/ How to make a baby room for a boy?

How to arrange a children's room for a boy?

While the child is in the womb, sheUntil you need neither money nor time, in any way. But the care of the child begins exactly from the moment when the woman finds out that she is pregnant. After all, it is necessary to do so much more so that the child, then, it was good. The mother begins to think about it in the very beginning of pregnancy, although there are still 9 months ahead!

She still has a lot to buy over theThis time, but the most grandiose purchase, not even a purchase, but a venture, will be the design of a children's room for your baby. In our case, this is a boy, because she will need to arrange a children's room for the boy. In principle, there is nothing complicated here, but still this case requires certain knowledge in this matter. Now we will go into more detail in this matter and fully answer the question "How to arrange a children's room for a boy? ".

To begin with, you must understand what a child isThe room is the place where your child will spend most of his life. It follows that you will have to create your own, small, world in the room, where he will feel very comfortable, he will have to be comfortable there, the spirit of calmness and protection must be present in the air. It has long been proven that how the children's room is designed can significantly affect the development of the child. It is for this reason that you should approach the problem of decorating a children's room in full earnest.

First of all, you should worry about materials,Which you are going to use in the design. Let's start with the floor. As the room is childish, then the flooring should be appropriate. The material must withstand strikes, somersaults, jumps and children's running around. If you are financially sufficient, then it is better to use a natural wooden covering, that is, parquet. If the money is not all as good as we would like, then a more cheap option will be a laminate - it is, in beauty, no worse than parquet, and has antistatic properties. If you are afraid of the difficulties with installing a laminate, then in return, you can use natural linoleum.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the floor is enoughSlippery, and children, definitely, will have fun, run around, which can cause serious injuries. It is for this reason that we advise you to make a carpet in the room, with a short nap. It will be easy to clean, antistatic, and also it does not burn out in the sun. Pick up the carpet in such a way that it fits into the overall design of the children's room, as it is necessary to decorate the room beautifully, and not anyhow.

Walls, in the nursery, you can both paint andWallpaper on wallpaper. In the first case, you will have a lot of opportunities in terms of creativity. Draw on the walls what you want, and whatever you want. Since we make out the room for the boy, you can draw it up by drawing cars, or characters from cartoons. And plus everything, for walls you can use paint, with the possibility of washing it - if the child draws something on the wall, just paint over it or simply wash it off with water.

What about the wallpaper, then on sale tooThere are wallpapers with the possibility of washing them. The choice of wallpaper is pretty wide. At the moment, the market has a huge selection of children's wallpaper, with characters from cartoons and other interesting drawings and colors.

Not a small role in the design of the room is played by curtains. Depending on which side your window comes from, you will have to choose the density of materials. If the windows face the sunny side, the best option is to have blinds that completely cover the room from the sun's rays. Do not forget about the design. Choose something beautiful, so that your boy is satisfied with his room.

Now let's talk about lighting. As the main source of top lighting, you can take a customary chandelier. But there is only a small exception: the chandelier should be taken in such a way that the lacy glass is not used, or the crystal, because the glare that will be created by them will have a bad effect on your boy's vision. The light should fall evenly, and be soft. Such a light is ideally provided by a large flat ceiling, located in the center of the ceiling. As an option, you can build in the ceiling point "halogen", which give the appropriate lighting. Do not forget, also, about the lamp, preferably with the brightness adjustment, which should be above the baby's crib.

From what colors you choose, dependsThe atmosphere of comfort in the children's room. The color palette needs to be selected correctly. For example, children, whose age ranges from four to six years, prefer a bright color. That is, colors such as pink, red and purple. That is, you can decorate a room, combining all these colors, only the main thing is not to overdo it. You need to get a harmonious combination. The overabundance of bright colors can very much tire the baby. As an option, you can combine some soft colors in tone - as a result, you should get a good color design. Ceiling, floor and walls, in this case, you need to make the shade lighter - you can use white, blue, gray, and such a tone plan.

If the child is not yet born, then you have toDo all at random, guided by the various rules for combining colors, given the practicality of the materials used. But when your boy grows up a little, he will clearly have his opinion about the design of the room. In this case, you may have to radically change the design of the room. When you do this, listen to your child's desires, choose colors according to his character.

If you read this article and understand that this is not possible for you, then the best option is to hire a professional specialist who can perfectly choose the tone for your child.

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