/ How to decorate a kitchen and a bathroom?

How to decorate the kitchen and bathroom?

Let's start, perhaps, from the kitchen. Everyone knows that the design of the kitchen is very important, because it can, to some extent, affect the process of eating and cooking. It is much better to eat in a pleasant, supportive appetite, environment. At least, the situation should have a good digestion in the kitchen space.

To begin with, let's all the same discuss the layoutKitchen, because in order to decorate the kitchen, you need, at first, to have at least a room. There are four main types of planning, namely: Y - shaped, L - shaped, two - row and single - row. All these three variants represent three imaginary lines, which, as it were, connect the centers of the universe. The centers of the universe are the central objects of the kitchen space, such as a stove, a sink and a refrigerator. Looking at this triangle, you can immediately recall the Bermuda Triangle. Why? Let's talk, what is a cooker and a sink? - water and electricity. That's the whole secret. This must be taken into account initially. Do not plan the arrangement of objects in the kitchen until you take into account all the safety rules. Such rules must necessarily be taken into account, but in the future, God forbid, everything can end tragically. By the way, about the same security. In all "Khrushchev" the grounding cable (zero cable) is simply missing, which means that even the smallest error in the used electrical appliances can lead to trouble. This adds one more condition - the location of the sink apart from the stove.

Now let's talk about the remaining details. For example - a sink. It would seem that the functionality is very simple, but for busy time, it takes the first place. We spend most of the time just for her. First of all, it needs to be properly arranged. Professionals do not recommend placing the shell at a distance of 150, and closer, centimeters from the plate, and not closer than 150 centimeters from the refrigerator.

As for the refrigerator, everything is prettyjust. It should be convenient, as you, and your refrigerator. It should be placed at a sufficient distance from the wall to facilitate good ventilation of its rear wall. It is advisable to place it away from various heat sources, such as: battery, stove, window (sun rays).

Now let's talk about the plate a little. It should take place, functionally suitable to it. Plate can be placed, both near the dining / kitchen table, and away. Moreover, it is better to avoid the close arrangement of the first with the second, as this can cause a certain danger, as well as - discomfort. If the size of the kitchen is very small, then you should save space by using furniture with sliding table tops, chairs. Something like this, which will make your kitchen more compact and will provide you with a little more free space.

So, we discussed the kitchen, it's time to condemn the bathroom.

Bathroom. Usually the toilet and bathroom were separated. But recently they are united in one room - a bathroom. Bathroom - a place for recreation and recreation. Therefore, we will start with the finishing materials.

They should be easy in the process of harvesting, beWaterproof. Ceramic tiles own these qualities. There is just a huge amount of ceramic tiles. No matter how you like, you can always find the right tile. Unlike competitors, ceramic tiles have a high resistance to the action of various media and temperature differences - this is ideal for bathrooms. Similar properties have marble, namely - a mosaic. It has higher plastic properties. Also, you can use a tree. But before that, it needs to be treated with a special water-repellent varnish. Such coverings will go down for simple bathrooms, now a little exclusive. As a decoration, you can use a Bohemian glass tile in which a pattern is present. Since the pattern of the pattern is located on the back of the glass, when the light is on it gives it volume. Quite often, as a decoration, mirrors are used. Can be used for finishing both the ceiling and the walls. They will give the feeling of increased space. And, since the bathroom can have a closed space, this will be an ideal option. Only the main thing is not to overdo it. The surface does not need to occupy the entire wall, it is better to combine mirrors with other materials, which will add color.

If you divide the tiles into wall and floor tiles,It can be noted that the floor has a fairly large thickness, which adds strength to it. It should also be noted that the floor tiles should be non-slip, preferably with "pimples".

As a floor covering, you can useMarble and granite. These are very elegant and timeless materials. And, since these materials have a lot of weight, your floor must be strong to withstand them. But do not forget and remember, the cost of marble and granite is very high.

Now a few words about the ceiling coating. At the moment, the best coverage for ceilings are "stretch ceilings". They have a perfectly smooth surface. Do not miss the water, have a decent appearance and are cheap to use, plus everything, they can be washed. One of the competitors of such ceilings is the aluminum rack. The rake has a fairly simple design, so the installation process does not cause much complexity. They come in different lengths and colors. Easily cut and mounted in the right place. Unlike stretch ceilings, you can install lighting fixtures in racks. Reiki is also well washed, as are stretch ceilings.

That's basically it. We told you how to decorate the kitchen and bathroom. We hope this information will help you.

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