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How to choose the right picture?

Choose a picture.
Classic interiors suit painting. The paintings must be decorated in luxurious gilded and wooden frames, made in the traditions of impressionism and realism, baroque, romanticism.

In high-tech and minimalist interior, such pictures as futuristic and abstract will look spectacular.

The English interior is represented by images of hunting dogs and horses.

In Scandinavian interiors there is pop art. Collages of photographs and bright posters, this is a variation of the interior design. To do this, you will have to review a few dozen paintings before you understand how to choose the right one, and choose the right pictures for your house. This is the matter of your taste.

Painting in the bedroom.
It is important to choose such a picture for your interiorBedroom, so she tunes you to sleep and rest. With the help of accessories such as lighting, curtains, with the help of pictures create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

The picture should not be dark, it will becomeTo be lost at evening illumination and should not be contrast, becomes annoying. It is best to choose a few small paintings or a medium-sized picture. For a bedroom, optimistic still lifes and landscapes, made with oil and watercolor, will do. Some psychologists do not advise you to hang portraits in the bedroom, because they create the effect of the presence of another person, but probably the image of beautiful people can not spoil your interior and mood.

A very common phenomenon in the bedrooms were paintings made in the style of "nude", since they add to the interior of the bedroom a touch of easy intimacy.

In the hall.
The visiting card of the house is the hallway andGuests who come to you, will certainly see the picture that hangs in the hallway. For the hallway and hall, in which we spend a little time, a picture in the technique of grisaille or laconic graphics will do.

Picture in the dining room and kitchen.
Kitchen is traditionally decorated with a still-life: A rich table with game or fresh bread, juicy fruit. Someone likes pictures with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. To the picture there must be several requirements, the most important thing is that it does not spoil the appetite and mood. If you decide to put a landscape, then it should be bright and filled with sunlight.

In the children's room.
The world for the child, affects the taste and shapes itattitude to life. Pictures should be bright, cognitive, kind and cheerful. On the walls you need to hang pictures with funny animals and fairy-tale characters. If the child wants to take part in the design of the children's room, allow him to place within the framework of his applications, drawings and collages.
The main requirement for the pictures is that they should not be very bright and too bulky, otherwise they will tire and create a painful feeling in the child.

In the living room.
The living room is a great space forCreativity. Here you can place more than one picture. You can arrange a balanced, asymmetric composition or hang pictures in pairs (symmetrically).

First, lay out the pictures on the floor,As they combine with each other, and transfer the pattern to the wall. They need to be aligned on the top or bottom edge of the paintings. Psychologists do not advise placing pictures with scenes of violence, turbulent sea, military battles and pessimistic scenes. It is better to leave these pictures for museums.

The house should have pictures thatCause you a sense of pride and pleasant emotions. And it's not necessary to chase after some original paintings, if you are not a collector. Order from the artist a quality copy, or choose a picture of an unknown, but talented master.

You learned how to choose the right picture. And remember that the pictures in your house are a reflection of your aesthetic taste and world perception. We wish you beauty and harmony!

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