/ How to choose a color scheme in an apartment

How to choose a color scheme in an apartment

The first thought that appears when weWe start repairs, so how to choose the color scheme in the apartment. In selecting the color range of the apartment you can build on your favorite color shades, from a single style of repair in the apartment, or vice versa, resort to radical changes. Often, many choose the most simple and at the same time the ideal option of selecting the color scheme in the apartment. Choose one color, for example, a favorite and it is used in various variations in repair. That is, the selection of a single color does not end on a particular variant. Since the technique has gone far in our time and the color range is great, the use of the same color in the apartment can be expanded due to shades. For example, the living room is executed in blue, then the bedroom can be painted in blue. Blue will be more conducive to sleep, since it is a soothing color, it will on the contrary favorably influence the person's preparation for sleep. Often the selection of colors in the apartment does not end on walls or wallpaper. If the walls are light then it is quite appropriate to have different accessories, vases, plafonds, curtains of darker shades in the room, which in turn will emphasize the chosen color range of repair.

One way to choose the colorApartment, is the selection of design for the color of the floors. No matter how strange it sounds, but still. Various variations of the parquet, their colors, the materials from which they are made, determine what will be the emphasis in stylistics and the general idea of ​​repair in the apartment. If the floors are dark then they can be used, like some bright dark spot, while emphasizing the warm tones of the walls and the bright details of the interior. If the floors are on the contrary bright, then the bright room will look very stylish, as well as will bring a certain comfort and tranquility, which can be diluted with various decorations.

The color scale in the apartment can also be selectedAccording to the now fashionable way, Feng Shui. Now there are many private individuals, or firms that provide services to the master on Feng Shui. Inviting such a person to the apartment, he will clearly indicate to you where it is worthwhile to have a work area in which the work will be more productive. It will tell where it is better to organize a recreation area in which you can distract from all everyday and working problems and experiences. Where it is better to arrange a bedroom or a children's room will also be an excellent advice. Depending on the purposes of the rooms the master of Feng Shui will advise and tell you what color solutions should be selected. Tells how to create a single concept of the entire design, while using all the methods of Feng Shui. Feng Shui color-matched colors will help to strengthen and make sleep more useful in the bedroom, strengthen energy flows aimed at working, what colors in the room will add inspiration to you, or on the contrary, the desire to make money.

And how to choose a color scheme in the apartment is notLosing a single meaning and essence of design? Very simple! Choosing a certain style, for example, the Greek style, you can easily transfer it to the whole apartment, not just a separate room. This, in turn, will make it easier and relieve the headache about the style of making repairs in the next room. This will also make your entire apartment, sustained in one rhythm. After all, it's nice when everything is done not the same way, but simply with the mind and beautiful. A single design will not only remove unnecessary questions, but why one room is made in modern, and the second in the Roman medieval style.

How else can I choose the color scheme in the apartment? For this as the basis for the color scheme of the interior can be your wardrobe, or on the contrary favorite things, this can serve anything in the flesh, up to the color of your hair or the contrast of repair with the coloring of your pets. Often, the colors in the apartment are determined by small details, or vice versa, large accents, which are a kind of catchy stain, for example paintings or collections of souvenirs. Often the starting point is the view that opens from the windows.

If you still do not leave the question, how to chooseColor scheme in the apartment? Think about what you want to change in the design, in addition to introducing novelty and freshness. Perhaps you want to visually enlarge a small enough but cozy room. The correct selection of colors in the apartment will help you. For this purpose, bright colors are best suited, since they add a feeling of increasing space in the room, while dark or bright colors emphasize all the failures and defects in the construction of houses, resulting in the layout of apartments.

You can also choose the color scheme in the apartment,Do not get hung up on one particular color. It is very simple and will shorten the repair time. After all, if you already have a room in your room, for example, if they are white or light blue, you can apply one or two walls of bright color to any one of them, paint. This will help revive the living space, and at the same time it will be an excellent design solution. This will be a certain highlight, thanks to which you can play with the imagination using various accessories. For example, a dark or bright wall to put a light sofa, it will be noticeable, but at the same time, attention will be accentuated on it as an integral attribute of design.

Of course, the best option is if you do not know howTo pick up color scale in an apartment, address to the expert. It's not for nothing that people study for interior designers, they are specially created to help us in difficult repair issues. The main thing is do not forget it does not matter, you yourself choose the color scheme in the apartment, or resort to someone's help, the choice of color is a very important step. The colors in the apartment should not be screaming and annoying, they should calm you on the contrary so that you always want to go home and stay there with your family, relax from work.

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