "active rest"? Gym and hiking. As long as you reach the finish line, you will get a lot of sweat. Probably, it will be useful for health, but it is unlikely that after that you will feel rested? As they say, active rest, it's an amateur.

The first place for "rest" is kept by computers. It's enough just to go to Skype or ICQ. Some of my friends are sitting there for days, they hardly work there for days. They hang around on websites, play network games, talk. They just load their brains with information. And, consequently, their brain does not rest.

Others prefer television. Once I came to a friend, she had a TV turned on all day, and from time to time she switched channels, was looking for something interesting there. A TV is also information. And there are often negative plans.

Books? Of course, a great way to relax, lie to yourself with a book in hand, read, and again the brain is loaded.

Let's say you invited guests as a holiday. Or they themselves went on a visit. And think how much energy is spent on communication? A person seldom seeks to act as an emotional donor, rather, he himself is looking for energy recharge. So get ready for the fact that in response to your whining, your girlfriend will complain about some of their problems. Or he will start teaching you. So you can hardly relax and relax.

And if you have a date with a man, then all the time you'll have to be on the alert and control every word and every step to not say and do something wrong.

Sex is also a pleasant pastime, but this is not a rest. Whatever they say, most of us after sex feel like a squeezed lemon, albeit in a positive way. Therefore, this is also not an option.

Similarly, it is not an option to rest and trek toSome entertaining event, dancing, to the theater. Or, say, in a casino or bowling. You have to communicate all the time, control yourself, follow the action, move. You can get a lot of positive emotions from all this pastime, but you will hardly feel rested.

Many people try to relax with the help of booze. But this is only an illusion. Soon everything will return to its places, and you will find around you a lot of unresolved problems, and in addition a hangover.

Vacation - also not an option. When you are left without the usual occupations, you will feel that you are not at ease. Others during the holidays dig beds in the country or start repairs in the apartment. Were you able to rest after this?

And if you choose "palms, sun and sand"? Maybe buy a ticket and go somewhere to the resort? It would seem that the ideal option for recreation! However, this path will have a lot to strain. Initially, there will be charges for the road, then the road, familiarity with neighbors, the device in a new place. You will constantly go on excursions, organize something, watch that your child does not drown in the sea and so on. Maybe you will have a dream or a bad diet. So do not expect a full rest.

What helps to relax?
There are many such things. For example, music. Choose the one that you personally like, turn on, sit in a chair or lie down on the sofa. And listen.

Meditation can also be done with music. Now there are many relaxation techniques. It is desirable for yourself to choose a technique that will relax the body and turn off consciousness. To do this, you need to train a lot or register for courses, but this is worth it.

A good result will be a walk in nature - inPark, garden, in the forest. Only alone, without a dog, without a life partner or girlfriend. Naturally, in a safe place, where there is a path or a convenient path, where it is not dirty. Where you do not need to be afraid that someone will attack or stick. Of course, we are all different people. It is possible that someone, for relaxation, you need to go to a concert of heavy rock or to a disco. Either take part in the experiment, how you can survive in extreme conditions.

Now we know what really helps andPrevents our rest. The main thing is that at the end of the holiday you feel that you received a charge of vivacity and really relaxed. And such a feeling you will not confuse with any other.

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