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How to organize a children's holiday at home

Organization of children's birthday in the homeConditions many parents consider as the most optimal and profitable option of celebration. Firstly, your child is always, directly, under the supervision of his parents, and secondly, you can, by flashing your fantasy to do something special and not forgettable that it will not look fresh and primitive at all and will really bring joy to the baby. And thirdly, it can significantly reduce your financial costs for the organization and thus, the saved money, which you can spend on an expensive gift for the birthday boy. So, let's move on to how to organize a children's holiday at home. To make this day the most unforgettable and colorful for you and your child.

First of all, let's start by choosing a room(Rooms). Here it is worth considering that on the holiday you are sure to invite your kid's friends, and children, as you know, need a lot of free space for games. Therefore, here, it is worth sacrificing the largest for an area (living room). If it still does not have enough space, try to free it, by rearranging even that furniture. Objects of furniture that allow it can be moved to another room or rearranged in order to increase free space. Do not forget to remove, as far as possible, all the beating objects from glass or ceramics.

As for decorating and decorating the room,Here you should apply as many colors and colors as possible. Recolor, of course, the walls in the rainbow color is not worth it. It will be enough that you buy many colorful balloons, inflate them and attach them where possible. Just do not forget about the colorful posters that you can do with your own hands. It's good if you can draw well. If, however, this gift has passed you by, resort to a simple method of "scissors and glue". Cut out from the special children's magazines vivid and colorful pictures of flowers, animals and so on. Adding this all, received in the same way, cartoon characters and paste it all onto huge sheets of Whatman. Here you have a ready poster. Place them on the walls, adding, all the same, balloons. Now we, directly, proceed to the design of the festive table. Let's start with the tablecloth. Here it is worth remembering that it must necessarily be bright and positive. Buy, in advance, for such a business a special fabric with a cheerful pattern. And, as they say, the matter with the tablecloth will be solved. As for serving and decorating the table, it is also worth doing a little in a different form than usual. Still, the main guests are children and it's worth remembering. Opposite each plate you can put a soft little toy, this will amuse each child. From napkins, you can make different figures, by the method of their folding. But, the dishes should be put with drawings. Every child loves such a small, but pleasant thing. Remember this by yourself when you were at that age.

To prepare whole mountains of various dishesIt's not worth it at all. Children do not eat much anyway, the main thing is to stock up, as much as possible with a variety of juices and drinks. Noticeable emphasis put on the organization of the sweet half of the holiday, because children are very fond of. Everything that you cook and serve on the table, do not forget to decorate it in a colorful way with greenery and other culinary means. And yet, what a name-day without a cake. The cake for the birthday man should be huge and do not forget to attach candles to it, in an amount corresponding to how much the child was. It is worthwhile to bring it in when the lights are off, lighting all the candles, let the kid blow them out, making a wish.

The holiday itself should be set at about lunchTime, a maximum of 12 - 11 hours. The main thing is that children do not stay too long and have a good time. During the celebration itself, take the whole initiative not only as a mom, but also as a gay "child clown". Think about everything from receiving guests to seeing them off. The best and fun scenario for this will be, turning the evening into a fabulous get-together. For this, you should get an appropriate costume (fairies, a good queen, etc.). Such a costume you can simply sew for yourself, or, showing a fantasy, make it, wrapped over clothes with a cloth. Bring to this and the pope, even if at least the crown of the king wears.

If you imagine a fairy-tale character, do notForget about miracles. Turn the whole holiday into this fairy tale, and the main way to do it, there will be contests and gifts. In the interval between the main and sweet table, or just when the children are full, to encourage a cheerful atmosphere, invite them to play the game "guess and draw" for this you will need a lot of whatman, markers and knowledge of various children's puzzles. Hand out sheets of paper for each guest and offer an answer to the riddle not just to say, but to draw. Only for this purpose, you will seat kiddies in such position that they could not answer each other from peeping. Having solved this or that riddle, give them time to make their drawing-answer and then suggest that everyone in turn should show what happened to him. To the winner, directly to the prize - a small souvenir or key chain from the magic bag that will be with you. If the answers in the pictures coincide, then, on a competitive basis, ask the children to choose the best drawing and, bonus to everything, as a prize of encouragement for talent, give a candy from another bag. As you already understood, your bags should be filled with different contents, one - trinkets, another - sweets. Here's to you a cheerful contest, which will be very pleasant and memorable for children.

How to organize a children's holiday in the homeConditions? It's not at all difficult, just remembering yourself at a time when you were the same and only then, you really will understand what your child wants on his birthday.

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