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Meditation against stress, meditation technique

If all this is knocking you out of your rut, and comingGo home, you fall off your feet, and on weekends you can not rest, then we will teach you some techniques of meditation that will help you from melancholy, fatigue and will be the best prevention against nervous breakdowns.

Meditation against stress

What is the effect of meditation?
According to Buddhists, they do not have eitherDepression, or insomnia. And all because meditation is their lifestyle. Having made your habit of meditation, you will learn how to quickly focus on your work, less become worried, you can rest well, get inner harmony, because it is so important to a woman.

Meditation Conditions
It is well known that one does not need to meditate on a full stomach. Decide for yourself whether or not to include quiet music. Some people meditate in complete silence.

Meditation techniques
The basis of effective meditation is maximum relaxation. It is not so easy to achieve, as it seems to you. After all, some muscles of the body do not relax in a dream.

Meditation Techniques for Relaxation
Lie on your back (do not use for this "high"Pillow) and try to relax. Inhale and exhale several times. As you exhale, you can feel the air coming out, the body goes deeper into the bed and becomes heavier. Further we will concentrate on separate parts of the body from the bottom up.

We will concentrate on each leg byTurn, start with the foot. Let them relax, let's imagine how the tension goes down. Gradually move up. The more carefully you come to this meditation, the "smaller" will be the parts of the body on which you concentrate attention, the more you relax. This technique is used, both before bedtime (especially if you can not get to sleep quickly), and then, when you want to relax in a short time.

Meditation concentration technique
The technique of concentration meditation is used in thatThe case when there is a lot of information in my head, but I need to concentrate on one thing. It is more convenient to sit down or lie down, believe that the lotus position will be convenient for those who have been practicing meditation for a long time and practicing yoga, it is better to start with a comfortable chair or just lie down on the floor.

Mentally and completely focus onSome phenomenon or object. It can be anything, from the rain, the houseplant and ending with the cup standing on the table. Here the main thing is that your thoughts are occupied with this subject and nothing else. Keep it in your head for as long as you can. Soon you will be convinced that the thought quickly returns to what you are going to cook for dinner, or to the movie you watched. Again we return to the selected object. After several workouts, the concentration time will increase. By practicing this meditation, you will be able to easily concentrate in any conditions (for example, it helps to get ready for the exam).

Technique of breathing meditation
The technique of breathing meditation is the observation ofBreathing. Do not specifically change the rhythm of your breathing, just feel how the airflow comes out and enters. With inspiration and exhalation, count - up to 10 and back to one. This method will allow you to well spend time in the queue or transport.

The technique of meditation, which combines walking and breathing
This technique can be used when you go homeOr at work. It's good when you have plenty of time not to walk very fast. We take a breath in four steps, we exhale - at six. The body breathes normally, and thoughts are concentrated on the account. If there are beautiful landscapes and fresh air around you, then the benefit from this walk will be double.

The meditation technique that helps to solve the problem
To begin with, as much as possible we will relax. Then we "lose" in the head a conflict or a problem, starting from the very end. Gradually approaching the origins, you will understand why this happened. We will find "on the way" an action, a word or a reason that entailed certain consequences, and then you will have a chance to fix everything.

Autotraining is also a meditation
It is best to do auto-training if you learn to mentally focus and physically relax. You need to use it before going to bed so that you do not have to get distracted anymore.

Relax and focus on the positiveThoughts. The technique of meditation depends on the situation that you are going to improve. If you need to increase your self-esteem, mentally say to yourself: "I am confident in myself." Avoid the particles "not", it carries a negative character. If a tyrant appears in the office, think: "My fear of Larisa Mikhailovna (driving instructor, director) is lost." Instead of a phrase like "I do not want to smoke," it's best to say "The desire to smoke is gone from me."

After all, it is proved that our thoughts have materialForce. During auto-training, to present in all details the achievement to which you aspire, and as if it has already happened. "Work" in the place where you want to work, "live" in the house or city of your dreams, "feel" the thing you want to possess. There are cases when people using such meditations were cured of incurable diseases.

Now we know what kind of meditation technique andMeditation against stress. Choose your meditation technique to your taste. Make it your habit, try to live here and now, and your insecurity, a hard tomorrow and the raging Larisa Mikhailovna will not be frightening to you.

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