/ How to choose skis for walks?

How to choose skis for walks?

The choice of ski equipment should start with shoes.

At first, a beginner in skiing costsRide on the rolled track "classics". Boots chosen for such a classic move should not rigidly fix the leg above the ankle, because when riding you will feel uncomfortable. In the store you can find shoes for the ridge, "combi" or for the classic move. The first option should be rejected immediately. The second is acceptable only if the shoes can be removed from the upper part. The third option is the most optimal.

A sample of selected shoes should be carried out inSocks that will be on you during ski walks. It is desirable that they are synthetic, and the fabric from which the socks are made has drainage properties. The cotton-absorbing cotton should not be included in the socks. On legs it is possible to put on and special sports socks, concerning to a thermal underwear. On top of them is to wear not very thick woolen or half-woolen socks.

In the process of trying on shoes, remember thatThey do not have to reap, because in this case, during the skiing, your feet will freeze very quickly, and your ski trip will end there. However, too loose shoes should not be, otherwise you will erase your feet.

If you stay on shoes with a wideAn edge in front and 4 holes in the front part of the sole - you will fit fasteners 75 mm with metal clips. They are considered old-fashioned, but they can still be found on sale.

It is better to buy shoes with a metal rod in the front, and suitable under the fastening system NNN, Manufactured, for example, under brands Rossignol or Rottefella. Mounts are of two types: For the classical and ridge course. For the classic Rottefella NNN IIClassic mountings. This option is manual. You can also look at automatic models, but if during the ski trip they get snow and podtaet - they jam. Boots in this case will be impossible to unfasten from the skis. I'll have to unbind the shoes and take it off with the ski.

Now you can choose skis.

When choosing the skis and ski poles you need to decide how you plan to ski.

If you are looking for wellness walks on freshAir, contemplation of nature and physical activity in itself, and does not matter the speed of movement, then you can choose to walk skis with incisions in the middle of the sliding surface. Such incisions during the repulsion prevent the ski from slipping back. If you are planning to move from regular walks to serious training with the time, it's worth buying smooth skis without no incisions.

There are a great many brands of skis. The choice of this or that model can be based on money that you are able to spend on purchase. Skiing is very democratic - by purchasing expensive skis, you can never learn how to ride well, and having bought modest equipment - you can and excel.

If you have enough money,It is not a sin to acquire skis of famous brands: Atomik, Rossignol, Madshuz or Fisher. And you can buy products of domestic producers: "Mukachevo", "Karelia" and "SNC".

People whose weight exceeds 80 kg may encounterWith problems when choosing an inexpensive ski. Domestic models, designed for people of large build, are rare. However, it must be borne in mind that among moderately expensive imported skis, the models of such a plan come across quite often.

As for the requirements for the mainCharacteristics of skis - skis for walking should be about 5 cm in width, and in height equal to the sum of your growth and an additional 20-25 centimeters. The rigidity of this sport equipment plays an important role. Usually on skis it is possible to find marks with growth and weight of the person on which they are calculated. If you do not find these numbers, you need to put the skis on a smooth flat floor, stand in the middle of each ski. Between the ski and the floor should be a small space, which can pass a credit card or driver's license. After this, stand with two feet in the center of one ski. If the gap has disappeared completely and the ski is snug against the floor, then the skis fit your weight.

Choice of ski poles.

If the skis should be 20-25 centimeters tallerThe growth of the skier, then the ski poles, on the contrary, are lower by the same length. You should buy sticks with normal-sized paws. "Professional" sticks with small paws should not be chosen. With an ordinary walk they will "sink" in the snow, as their destination is the movement on a special ski track. At the top of the stick, there are usually hand straps - tambourines. Well, when they look like bracelets with Velcro - in this case the chance to rub your hands will be minimal.

Do not forget about ski ointments.

When walking in a classic fashion, ski gloves should be used. They prevent the occurrence of "recoil" from the skis, sliding backward at a jerk.

Ointment is applied to the skeleton dotted and rubbedSpecial polystyrene bar-rub. If you plan to overcome a considerable distance and ski for a long period of time, it is worth applying the ointment not in one but in several layers.

For lovers, ointments that work inWide temperature ranges. At low negative temperatures, close to zero, and plus, it is better to use liquid ointment. It should be remembered that such ointments very poorly interact with freshly fallen snow.

Have a successful active rest!

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