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How to choose a design for a children's room

The layout. If you allow the area and the choice of a child's room in a large house, then, of course, such a room is laid in advance at the project stage.

But it is somewhat more difficult to solve the problem inA small apartment. Although here you can arrange a separate corner, making a minor alteration, putting a drywall partition, or dividing the room furniture so that it was divided into two zones.

If the apartment allows you to allocate space forChild, you should choose the brightest room, it is desirable that this room was oriented with windows to the south or south-west, with good external lighting. It is not advisable that the room is adjacent to the kitchen or the living room, as in these rooms adults lead a night life when the child is long overdue to see the "tenth dream".

Another very important aspect of planning isArrangement of electrical equipment. Switches must be in good condition and arranged so that the child can turn off and turn on the light in the room. Sockets must be protected by plugs. It's at least to some extent, but it will protect your child from experiments and children's curiosity.

Repairs. Arrangement of children's beginnings with The ceiling.

Suspended ceiling is not desirable, since itCollects a lot of dust, but tension - this is exactly what you need for the children's room. Thanks to a special anti-static coating, such a ceiling does not collect dust.

You can also include your imagination in the designCeiling, which can be imagined in the style of the starry sky, but then the room itself must match the design. Here, the scope of creativity is not limited, if only your baby lived comfortably.

Flooring. The floors in the child's room must be warm, becauseThe kid will often run barefoot. Therefore, very opportunely would be either a cork floor covering, or a laminate, or a parquet, in a complex with a special heat-insulating substrate. The choice depends entirely on your budget. One of the expensive pleasures is Cork parquet. It is environmentally friendly and safe. And one more plus - provides sound insulation.

But all is best to choose your choice Laminate, Since it can withstand twice the load, and it is easier to clean it.

Looking ahead you can foresee that your child can leave, for example, stains from paint. And they can be easily removed from the laminate. In addition, this coating is hypoallergenic.

Carpet cover. If you still chose the cover - carpet, thenBuy it on a thick felt lining, but such that the nap was not thick and thick, but of medium size, since it will collect a lot of dust, and it can cause an allergy in the child.

What color should I choose for a floor coveringYou, of course, decide for yourself. Just remember that in about eight years your child will become an adult and will have to change the cover with trains and cartoon characters to another, more adult. Although, monophonic carpet, do not go to the nursery. Choose a drawing that your child liked and at the same time, so that it would be appropriate for an adult room: geometric shapes, stripes, small blotches will look good in the children's room and the teenager and the baby.

To visually increase the space of the room, carpet is better to match the color of the wallpaper, but it is darker by several tones.

Carpet. If the funds allow you, then, of course, betterJust buy a real carpet woven of natural fibers. Undoubtedly, it's better that the carpet should cover all the open space on the floor, since a small child usually flirts so that he does not notice where he is sitting and what. But again, do not forget that you insulate the floor for its convenience, so remember that on this carpet your child can sculpt with plasticine, draw with colors and therefore he will necessarily make blunders on it, and you can never clean it completely. But if for you it does not matter, then do not forget about the regular cleaning of the carpet.

Window. In the children's room there lives a child. Therefore, it should not only be cozy and clean, but also warm. And it depends a lot on the windows. You can use wooden, but they require careful care.

PVC windows are very convenient to use, theyThey have good sound and heat insulation and do not require special care. The only thing that needs to be done is to remove the handles from the windows, in order to avoid the safety of your baby.

Walls. The next step in the arrangement of the children's interior is the selection and purchase of materials for the walls.

A good option for "sticking" is the usual smoothWallpaper, as it is fast and economical. The picture is best to choose a cheerful and pleasant looking child's eye, but too bright colors press on the eyes, and this should not be allowed.

Just remember that the cold tones create an office style in the room. Warm colors make the room warm and cozy - yellow, light orange, light brown, all the shades of green.

If the child is very active and has a special mobility, then more discreet shades should be preferred.

For a teenager's room, theWarm tones. Bright, sunny shades of the walls - yellow, orange, terracotta. Since in this, the special age of growing up, there is more sadness and discontent with the surrounding world.

Decorating the walls of the children's room with relief wallpaper should not be, since such a coating has the ability to absorb and accumulate dust, and this can greatly harm the health of the child.

Lighting. This issue should be given as much as possibleAttention. It is believed that the children's room needs three levels of lighting - this is the best option. The presence of a matte, opaque ceiling in the middle of the room (chandelier), the installation of a lamp on the desk and a bedside lamp.

Tired eyes Fixtures with transparent shades.

Furniture. Nowadays in shops there is an abundance of optionsThe design of the room: furniture and all kinds of accessories for it. And how you need to approach the purchase, combining different styles and colors, create a unique, truly unique children's room for your child.

To choose the design of the room should be approachedResponsible also because it will live your baby. So do not overload the room with furniture. It should have enough free space for games, for a variety of activities and for sleeping. It would be very good if all of these zones you have separated from each other.

For example, you can allocate a bed for sleeppodium, other wallpaper or the color of the walls, which has a calmness (bed colors). The workplace opposite, should activate the child in a working mood. You must also take into account the gender of the child: the boys need more space for games and it is preferable that it would be the center of the room. Girls often build houses in the corners, so this should be taken into account.

The main elements of furniture are a bed, a wardrobe,table, chair, shelves - closed or open racks. If the room is small, then you can use multi-functional furniture. It is popular in the design of bunk furniture: on the ground floor you can arrange a game zone or work area, but the second floor is used for sleeping a child.

Look closely at the so-called transformers-thisFurniture systems that "grow" with your child. These are tables that are retracted into the closet and the beds roll under the table. Dimensions of furniture, of course, ideally should match the growth of the child, so that the small owner was as comfortable as possible in his home.

Optimal for children's furniture are shadeslight wood. And very important is environmental friendliness! The best option is furniture made of natural wood. Of course, it is expensive, but your child's health is much more expensive.

A significant part of children's furniture is madenow from plastic. This is certainly a positive moment, however, when choosing such furniture, check the certificate. Plastic must be certified and environmentally friendly.

How to choose the design of a children's room? Consider the opinion of the child! The nursery is a very important room for your child. In it, he spends most of his time. Here he inventes, cognizes, fantasizes, grows and develops. And, of course, feels more independent - because he has his own room, his own territory, on which he is a HOST.

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