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How to choose a laser printer for your home

First, the printer receives from the computerSpecial code of the required image. Then, using a laser beam, an image is created that is covered with a toner powder. Next, the toner is applied to the space indicated as the required object on the paper. The paper is discharged so as not to stick to different parts of the device. The image is ready, but you can still erase it. To consolidate the result, the sheet passes through two hot drums. Now it remains to pass the paper through the drum, which gives the drawing to you. Done!

Let's think about why it's a laser printer. It is more expensive than inkjet, but its paint is consumed more economically. If you need to print a large abstract, then you can not do without a laser printer. And if you print 1 - 2 sheets per day, the cartridge for the "laser" will last for a year! Also, the results of the "labor" of this device are resistant to the effects of light and moisture, are more qualitative. And even this device produces less noise than inkjet.

Ask yourself questions that will help you choose a printer:

1) What do I need a printer for?

You can give two answers: for printing beautiful pictures or for printing various documents.

Comment: Color laser printer for the house is not suitable, because consumables to it are very expensive. And replacement cartridges for such a printer are still of low quality. So we print color materials either in a printing house or on an inkjet printer!

If you are not afraid of such arguments and require a large amount of printing images, feel free to choose a color laser printer.

2) What amounts can I spend on consumables?

Pay attention to the possibility of refillingCartridges. Some of them can be protected by a special chip, which is not used when reading again. Others are not inseparable. Others can be refilled (for example, HP, Canon, Xerox, Samsung).

Important: Be interested in the sellers of new items and tricks in the invention of cartridges!

You can buy a suitable cartridge from an inexpensive company. You can also use a cartridge that has been restored at the factory. These two solutions will give you 30% savings!

3) How much space can I find for the printer?

Often this problem is solved by buying a compact device.

4) What kind of paper I'm going to use?

Home we take printers that can acceptPaper is not larger than the size A 4. A larger format is needed only if you make any special projects. For example, various drawings can be included here.

5) Do I need a 4-in-1 printer (printer, copier, scanner and fax machine)?

This device is more convenient and economical, but it is difficult to repair. If you really need all the services, it may be better to purchase separate devices.

6) What is the volume of my prints per month?

We choose the model of the device that meets your needs. If we talk about monochrome (black and white) printers, then you can choose devices with the following characteristics:

1. Personal printer is designed for printing 6 - 10 packs of paper (3 - 5 thousand pages).

2. Models for small working groups can print more than 6 - 10 packs (more than 5 thousand). They work faster, can serve several computers at once, allow two-sided printing.

Let's think about what parameters should this or that model of the device have in order to become reliable and economical.

A) The maximum volume of printing per month is usually 7-15 thousand pages, and the recommended volume is 1 thousand (35 sheets per day).

Important: Standard cartridges print one to two thousand pages after one refueling.

B) The speed of printing is often 14 - 18 pages per minute.

C) The quality of the device and its resolution - things are interrelated, because the first directly depends on the second. The resolution is 600 pixels (dpi), in some companies 1200 dpi.

Important: In a monochrome printer, the resolution of 1200 dpi allows better transfer of tonal transitions.

D) The memory size of the device is very important when printingLarge files. If it is small, the printer has a memory expansion slot. If not, the printer must be able to compress the information on the computer.

Important: A printer that has a memory is called a processor. Conventional devices that do not have a processor use materials that the computer has pre-processed.

What else to pay attention to?

1. The time for the first page to exit is usually 10 to 15 seconds (in some firms 8, 5), when the thermal drums are warmed up.

2. For which operating system is the device: Windows, Linux, or DOS?

3. Are there any control languages? For example, support for PostScript allows you to print from publishing systems, publishing systems and vector graphics editors.

4. If there is a USB input, you can print photos directly from the camera.

5. The technical documentation indicates the maximum parameters, so the actual result can be somewhat lower.

6. The cost of the simplest device can be 2500 - 5000 rubles.

7. The standard characteristics of a monochrome printer: the cost of 2500 - 3000 rubles, the resolution of 600 points, the speed of printing 10 - 20 pages per minute, memory 4 - 8 MB.

8. The standard characteristics of a color printer: the cost of 5000 - 8000 rubles, the amount of memory 32 - 64 MB and more, the resolution of 1200 points, the speed of printing 16 - 24 pages per minute. Add 600 - 800 rubles and get a resolution of 2400 * 600 points or more.

Attention! Protection against breakdowns!

Please note that approximatelyEvery 2 - 3 refills it is necessary to change the photoreceptor in the cartridge. Symptoms: a black band on the edge of the leaf. Take care of the thermal film in the printer, because it is easily torn! Take care that foreign objects do not get into the device, then the film will be in order. In addition, the printer will not like coated glossy paper and embossed paper with different textures. Use special photo paper to print photos. Now you know how to choose a laser printer for your home! The right shopping for you!

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