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Glass colored stained glass windows for interior decoration

Previously, such a luxury could only affordKings, nobles and very rich people. The technology of making colored glass was quite complicated, and by what stained-glass windows adorn the man's house, one could determine his position in society, his material condition, his level of prosperity.

Color stained-glass windows were used for throughLighting the room through window or doorways. Initially, the insets of colored glass were adorned with majestic temples. High windows on the walls and domes were truly a real work of decorative art. Passing through the colored glass, the light flooded the holy halls with a variety of colors: from golden to blood-red shades. Thus, in the temples often the desired mood was attained, when people went deeper into themselves and felt more and more connected with the spiritual world. Then the stained-glass windows depicted, as a rule, scenes of a religious nature, there were fewer household scenes and ornaments, ideas for the creation of which were taken from nature.

Now the glass stained-glass windows used inInterior, a fairly common phenomenon. With the development of various glass processing technologies, the number of techniques for its decoration has dramatically increased. The number of companies offering color-coding services to glass increased. The ornamentation of windows with ornamentation ceased to be a novelty. Today, with the help of stained glass, many buildings for different purposes are made out. Stained glass is present in residential and office buildings, hotels, restaurants, some old railway stations and other architectural objects. Areas of stained glass art have long broadened their boundaries. When we hear the word "stained glass", we immediately imagine a huge glass, painted with colored paints. But now the stained glass window is not only a way of decorating window openings, it is an ornament of all glass surfaces. In the vertical plane - a variety of glass walls, stained glass partitions between the walls, solid glass doors or glass inserts in them, various showcases, mirrors, pseudo-windows in niches and even stair railings. The windows in the windows are usually thinner and brittle as opposed to wall partitions and doors, the glass in which is much thicker and stronger. Mirrors, decorated with stained glass, look quite interesting. They help to expand the space without completely overloading it, adding to it a share of mystery. Stair fences, made in the stained glass technique, decorate any classic interior. It is only necessary to always remember, no matter how stout was the glass for the stained glass, it must be treated with utmost care. In the horizontal plane, stained-glass windows for the interior are also often used. The main surfaces for drawing drawings with special paints are: floor, ceiling, table top and even a roof. Stained-glass floor is possible in multi-storey buildings. It is based on paintings. The specificity of such a floor is that it is only a part of the whole floor of the room, which simultaneously performs the role of both sex and ceiling. The stained-glass floor is an overlap between two floors, made of colored glass. It is usually done with illumination. From the first floor it seems as if the stained glass ceiling glows, for the second floor the floor glows. And walking on such a floor is absolutely safe. The glass is very strong and durable, capable of withstanding sufficient weight. This technique is extremely complex and time-consuming. Now there are quite a few true professionals who can work beautifully and beautifully with the stained-glass floor. Stained glass ceiling by manufacturing technology is much easier to perform than flooring. Stained glass is much cheaper and easier to work with, which makes this type of work more popular. Stained glass ceiling will be an excellent decoration of any room. With it, it will acquire a pronounced individuality, will become original and interesting. In the evening, the stained glass ceiling with a gentle and soft backlight will look great. An interesting solution will be the combination of a variety of color glasses with artificial multicolored lighting. To add more original and unusual notes to the interior, you can turn a regular table with a transparent glass top into a real work of art, just by applying colored paints on it. Stained glass, made independently, will be an amazing decoration of the interior of your room. There are not only masters who know the secrets of stained glass, but also specialized stores that provide a huge selection of materials for this technique. Thus, independently applying paints to the glass, you will create your own stained glass, create a personal little story. Stained-glass roofs are not very popular in the interiors of residential buildings, as it is very expensive and difficult to care for. Basically, such roofs are used in rooms located in roofed spaces. It can be various cafes or small shops, located in a huge shopping center.

Such a huge number of various objectsInterior, serving for stained glass, make necessary the existence of many different colors and materials for applying color images and ornaments to the glass surface, since each surface requires certain handling and care. Stained glass has always been one of the most complex techniques of fine art. His role in the interior is invaluably great. Any room, decorated with colored glass, comes alive and acquires a shade of mystery. Glass colored stained glass windows for the interior will help you to play in different ways with space and light, opening up a lot of possibilities for the embodiment of your fantasies in life.

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