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Choosing a carpet for your home

And, of course, to create beauty and coziness. And also the carpet is able to emphasize the uniqueness of the interior and the individuality of the character of the owner of the house. Therefore, choosing a carpet for a home is a responsible and serious work.

Before choosing a carpet it is necessary to determine your requirements for it. First of all, you need to decide on where the carpet will lie - in the living room, bedroom, office or other room.

If you choose a large carpet for the dining roomYou need to calculate its size so that the table and chairs are completely placed on the carpet, so that the back legs of the chairs do not stand on the floor. Since most of the carpet is under furniture, there is no point in buying a carpet with a pronounced centering of the pattern or a plot ornament. In this case, the Turkmen and Afghan carpets with a standard geometric pattern or vegetative ornamentation are more suitable.

In the living room, for example, you can lay more than oneA few carpets. This is most suitable for a medium-sized carpet. It can be placed in front of the sofa or bed under a coffee table, so that between it and the walls there are about 20-30 centimeters of the free floor. The Berbers are the most suitable for the living room - multi-level carpets in Afghan style with convex geometric patterns.

And if you are attracted to more informal solutionsInterior, you can use a lot of small rugs. Scattered with deliberate negligence, they emphasize the individuality and comfort of the living room. In addition, it will be much cheaper than if you buy one large carpet.

For the hall or hallway you need a strongcarpet covering. It is best to choose a carpet with natural woolen nap on a cotton base. He is strong and does not lose form. Also for the hall is to choose a carpet of "non-mark" colors.

Do not choose a big carpet for the bedroom. Since most of it will inevitably be under the bed. Such a carpet will not please the eyes, besides, it will not be walked on it, and this contributes to the appearance of moths. Therefore, for a bedroom, a few medium-sized carpets are more suitable. For example, you can lay one mat at the foot of the bed, and two more - on the sides. In the bedroom, the "plush" carpeting will look best, since there the minimal amount of garbage and cleaning such a carpet does not take much time.

Also, before choosing a carpet, it is worth consideringMoments like: the intensity of using the carpet that will get on the carpet - the usual everyday garbage, or food, water, chemicals. The properties of the room also need to be considered when choosing the texture and color of the carpet. For rooms where there are a lot of people and there is a lot of dirt on the floor, do not choose carpets of pastel tones, because they quickly lose their neat and attractive appearance.

For rooms in which humidity is increased -Kitchen, bathroom - the best carpet is made of synthetic material. Synthetic should be not only pile, but also the material from which the base is made.

It is very important to determine the appearance of the carpet,Because he will shape the appearance of the room. Sometimes the color of the selected carpet can be the starting point for the development of design developments for the stylistic design of the room. Perhaps even such that under the carpet will be selected curtains, wallpaper, furniture.

In order to better acquaint yourself with the assortment of carpets, let us consider some of their types and characteristics.

If we consider the structure of modern carpets, then in most cases it is the same: the primary lining or base, the secondary lining, which consists most often of latex, and pile.

One of the most important characteristics of the carpet is the compositionYarn, which is used for its manufacture. Modern carpets are made from natural and synthetic fibers. The most common among natural products - pure wool carpets, or mixed, in which from 10 to 30% wool. Carpets made of wool yarn are characterized by elasticity,They have low water permeability and flammability, they are easy to clean. The shortcomings of these carpets include low wear resistance and a high price.

For the production of synthetic carpets in the mainUse synthetic fibers such as: polypropylene (olefin), polyamide (nylon), polyester and polyacryl. In its properties for the manufacture of synthetic carpet is best suited nylon. Carpets made of it are soft, they almost can not see the dents from the furniture, since they keep the pile well, such carpets are easy to clean and also they do not fade. They can serve you 10-15 years.

If you take the method of manufacture, then carpets can be divided into: woven, tafingovye and needle-punched.

Woven carpets are the most durable and expensive. These carpets come in different types. For example, loop. They have a very hard base, and since the tops of such carpets have stitches, their surface is also stiff. This ensures high wear resistance.

In the manufacture of such carpets are usedOne-level and multi-level loop coverage. In multi-level carpets loops are made of different heights, so the pattern on the surface turns out to be three-dimensional. Such a carpet looks impressive, but it's harder to clean.

Thus, it can be concluded that whenChoosing a carpet for a house is worth considering many factors. Because no matter how beautifully this carpet is not looking in the shop window, it can not fit into the interior at all. And the task of carpet to decorate and give comfort to the room, in some cases, to become a binder between different parts of the interior. Therefore, do not treat the choice of carpet lightly. This is a very serious work that requires a certain amount of time. If you choose the right carpet for each particular room, then you will have less problems with cleaning, carpets will last longer and please the eyes of the owners and guests.

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