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Home gym in the interior

Now everyone wants to avoid many diseases, have excellent health, be energetic in the modern world.

To achieve an excellent physical shape, you needBe sure to play sports or physical culture. Today, many attend gyms, fitness clubs, saunas and swimming pools. But most modern people simply do not have time for this. There is an excellent alternative to an expensive fitness club or a gym - doing sports at home. Today it is very easy to create a home gym in the interior of your apartment or house, and you do not have to rack your brains to find free time to visit such a place.

Home gym is a convenient solution forModern man, for someone who is sensitive to his health and beauty. To achieve results in training, they should be regular, and now, when a busy, working and family person does not have enough days to implement all plans, the home gym will serve as an excellent assistant to maintain themselves in excellent shape.

How can I equip the gym in the apartment by ruining the design of the entire interior?

If the apartment you have is not too big and divertFor the gym there is no room for a separate room, it would be advisable to take a small corner to the sports area, where you can comfortably conduct your training, and no one will interfere with it at the same time.

The most suitable place for a home gymCan be a loggia or balcony, a small veranda. Such a place can be conveniently equipped with sports equipment, and the windows will allow you to ventilate the sports room after each workout. If you put a treadmill on the balcony, then in gloomy and rainy weather you do not need to go for a run, and the effect will be the same.

You can also equip a sports corner in theSpacious bedroom or living room. Simulators are mainly located at the window, it is important to have fresh air during the training. When doing sports, it is important to have proper breathing, which requires a large amount of oxygen. If you go to hide simulators so that they are not conspicuous, the use of a screen is suitable, so you will not interfere with other people who are in the same room with you when doing business.

How to make a gym at home, so that it is aesthetically andAlmost combined with the design of the apartment? If you prefer training with a load, such as barbells or dumbbells, then the floor should be noise-insulating. To do this, use cork coating, rubber mats with a thick interlayer, can also be used thick carpet. Thus, you will save your sex and do not interfere with your neighbors during training if the apartment is located in a multi-storey building.

Condensation on the walls inside the gym is notTherefore, such wall coverings as tile and plastic do not fit. Practical coverage for such a room will be considered ideal - paper wallpaper, panels made of natural cork, simple plaster.

As for the color solution in the homeGymnasium, it can be unlimited, but most experts recommend shades of green, beige or blue. It is these colors that set the human psyche to activity and focus well on training. To make the interior of the gym cheerful and a little creative, it is enough to decorate the interior with various colorful shells or small sports attributes. A decorative element can be hung on the wall posters of sports themes or photos of athletes or just beautiful people. Now a lot of special pictures-stickers with the image of phrases or plots motivating on the result are on sale. It is very appropriate to hang a watch in order to control the time of your training.

The complete set of the home gym may includeRack for storing sports equipment. This will maintain order in the hall, also it is very convenient and practical in a small room. Choosing a simulator is a serious issue. Sports trainers and doctors recommend cardio equipment, such as an exercise bike or a treadmill, they will allow you to keep fit and stay healthy.

With just a barbell, dumbbells and weights, you canTo do with a massive and cumbersome power trainer. It is very convenient to have a mat in the home gym to conduct lessons on the floor, a great addition may be a hoop, jump rope, fitball.

To date, there is a largeThe number of discs that say how to properly use the simulator, what should be the load, what is useful for this or that simulator. Buying for yourself some kind of simulator, you need to know exactly what it is for you and how much it suits you. Remember that by buying a simulator, they are usually used by all family members. So think about whether it will be right to put it in your room, knowing that any member of your family will want to use it at any time, for example, at the moment when you want to be alone with yourself. Therefore, do not put the simulator in the bedroom and the private office. The living room is the most suitable option for this. The best of course when you have a spacious apartment in which you can give the gym a whole room, or a house with a fitness center.

Try to furnish your home gym so,So that it's convenient for your family members. To make it comfortable, comfortable, pleasant colors, so that there is no irritation during the training. Use mostly warm tones, so that there is a desire to continue training every day, because it depends on your desire and attitude to play sports. Remember success and excellent results on the side of hard-working and hardworking.

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