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How to make a cozy home in your own hands

Decorating rooms is one of the trendiestTrends regarding the interior design of the house. It helps to place accents in the general form of the interior and gives it individuality. Occupation of interior decoration has certain rules, which must be adhered to. But, at the same time, the creative approach to decorating your home is only welcome.

Every person in life comes to a moment when you want to change something in your house, because this monotony has already become boring, home comfort somewhere disappears and the soul needs changes.

To change the interior of your house, you canUse decorative materials and accessories in order to create a certain image and style of your interior. In this article, we will give some tips to help you answer this question: "how to make it cozy in the house with your own hands?". You should know that you can decorate the interior with the help of painting, textile accents, furniture made with your own hands, art objects, etc.

It is very important in this matter to be aware of the fact thatYou are recommended to stick to one stylistic orientation, one idea. This means that the style of your interior after the completion of the decorating procedure should be one, to represent a complete composition, and not consist of incompatible objects.

If we take into account the decoration of textiles,First, you need to take into account that in this case there are a lot of its variants. For example, such applications as: decorating bedspreads and tablecloths, pillows and rollers, the use of all kinds of covers, cloaks and much more.

One of the best tricks in decoratingInterior is considered to be the use of covers for furniture. This helps to impart a new, fashionable sound to the bored old furniture, without much effort and expense. Very effective will look chairs with high back, which are dressed with covers with frills and tied bows on the back of the back, as well as tablecloth with the same fabric, with the same frills. Of course this is a festive option, but you can come up with a lot of options for covers for everyday use. The main thing to remember is that everything should be in moderation. If the tablecloth has a very bright pattern, you need to know that it can only be used with monochrome dishes.

Just do not forget about the exquisiteTable setting. If you want to achieve completeness of the composition, you need to remember that the napkins of the fabric from which the tablecloth is made with a small element of difference (embroidery, insertion from the fabric of another shade) will look very profitable.

In order to give the atmosphere of comfort in the bedroomOr living room with the help of decor, you can use non-standard pillows with the ruffles you made personally. You can also use some notes of the East, for example, the rollers will contribute to the comfort of your home, they will be very advantageous against the background of the bulk of standard pillows. At home, it is not so difficult to make them, as it seems at first glance.

Since we have already touched on the subject of pillows,Say that you should not forget about the pillows of a square or rectangular shape. If you choose the right fit, suitable for the overall interior of your room, then this little accent will play a beneficial role in creating the comfort of your home. But, if you want to bring an unusual zest to your room, you should make pillows of one of the bright colors that will not match any of the colors of the interior of your house.

Let's move on to the topic of color inDecorating your home. Adhering to one color theme in the process of creating coziness in the house with their own hands, it will be much easier to give the appearance of your rooms a certain trend of style and raisin. Thus, you can put a bright accent in your interior, which on a general background will be very interesting and unusual. For example, a black bookshelf on a beige background, or a red vase on a common white background, etc. Such bright spots will help revitalize your interior, dilute the color monotony. Experiments of this kind only have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the house and will help to show your individuality, because you invest in this matter a part of your soul.

It is important to remember the fact that the white color inInterior decoration visually expands the room, brings a feeling of freshness, in such a room it seems as if there is more air in it. But in choosing white materials you need to focus on those that are easy to clean. Sand, beige and gray colors can be combined with almost any other color. It will not be superfluous if in the interior, decorated in a neutral color, add a few bright accents. And it is important to remember that everything in the interior should be connected, for this connection it is necessary to duplicate its elements. For example, if you have a picture in lilac tones on the wall, it means that there must be a thing in the room of the same shade, for example, a vase. When there are brushes on the curtains, it means that they must also be on the cushions.

If you ask seriously the question: How to make it cozy in the house with your own hands, then you do not have to worry about the violations of the established rules, but to experiment. But do not forget that you were comfortable in the interior created by you. Always make sure that the details of your rooms complement each other. After all, you must decorate your home, and not make it a warehouse of incompatible things.

Always remember to make things in yourHouse were practical and comfortable, and only then about fashion trends in interior design. The house is your fortress, in which you and your family members should feel comfortable and cozy. Remember that you are doing all this for yourself, and not to surprise your guests. They may not really like the way you designed your house, the most important thing is that your soul rejoices.

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