/ What a man can give a woman for a new year?

What can a man give a woman for the new year?

Gifts are usually divided into different degrees of need: Starting from useless and even sometimes annoying - and ending with super important and archival. It is important here: do not lose. Since all people have different tastes, and even more so, the preferences of men from women's favorite tricks. Therefore, the question: what a man can give a woman for the New Year - as it is impossible actual. And, probably, he is most relevant for us, women, than for the guys themselves. Why? Yes, because who, if not we, with hints and exhortations "begging" the very necessary and important present for the holiday? And those who do not, perhaps, most often suffer from the fact that their men can not make a good gift for the New Year.

Although, you know, it all depends onHow well developed your fantasy is, how well he knows you and how thick his purse is. After all, there are gifts that always fall on the target, but their cost usually leads some guys to a semi-faint state. You probably already guessed what we are talking about: stylish, sweet "trinkets" made of pure gold with the interspersing of precious stones. Although here and there can be punctures - after all, not every piece of jewelry will be to the taste of a woman. But there is one important plus: gold can be melted down, sold, changed in the end and get what the soul desires. So gold is number one gift in the list of what a man can give a woman for the New Year or any other holiday.

However, as we have already said, gold is far from beingAll can afford, so let's consider other variants of the presents. But we will consider them in the key of how it is for us girls to make hints about an unwanted or desirable gift.

How to avoid unwanted gifts?

There is a category of men who believe thatAll women come to indescribable delight from different interior trifles. And therefore they give to their beloved for all the holidays tons of figurines, millions of vases and boxes of scented candles. But even if a girl really loves all these things, then every love has a limit - how soon will she get tired of getting these figurines, these candles with fruit flavors? And natural modesty will not allow to stop a man who has already joyfully determined for himself that by giving all these trinkets, he beats directly at the target.

So, how to avoid the fact that your youngA person for the New Year will present you in a chic box that you can not stand for spirit? Begin in advance to prepare it for the fact that your tastes are exquisite. If somewhere on a visit you will see something from which you will be covered by a wave of disgust - do so that your man, firstly, saw this thing, and, secondly, realized that you absolutely do not like it. Tell him about what you would not like to see in your home - and an attentive man will remember this. Just do not be silent - not every guy is capable of guessing your preferences in the eyes. Although there are such. Therefore, if you think that the man of your dreams will not be able to guess what the gift of your dream looks like and, moreover, can present you with the thing that will cast you into a state of shock and depression, then the best way to avoid such a gift is to tell him about your This dislike. Not on New Year's Eve.

Ideal gifts for women for the New Year

So, what can a man give a woman to the NewA year, so much so that you do not lose? If the option with jewelry to a man is not up to the shoulder, then he must seriously reflect on the hobbies and interests of his girl, and choose a present based on these views.

A girl can easily make a guy thinA hint of a hint of what she would like to see under the Christmas tree. But this, you see, is so boring, pragmatic, completely adult. And for the New Year I want childhood so much! Therefore, I want to believe that our men know us and our preferences.

Among the gifts that will always come in handy -Beautiful sets of dishes. But there are a few "buts" here. First, they can already be quite a lot, and turn the girl's house into a china shop is not unambiguous. Secondly, you need to be able to choose the right design for the dishes, so that it matches the color of the tile, bowls of your favorite cat and garbage bags. For women, after all, an ideal and very demanding taste.

If a woman loves to cook and is famousVirtuosity in this matter, then you can give her a chic set of real Indian spices - she will appreciate it! From "kitchen desires" it is possible to allocate still small, but necessary and desired household appliances. For example, a juicer or a blender. And if she is on a diet - then the ideal gift will be a steamer.

In the case when the girl is clever andNeedlewoman, you can pick up a set for creativity with your own hands. For embroidery, sewing, knitting, scrapbooking. Or what she loves there. Just do not be stingy, the gift should be of good quality.

Elite alcohol - this is what will not give upno one. Drinking, of course. A bottle of expensive liquor will be the best decoration for the girl's sideboard: it will long stroke the desired swill, waiting for a good reason to uncork it. Believe me: this gift and soul will warm, and blood, and for a long time it will stay, because the girl does not want to drink this miracle right away. Well, given the specifics of the New Year, you can beautifully arrange this gift. For example, make a "cover" for the bottle in the form of a Christmas tree. You can also give a hookah, if a girl likes to puff "delicious".

But let's leave this mercantilism for a minute! And think about the gift that every girl dreams about ....

So, the New Year is inexorably approaching ... She stillA week ago, hung around the house colored garlands, whimsically wrapped all the flashlights, decorated the tree ... And bored. Preparation for the New Year was suspended until the moment when it would be necessary to prepare a festive table - and this imminent katorga also brings its contribution to the general depressed state of the woman. And then he comes, your man, tired and snow-covered, from work. From the doorway he grabs you in his arms, despite the fact that he himself is barely standing on his feet ... and after that he pulls out something from his pocket, playfully bandaged with a ribbon. Ba, yes it's a trip to the mountains for the New Year !!! Week of a happy holiday from everything in the hotel all inclusive. Happiness after all!

Think about it, men, what to give yourWoman for the New Year? The main thing: be careful, surround your soul with care and love - this will be the best gift for your long and happy life!

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