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Interior and design of a modern apartment

Interior design is not only the design of the interior space of the apartment, but also the choice of style, its color, decoration, furnishing and equipment.

Interior design of apartments depends on manyFactors, one of the main is the type and design of the house, modern materials, the choice of which is now very large and their correct application will help create airiness, height, volume, depth, that is what you want to see.

Also, I dare to remind you that interior design is not only vases, lamps, chandeliers. This is harmony in the needs of all family members, where everyone could feel comfortable and protected.

In small apartments and rooms is much easierCreate a comfortable and beautiful environment. But for apartments with an area, say, 100-200 square meters. - it is easier to invite a professional, since a huge area requires the integrity of the design of the entire space, and the designer will be able to "fill" that space with his ideas.

Dream of making your apartment a cozy place, but you have not decided yet what you want? Do not hurry! This should be approached very responsibly, thoroughly, having weighed everything "FOR" and "AGAINST".

For example, now still relevant Apartments - studios, Combined kitchen-dining rooms. But they also have their drawbacks. Not divided into sub-zones of a large territory in the near future can simply get bored. Because purely psychologically a person needs several different places for different activities: dinner in the dining room (kitchen), read a book in the bedroom, work at a computer or watch TV in a relaxed atmosphere.

True, the specialists offer an open space layout in such a way that dividing the zones of different functional purposes by means of:

-different texture of the floor;

- different heights of the ceiling;

- dividing the column;

-Light curtain

It was not difficult to live in such a studio. Therefore, this approach is certainly modern, but there are complaints about this. Even on such an issue as cooking dishes - all the smells of the kitchen will absorb furniture, carpets, drapes, clothes. Another way out of this situation is suggested - to be cut off by a sliding partition between the kitchen and living areas. In addition, the partition functions as a sound screen.

Now from any untreated area it is possible to create an original and modern apartment for design and there is a myriad of possibilities.

"Expanding" small rooms

You have a typical apartment, with a small kitchen and the same cramped, in area, rooms. You can increase the space with:

-Parquet drawing;

- mirror doors of sliding-door wardrobes;

- doors with glass;

- dispersed lighting.

Dissenting opinions that light colors are visuallyExpand the room, perhaps and true. But sometimes, getting into a small-sized room, it seems that you are in hospital. Therefore, a small white room can be diluted, adding bright tones. For example, paint in a bright color, and one of the walls to leave a light and solid.

"Raise" the ceiling

Increase the visual height of the ceiling can be done by makingIts multi-level, for example, in the room - above the ceiling, and in the corridor below. Low ceiling at the entrance to the room creates the illusion of a high ceiling in the room. You can also with the help of wallpaper with a picture of a vertically moving strip "raise" the ceiling.

Decor in curtains

One of the main elements of decorating an apartmentIs a curtain. Without them, the room looks unfinished, as if empty. After all, using the curtain can visually soften the shortcomings of windows, lengthen or expand the room itself.

Curtains with drapery look very beautiful. They look very richly curtains with lush assemblies.

AT Sleeping room The coloring of the fabric for curtains is most suitable for a single-colored or with an unobtrusive pattern.

AT Children's room, So that "fun" pleases the eye, a cloth with a children's thematic pattern will do. Imagine how your child will be pleased to live in his room with his favorite cartoon characters.

In the hall hang the curtains best with a large pattern.

Fabrics with transverse stripes help to visually move the wall wide, increasing the scale of the room.

Vertical drawing "lifts the ceiling" and the room from it gets higher.

Long straight draperies made of dense fabric make the room rigorous. But the air and light you can make a room, with the help of a capron, collected by thick flounces.


Large carpets or carpeting visually increase the room, as if pushing it apart, if the pattern is not large and uniform.

Carpets bright are best suited to the room withSmoothly painted walls. Avoid placing a few small rugs in the room, especially if they are completely different from each other in style, pattern.

If there is a carpet in your room that is located all around the perimeter of the floor, then you need to paint the walls in such a color that it would be a combination with a carpet, but with a lighter shade.


Very decorated and make the interior complete with a selection of tasteful pictures.

A good picture "define" on a smooth wall, inThe most lit place of the room. If the walls are covered with wallpaper with a picture, then the picture of a small size can simply "get lost". To hang a picture of a different format is also necessary by the "standard". This is in order to balance and soothe, so the situation of the room. For example, large in size, painted in oil paintings, you need to hang with a slope higher.

Graphics, photos - hang below the eye level, several in a row, but if they are in size and character are equal.


It's time to talk about choosing the color of the walls, soHow this issue is important not only to increase or decrease the dimensions of your home. The color of the room influences the mood very differently and the psychological health of the tenants depends on the correct choice of color.

Purple and red are the colors that can excite and reduce performance.

Yellow color - calms the nervous system, gives a person joy and optimizes it.

Green and blue are the colors of psychological calmness, but these colors are tuned for a persistent desire to work.

In a word, warm colors are needed for rooms in which you want to relax and rest. Cold - more strict, for the rooms where you work.

To the apartment was "warm" and comfortable you do not needOnly to create the design of the apartment, but also the atmosphere in it. It will never be cozy where shouts and abuse are heard. Therefore, only the weather that we create in our house depends on us! Now you know everything about the interior and design of a modern apartment.

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