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How to spend a family Christmas holiday

So, Christmas is the time for fulfillment of desires andHopes of each of us. This holiday, is, a direct continuation of the New Year's series. He, is its center, between the New and Old New Year. And we all want to note it no worse than the meeting of the New Year. Therefore, we should make every effort to do this. So, how do you do this? The holiday, first of all, begins in our heart, and then envelops our mood and pushes us to organize something original. In this case, as you already understood, the main thing is your immediate initiative and idea. And, as is known, we women are different. After all, who, if not we can, so scrupulously and diligently submit to any case. The main thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities, and then, everything that you will not undertake, you will succeed. This will become your fundamental basis in how to hold a family Christmas holiday.

And so, the very first thing that can come to mind isArrange a small family Christmas carnival. Announce to your household members that a fabulous family dinner is planned for Christmas. Start, first of all, with the design of the apartment. Create a festive atmosphere, thanks to the garlands and New Year's toys, which you surely have not yet hidden after the New Year. Do not forget about Christmas candles. After all, Christmas is, as we have already said, a magical holiday, and the candles will create the effect of this, the very magic. And in general, take note that the presence of lighted candles for Christmas is a long tradition, which is relentlessly transmitted from year to year. The very fabulous Christmas dinner, can be varied, for example, you can choose some specific cartoon, or maybe it will be a biblical party. As for the latter, it is sufficient to use ordinary white sheets or bedspreads, tie them over their clothes. The difference between these two types, the so-called "carnival", only that the theme of any proposed plot will need to pick up a certain and appropriate suit. If you decided on the cartoon characters, then choose them based on the complexity of the image of the costume. The suit, most likely, will have to be sewed by hand, so, consider this.

Of course, preparation for the holiday shouldStart in advance. That did not work, as in that folk saying: "How to go hunting, and collect dogs." Therefore, try so that you do not have to, with one hand to prepare a Christmas dinner, and another to sew a festive costume. Connect someone else from the family to the tailor's case. In two hands to implement the plan, it will be much easier. Of course, you should not cut out and sew cosmic outfits, it will be enough if you take old clothes and attach to it symbolizing, that, or other character, design elements. For example, a fox - a tail, a hare - ears and so on. If you do not have time to show your talent to the seamstress, try to fantasize a little, in the form of an impromptu. For example, you can on a quick arm, from paper or cloth scraps, make tapes over your shoulder (like graduation). And write on them, a marker, the various names of the same characters. And during the holiday, refer to each member of the family according to the inscription on his tape. Believe me, it really will be fun.

Also, you can sew from colored cloth flakes orTo acquire those, a few small Christmas bags. Here, the main task is for each color to match what lies in the pocket. For example, yellow - sweets, blue - small knickknacks and so on. Such fun, will be very much like your child. You can come up with various puzzles, giving answers to which, he will receive a prize from a certain pouch or just play in the family circle in the game "Guess what bag that ...". Regarding riddles, then for a basis, you can take the biblical parables, which will be very relevant to this holiday. If your child already knows how to read, let him, by the way, on the eve of Christmas, read this book in parables. And, do not forget to do it yourself. Better yet, let all members of the family do it, then you can guess everything together. The most original idea of ​​a Christmas evening will be, if you turn, in a figurative, of course, sense of the word, your child into an Angel. For this case, take a snow-white elongated T-shirt and attach to it angelic wings that can be made by carefully cutting them from pieces of white paper. Your child, in this dress, will certainly become the main one at the Christmas holiday.

Here, we listed some key pointsHow to spend a family Christmas holiday. Believe me, you will definitely remember it. It is worth knowing that Christmas is, first of all, a fairy tale. So, therefore, it's worth making it fabulous in everything. Especially, having pleased, thereby kiddies. Present, on this day, a fairy tale to yourself and him. Happy Christmas to you.

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