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Bedroom design for children of different sexes

Here some features should be taken into account. Today, not every family has the opportunity to create a separate room for each child in the family. Of course, in the West, each child is provided with a separate space for each member of the family. Even the spouses have separate rooms. However, such ideal opportunities do not always exist. In reality, many Russian families have to stay in close quarters, trying to somehow divide the living space into zones. Of course, in an ideal, heterosexual children should be housed in separate rooms. In addition, it would be excellent if there is a common room in the house where all members of the family can meet.

Now consider the following questions: "Do you need separate bedrooms for children? "And" What should be the design of the bedroom for the opposite-sex offspring? ". Psychologists say that friendship and trusting relations between children in families are observed after their joint trip, during which children are housed in one bedroom. Children are very close when they live in the same space. Children who live in a family in the same room will always be friendly and closer. Therefore, parents who are experiencing because of the lack of bedrooms for their different children can not survive so much. If the same-sex children need to be accommodated in one room, it is better to give them the largest and most spacious room. In the general children's room it is possible to place children of different sexes while they are still small. When different-sex children grow up and become teenagers, then, of course, they will have to settle in different bedrooms. It is best to listen to children, that is, to their desires, where and with whom they want to live.

Making a bedroom for children of different sex isVery relevant, if the family has a twins or triplets. Usually, newborn children of different sexes live in the same room from the first days, because they are easy to take care of in one room. Since birth, children live together, when they are already resettled, they do not even want to part.

Registration of children's room for children of different sexesCan often cause in adults many difficulties. We need to think over everything. Where to arrange the beds? Do I still need to buy furniture? How to demarcate a common space? To solve the problems of arranging furniture and decorating a bedroom for children of different sexes, parents should receive a number of consultations not only from designers, but also from pediatricians and psychologists.

A bedroom for children of different sex must beIs designed taking into account the age characteristics of children. For small children the room is equipped in a special style, for example, fairy tales, and for teenagers there is an original style. But even in a common room, each child needs to provide an individual space. The optimal size for a children's room designed for two children of different sexes is more than 20 square meters. Meters. That is why it is recommended to provide the children with a large room in the apartment.

Children for different sex children must in advancePlan and be divided into zones. Zoning should be done according to the age of each child. These are zones for sleep, games, classes and creativity. In the room of school-age children, there must necessarily be jobs, to which more stringent conditions are imposed. Zoning can be done in two ways. First, the definition of a common functional area for all children. Second, there are two personal zones where every child can spend his time. In each personal zone, the so-called "sub-zones" are provided: sleeping, playing and working. Zoning options for children's parents choose themselves. Although both zoning options are considered equally effective. For the same-sex children, personal zones are more suitable. The difference between zones is achieved with the help of color solutions. As a rule, traditional are: for boys - blue, and for girls - pink. For example, the walls of the girl's zone can be painted or wallpapered with pink shades, and the boy's area is designed in a more masculine style. A common zone is created in the center, which is decorated in neutral tones.

It is important to know that scientists do not strongly adviseTo delimit space using color. Also it is undesirable to do a color division of the floor, ceiling and walls simultaneously. The walls can be different, so the floor and ceiling can be made each in a single color. In some cases, you can combine a floor covering. For example, the floor of the playing part of the room can be covered with a carpet with a beautiful pattern. Even there is the option of installing a two-color plastic window with different colored curtains. It is important to remember that it is desirable to resettle different-sex children with the achievement of 11-12 years. If there is no such possibility. You can consider some compromise options. For example, in rooms for older children, install lightweight devices that help to differentiate zones for children of opposite sex, for example, a rack, a screen or a partition. In today's interior, such an interesting way of zoning - personification - is very often used. Each zone is marked with interesting inscriptions or a name. These inscriptions are performed on walls and even ceilings.

The next stage in the design of theInstallation of furniture in the nursery. First you need to decide on the types of beds and their location. There are a number of ways to place beds in such rooms. In the nursery you can put two traditional beds for children. However, these beds will occupy a lot of space in the room. You can also put one 2-story bed. But also to this variant it is necessary to approach taking into account the individuality of each child. Psychologists argue that a child sleeping on the bottom shelf of the bed, considers himself restrained. A child sleeping on the top shelf may have problems with a "trip" to the toilet.

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