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The husband strangely distributes the family budget

You think that her husband is strangely distributingFamily budget and is guided at the same time by motives unclear to you? In this situation, it is simply necessary to talk to the spouses about the problem of planning the family budget. And you do not need to listen to anyone, if you are told that you only need to plan a family budget for those families with large incomes. Nothing of the kind, you can even say that everything is the other way around. Because the purpose of maintaining the family's budget is to monitor and correctly allocate available funds.

What should we start and what should we do next?In order to properly draw up a family budget and that henceforth it would not seem that the husband is strangely distributing the family budget? Every month, the family receives income, which consists of the salaries of spouses and, sometimes, other sources, such as financial assistance to parents, etc. And every month the family members spend this money on their own needs. They pay for utilities, the Internet, buy food and spend money on entertainment, etc. That is, every month there are expenses in the family. In order for profits and expenses to be properly coordinated, and the family economy needs to be planned.

Make a family budget is advised for a month. In a normal budget, revenues must exceed expenditures, or at least be equal. When you make up the family budget, you will need to indicate all your income, and in the expenditure category you have to write everything you need to pay for without fail (rent, food, taxes, loans, kindergarten, etc.).

Making up a family budget, you can help yourselfTo postpone money for a trip to rest or for an expensive purchase. To do this, you can plan your spending, analyze them and see which of the costs turned out to be useless, and where you could save money. This can be done not only for several months, but also to take it into habit. Look and things will go uphill. Thus, you can save money for the future education of children, and the car and a good refrigerator

The family budget also performs such a function,As restrictive. It helps the couple control the amount of money that can be spent, and how much money to postpone. This very much helps still inexperienced young families in this difficult matter - the distribution of the family budget.

For all families, one can not choose one universal and convenient system for allocating the family budget. We advise you, before starting to compile it, to take into account such major factors as:

- Age of family members. This should be taken into account because the presence of small children in the family implies an increase in spending on new clothes, footwear, toys. Teenagers can already make money, but their earnings are irregular and insignificant. So it is not necessary to enter it in the list of incomes.

- Economic components that are in themselvesInclude the main source of family income - wages, and non-main sources - income from renting an apartment, from renting, from performing additional, non-main job, etc.

- The number factor, which impliesThe number of working and unemployed family members. After all, if there are five people in your family, and only one of you earns, then accordingly, the level of income for each member of the family will be, to put it mildly, small.

- Family level of needs. Each family has a certain standard of living, and the higher it is, the higher and more expensive the needs of each family member become. Since there is a need to buy expensive household appliances, expensive clothes, shoes, you need to hire a nanny for a child, in order to be able to find time for spending money, for going to the beauty salon and fitness room.

And now we will consider the main articles of the family budget.


It is on the analysis of these articles that moreTime, in order to save it later. Naturally, their content is significantly influenced by the lifestyle of the family and its preferences, but there is also a sample set. The core and stable costs that are characteristic of each family can be divided into such expenses:

- permanent, in the form of communal and compulsory payments, for example, payment of credit debts, automobile expenses, the Internet, etc .;

- for food;

- on clothes;

- on education and general development;

- to create a home interior;

- to rest;

- to provide a certain way of life for the family.

Debts - enemies of the budget

In life, unpredictable situations occur whenThe monthly budget of the family has exhausted itself earlier than it should have been. This means that you have incorrectly calculated your family budget. You need to find in it the mistake you made and fix it, otherwise this situation can happen again. When you find these reasons, be sure to consider them, they will come in handy in the future.

You, being in such a difficult situation, when toSalaries are still a week, and, as they say, you just want to eat, you want to decide on the easiest way to replenish your family budget, how to borrow money. But you need to be aware that they will need to be returned, and maybe even with interest! The lack of your budget this way will not fix it.

Expensive purchases

Any large purchase should be planned in advance. You should analyze your income and expenses, make sure that this purchase will not cause significant damage to your budget. If you still do not have enough, try to reduce some expenses or even exclude them altogether.

If you have scraped up enough money, all the sameDo not rush to buy, because the family budget should not be exhausted until the end. After all, it may happen that this money can be urgently needed for more important cases.

"Family piggy bank" and children

Many people believe that planning a budgetOnly adult family members are required, and children should not have anything to do with it. But by allowing the child to participate in the discussion of the future trip to the sea, or to be able to dispose of a certain amount of money, you allow the child at the psychological level to feel himself an important member of the family. And this educational moment will help you to instill in your child a culture of correct attitude to money and treatment with them. This will be a very useful experience for him, the child in the future will first think before asking you to buy him another expensive toy. After all, he will know that money does not appear from the air, and they have the property of ending.

To ensure that your husband does not weirdly distribute the family budget, and as you see fit, determine for yourself the model of your family budget.

Joint budget.

In our country the most common modelfamily budget is considered a joint budget. This type of family budget says that all members of the family participate in the disposal of money, as all incomes go to one "piggy bank". Spouses agree that there are no "your" and "my" money in the family, no matter who earns more.

Share of the budget

If the family adopted such a model of familyof the budget, it means that the husband and his wife are calculating all the mandatory expenses for the next month, and the remaining amount is divided between them either in half, or as they see fit. Often money is divided in proportion to the wages of spouses. Naturally, the one who receives the smaller salary will be dissatisfied with such a result. After all, he finds it unfair that he has received less than the other for his personal expenses.

Separate budget

This model of the family budget is quite broadis common in Europe, and we are just beginning to emerge. When planning a family budget of this kind, the spouses are very careful about their financial independence from each other. In such a family, the spouses are accustomed to independently dispose of their money and pay their bills. Of course, in some financial matters they pay equally, for example, they pay rent of an apartment or pay for the education of children.

When choosing a family budget model for your family, you must remember that it must be approved by all family members, otherwise it will lead to hidden discontent and future family conflicts.

We all have habits and ideas about life,who were vaccinated to us when we lived together with our parents, and which we are transferring our own new young family to soy. Often it happens that the views on life and the management of the family budget for young spouses are radically different, and they can not come to a mutual agreement. But it is very important to find a common language in this problem and jointly choose a model of the family budget of your own family.

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