/ What decorates the interior in the house and creates a good mood?

What decorates the interior in the house and creates a good mood?

Features of the season. Autumn is a sad time for rains, slush, cold,Dampness and greyness. But we forgive all these annoying troubles thanks to the Indian summer. Wonderful time of bright sun, blue sky and colorful foliage. All this we will try to make full contribution to our dwelling.

The main differences of the autumn interior. The main tones are warm and rich, whichWill add coziness to the room. Colors: scarlet, terracotta, orange, all shades of brown (coffee, cognac). You can also add several accessories of gold, green, bright yellow, sky blue and lilac. Before you change the interior, you need to carefully prepare the space (to wash the windows, wipe the furniture). Now you can proceed to metamorphosis! Do not save on bright colors! In our latitudes, autumn is a rather gray and pale season. You should pamper yourself with the sun and warmth in your home!

Autumn is the time for harvest! On the table in the living room you can put beautiful dishes with fresh fruits - fruits and vegetables of various colors. It is not only beautiful, but also very tasty and useful! Not bad to add to the interior of the ekibana of autumn leaves, grass, dried flowers and twigs and twigs. Sunflowers will look great in the kitchen, making sunny warmth and coziness.

Autumn interior in yellow - hot colors. Yellow - hot in the autumn interior leads,Pleases the eye, warms the soul and thoughts, gives courage and strength. You can hang a picture in orange tones, make a cape on armchairs, pillowcases on cushions, etc.

Savannah. Autumn interior in the style of savannah designed forThose who want to bring into their lives an element of bright African exotics and hot summer. In the interior - it's wild textures: zebra strips, leopard spots, palm leaf greens. This decor will look great if your walls have a yellowish tint, and furniture is dark brown. It's also a good idea to add a little green, it will add freshness and put the right accents.

Maximum of red. Add red shades to your house, first of allWith the help of accessories: covers for furniture, curtains or curtains, dishes or small sculptures of scarlet shades. Such objects radiate life and warmth. But you should be careful when using red in the bedroom. This color is very restless, it needs to be muted by dark pastel tones, otherwise you risk losing a restful sleep. When creating a red autumn interior, you must remember the accessories that complement, place accents, enliven your home and create the right atmosphere.

Naturally, the introduction of this or thatMood in the situation is possible only if your house is made in neutral and pastel colors. Best of all, if the room is dominated by a calm shade of walls, ceiling and flooring. Ornaments and drawings only introduce disharmony and complicate reincarnation. And our task is to make sure that the housing can be transformed at the right time, by the holiday or by the time of the year.

If you are going to change your home byoverhaul, it is better to use neutral colors and soft shades. It is hard not to succumb to the temptation and not to buy non-standard, original furniture, sophisticated designer lamps, sconces, chandeliers, cover the room with bright, unconventional wallpaper. Originality is good, but you need to remember about practicality! All this "originality" is quickly boring and out of fashion, and changing the interior so often is not so easy.

I know from personal experience how hard it is,choosing furniture and accessories, do not fall for the bait of fashionable design solutions. Remember how fashionable the interior was, time changes. It is impossible to follow all his whims. It is important to develop your own style, which will be a unique creation of your imagination.

In the future, the mood or decorYour house can only be built on a neutral "foundation." Choose only such a finish and cover that can easily carry the load of various accessories and key details, decorate your home and create a good mood!

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