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Why do we need filters for water purification?

First we will find out what kind of dangerTo lie in wait for us in the tap water. Usually, the fence is not made from underground springs, but from open sources, lakes and rivers. And in this water there are many different infections. The task of water supply, so that there is no infection of people. Water services use an effective and cheap method, this is chlorination. This method copes with dangerous bacteria, but for human health, chlorinated water is not useful. Scientists argue that those people who have consumed chlorinated water for 40 years, more often than others, namely 2 times more often, are ill with oncological diseases.

It is necessary to know that chlorine can not purify water fromHarmful to the body salts, heavy metals, carcinogens, small particles of sand. You can see this if you open the lid of the kettle, there you will see a huge amount of scale on the heating element. It also happens with the internal organs of man, as chlorine enters the water, and it is harmful to human health, so premature aging occurs quickly, chronic diseases occur.

You can also say about the water from the source, andBefore you consume it, you need to check clean water at first sight. It can contain many dangerous bacteria. Not the output will be bottled water. Factories manufacturers who use for this water cleaning methods, make it lifeless and tasteless. It is of no use, so it is more suitable for some technical application than for eating.

All this means that you need to buy water filters. In our stores a large selection of filters and you can buy for yourself, the one that will be convenient for you.

Home water filters can be divided into 3 categories:

1). Tap attachments.
This is the least expensive way to purify water. Such a filter often requires changing the cartridge and removing a small amount of harmful particles.

2). Jugs with replaceable cartridges.
A cheap way to clean the water. It is more convenient that it can be taken with you to the country or to nature. But they provide an average level of cleaning, you need to change frequently the cartridges. In addition, cartridges can be equipped with the possibility of mineralization, fluorination and iodination of water.

3). Stationary filters
A fairly effective and popular way forWater treatment. The filter is installed in the water supply system and lasts longer than other filters. These filters purify water from bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine and other dangerous compounds.

A person needs 2 liters of water per day. And since the water is substandard, you need to buy a water filter.

Why do we need filters?
Household filters are different, and that theirTo establish, it is necessary to determine what amount of water is to be filtered. For some families, one pitcher will suffice, and other people will need a special installation, which is connected to the water main, directly in the apartment.

Cumulative filter In the form of a jug easy to use. It works in this way: water is poured into the upper cup, then it begins to leak through its cartridge under its weight. This cartridge cleans up to 400 liters of water. These filters are easy to use and easy to replace the cassette in this filter. A filter of this pitcher type usually filters water in a small amount. At a time up to two and a half liters of water.

Attachment on the crane, It's like a cylinder, which is put on the tap. These filters are small in size. And with the help of this filter, you can clean up 1,000 liters of water in 3 months. This filter has poor performance.

Table filters With a hose connected to the water supply. And in comparison with the suction filters they are more productive. Their productivity per minute is up to two liters of water. The disadvantage of the desktop filter is that it needs a free space and connection to the tap. Some models are hung on the wall and you can save space in the kitchen.

Stationary filters Consist of cylindrical tanks, theyEquipped with different filter elements. Such filters have a special capacity for pure water, which holds 10 liters. The stationary filter is placed under the sink. Up comes the tap, pure water flows out of it and for the big family it will be the best solution. Compared to other filters, stationary filters better purify water. They have a high production capacity of up to 15,000 liters of water per month.

In conclusion, one can answer the question, whyYou need water filters to be a healthy person, you need to drink purified water. Following the advice, you can choose the right filter for water purification. But before making a choice, you need to think everything over. Successful purchase!

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