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How to care for wooden furniture

Buying new furniture, we are counting on the fact thatWooden furniture will serve us faithfully and for a long time. Looking at perfectly polished and smooth surfaces, we do not think that over time they will lose their freshness, shine and fade. And if we are going to look after the furniture from the first days after the purchase, it will retain its appearance for many years.

Caring for wooden furniture
The enemies of wooden furniture are insects-woodworms, scratches, all kinds of stains, dust.

  • Dust with lacquered and polished furniture is washed with soft and clean flannel cloths, you can use velvet or cloth. That the furniture has not lost its luster, the rag should not be wet.
  • It is impossible to excrete stains with chemical compounds, since they destroy the surface from a tree. If only you can not remove the stain, then you can resort to them.
  • On polished surfaces, stains from hotItems should be removed with a mixture of vegetable oil and alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio. The prepared mixture is ground over the furniture until the stains disappear. You can use a piece of paraffin wax. We put it into a stain, take a non-corrosive iron and iron through the blotting paper the treated area.
  • From a polished surface, greasy stains from your fingers can be removed if you consume them with talc.
  • Furniture made of valuable rocks, rubbed with burdock oil or wax, we first dilute it in turpentine.
  • To remove scratches on furniture, we usePrepared solutions. Not a strong iodine solution paint the damage on furniture made of mahogany, oak, walnut. Furniture from the nut can be wiped with essence of olive oil and red wine. Cracks and scratches on furniture made of wood are covered with beeswax.

Often wooden furniture affects bug-grinders. This can be detected by small holes on the surface and by the yellowish dust that spilled out of them. Many different compositions are produced, with the help of which it is possible to protect wooden furniture from insects. You can prepare a protective solution at home. To do this, we use petroleum jelly. Damaged furniture is treated three times, making gaps in three weeks.

Rules of care of furniture
To enjoy the benefits of wood furniture, you need to adhere to the following care:

  • For furniture, the main enemy is moisture. And when in the room from time to time the humidity changes, the furniture is then overdried, then swells. It is better not to put items of wood near the fireplace or radiators, then the furniture will not overheat. In summer, the humidity level in the room can be adjusted with an air humidifier or with an air conditioner.
  • If you drink tea and put a cup on a table, thenYou need to use a stand for dishes. This will help to protect furniture from heat, which comes from hot dishes and drinks. And even if tea accidentally spills, it can not hurt your table.
  • Now let's talk about vases with flowers. It is best to put them on a soft napkin or on an elegant tray. This will protect you from scratches polishing.
  • If you have a habit of moving to yourself those items that lie on a wooden table, then take and place under them a soft napkin.
  • If you are planning a redevelopment at home, which meansWill move the furniture, it is better not to stretch each piece of furniture around the floor, but to transfer it. Since the fixing of the legs can be weakened and, hence, the life of the bedside table or the bed you love is shortened. When you carry the furniture, lift it up and hold it in a firm piece. So, raise the table not for the countertop, but for the legs. Lift the chair not by the handles, but by the seat.

Cleaning should be done neatly
During cleaning, wooden furniture requiresSpecial care. When wiping dust, take care, take turns picking up objects and put them back in place, do not move caskets, cups, vases on polished surfaces.

Great difficulty on the surface of furniture, thisDust, she sits right away on the furniture after she was removed. And it's a pity to observe that the items of the headset quickly lose their impeccable appearance. To get rid of dust, you need to use a napkin made of microfiber. It has antistatic properties: microfibers have positive polarity, and dust microparticles have negative polarity, attraction is created. Microfiber polishes the surface and perfectly copes with dust. As a result, your furniture looks great without any additional means of caring for it.

When cleaning furniture one of the problems is nap,It stays on the surfaces of the furniture. To avoid this, you need to use a cellulose napkin. Wet tissue from cellulose has elasticity, it removes dust from relief surfaces, protrusions, decorative details on furniture. After cleaning the napkin on the furniture will not be nap, all surfaces will be dry and clean. Using a cellulose napkin, you can do a wet cleaning of furniture.

Also, special care is required for such elementsFurniture that are made of stainless steel and glass - mirror surfaces, shelves, decorative elements, a variety of inserts. They will bring to the shine a napkin for mirrors and microfiber glass. It will remove fingerprints, traces of drops and stains without effort and instantly with mirror and glass surfaces. These surfaces will simply turn red after harvesting.

Furniture can be a decoration of your interior. And if carefully caring for her, she will testify that you appreciate the real quality and have a subtle taste.

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