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How to choose the right dishwasher?

Size matters

The main question with which it will be necessaryTo understand the connection with the future acquisition, not the principle of the device and not even the amount of energy consumed, although they are certainly important, but still dimensions. The space of the kitchen dictates its laws. Dishwashers in general can be divided into two main types - recessed and compact structures. For a family of three people it will be enough to have an aggregate designed to load 4-5 sets of dishes.

Wash your health!

The most popular brands presented on theRussian market: Zanussi, Siemens, Bosch, LG, Elcctrolnx, Beko, Kaiser, etc. The cost of these machines depends in addition to the dimensions of several other important factors. This is the maximum load, and the efficiency class (from L to G), and the noise level. Thus, products marked with letters L, B and C belong to a highly economical class. The spread of prices for dishwashers today is quite large: for example, desktop models of class A, designed for 4-6 sets of dishes and equipped with a small number of programs, will cost you about 8,000 rubles. Further - in increasing. The average price segment ranges from 14,000 to 20,000 rubles. But premium cars can cost 40 000-50 000 rubles. As bonuses you will receive additional options such as the technology of gentle washing of glassware, electronic indicators, a timer and other joys of life. The only thing I would like to emphasize particularly: on whatever dishwasher you choose, remember - its connection and maintenance - require special attention. Such a technique should be integrated in the kitchen only with the help of a specialist. As practice shows, careless handling of knots, wires and rosettes can cause material damage, both to the owners themselves and their neighbors.

• Dishwasher Beko DSFN 1530 width 60Cm can be either stand-alone or built-in under the countertop. The model is designed for 12 sets of dishes, has electronic control, a half load function, 5 dishes washing programs and belongs to the AAA economy class.

• New AEG ProClean dishwasherIs truly perfect. The effective Spray Arm water spray system and a large volume of dishware loading (you can wash even non-standard, large dishes and pans) are all indisputable arguments for buying a car. Embedded models are equipped with TimeBeam indication system - the time remaining until the end of the program is displayed on the ass in front of the dishwasher.

• Dishwasher LG LD-4324MH with systemDirect drive allows you to wash up to 14 sets of dishes. The machine has 6 programs and 5 modes, one of which is a UV lamp - provides complete sterilization of dishes. The model is characterized by efficient energy consumption, triple water filtration system.

• Stylish and compact (for 6 sets)The Bosch ActiveWater Smart dishwasher not only decorates your kitchen, but also relieves all the hassle. The energy consumption / washing and drying class - A / A / B, electronic salt and rinse indicator, load sensor, condensation drying ... are just some of the advantages of this model.

• Electrolux RealLife dishwasher hasA large amount of loading, a two-part FlexiSpray spray system, an automatic washing program at 40-75 C, and a quick wash program (you can handle dirty dishes in 30 minutes). Embedded models have a time indication system.

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