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Care of the washing machine

A sharp object hit the car
That year my washing was almost overSad for the washing machine. I loaded a folded tablecloth into the washing machine and did not notice that a hairclip was in the tablecloth. I put a quick washing schedule, started the car, and then a sound alerted me, something knocked against the glass of the drum. I wanted to stop the washing machine, but it did not work. The machine did not react to the fact that I wanted to change the program. The machine wrung out the tablecloth, but the barrette did not break. I was just lucky.

Foreign objects enter the washing machineBy the forgetfulness of the mistress. Also on things can be massive buttons, do not wash with a belt jacket with buckles. As the large button is torn off and can damage the machine. If things like these are on things, they should be hand washed. And you can get a bag for machine washing, put a jacket there and wash it.

The washing machine formed a scum
From advertising, we learned a lot about hard water and itsConsequences, therefore, after buying a car, I tried to save it. I bought the product against scale, changed the filter every few months, but eventually the scum appeared anyway.

On the Internet advised to find citric acid,Enough will be 2 sachets of 100 grams each. Set the regime for very dirty laundry, under which the water becomes very hot. And scroll the car without things. And one more advice was that the powder from scale does not fit, and with each wash it is better to add a teaspoon of salt.

The drum smells bad
The machine must be constantly ventilated. The best option is to keep the door always open. Then the moisture inside the drum will not accumulate, which causes a smell of mustiness and can damage the interior of the machine.

The machine is running
One day you can face such a problem when water appears under the bottom of the washing machine.

The reason may be that not completelyThe drum was loaded, and you were washing at a high speed power. You do not need to choose an intensive wash for clean and light things that do not need strong spinning, the machine starts to vibrate strongly, sometimes it moves several centimeters. As a result, the drain hose leaves, and the foam rushes to the tile. Either the machine is incorrectly installed, and stands on a ribbed old tile, but should stand on a flat, ideal surface, otherwise you would not have encountered such a problem.

How is the washing machine checked for service?
Washing machine is tested in a special mode. At the enterprise the computer system checks, whether everything is all right with the machine. Special fingers press the washing machine on each button. Particular attention deserves tightness. After testing, the washing machine is filled with water, it is placed on a mirror with illumination. It is important that no drop of water leaks.

Care of the washing machine

  • It must be washed. Under the elastic band from the air conditioner accumulates an unpleasant mass like jelly. After washing, the elastic should be wiped with a damp rag and leave the machine door open to dry.
  • Air conditioning is not very useful, sometimesDangerous and harmful. After all, it attracts particles of iron, from this the linen becomes yellowish-grayish. In addition, the conditioner can cause allergies. Instead of an air conditioner you can use such a tool: a glass of water 2 teaspoons of vinegar.
  • It is better not to take anti-scale agents, theySpoil the heating appliances, and do not bring any benefit. If hard water, you need to prevent scale, put one glass of citric acid into the machine and select a full cycle of washing at 90 degrees. If the tray is covered with scum from hard water, citric acid will help in this. Tray the tray overnight in the solution, in the morning the scum disappears.
  • A plentiful foam is the enemy of a washing machine, so you need to be careful with the powder.
  • Rusty plaque where the water is poured, cleaned with an old toothbrush and soap. And so that there is no rust, after each washing the washing machine is wiped dry with a rag.

Advice from the master of repair of washing machines
In an empty machine after each wash for 5 minutes, pour water, drain and wipe with a dry rag.

In conclusion, let's say that caring for washingMachine can be carried out, according to these recommendations. It is necessary not to be lazy to take care of the washing machine, and then the repair may not be necessary. And your assistant will help you in life, to serve faithfully.

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