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Provence style in interior design

Style in the design of furniture.

Furniture in the style of Provence should be issued in oneColor, and, in addition, the patterns should be similar to each other. Any old furniture can be given an unexpected perspective: for example, the old polished cupboard can be sanded, painted in light colors, decorated with decoupage or patterned, thus turning it into a retro cabinet. As a coffee table you can use old benches, in the kitchen you can install an old buffet, which is gathering dust in the country house, and at the head of the bed you can place part of the old fence painted with light paint - the ideas are bold, but very interesting. Your old things seem to take on a new life in interior design.

Floor covering.

The floors in the Provence style are usually wooden. It is desirable that the texture of rough boards be clearly visible. Special paints and varnishes will give new floors a special, "aged" look. On the floor you can lay a striped carpet or a few wicker rugs.


The lightness and airiness of the Provence style is given to the windows. As a rule, curtains on the windows are chosen light, lace. If you still treat the fans of curtains, then choose the lightest, approximate in color to the furniture. Laces and light air lambrequins are only welcome. Windows can be decorated with wooden shutters, and on the windowsills put flowers or grass in bright pots.


In the style of Provence upholstery upholstered furniture shouldBlend in color with curtains, tablecloth on the table, sofa cushions and other accessories. Patterns may differ in variety, but it is better that some unity in them is still visible. The color combinations of green and gold look perfect with rough wooden furniture and wooden floors. The freshness and breath of the sea breeze convey a combination of blue, beige-sandy and white.

Accessories and decorations.

Accessories and interior decorations can be chosen notOnly in antique shops and flea markets, but also to find something in your own attic or in the closet at the dacha. Cymbals, musical instruments, old photographs - all this will fit in as decorative elements and decorate your home.

For the future lamp, the most unusualObjects, for example, an old vase or a jug, or an old copper candlestick. In the electric shop you will be provided with a real exclusive lamp that emphasizes the style of Provence.

The most important thing for creating a style of Provence in the design of your home is to show imagination and transform old things.

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