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Feng Shui - talismans and amulets, their meaning

In accordance with the doctrine of Feng Shui, much inThe life of a person depends on how his house looks. After all, the house is a reflection of everything that happens to us every day. Of course, you can have expensive repairs in the apartment, but this in no way will not guarantee that everything will be fine in your life, the weight will go like clockwork. And, on the contrary, sometimes in a rather modest dwelling, furnished according to feng shui, a person can find true happiness. So, at least, experts say.

Interior should be "correct" kind - not to beOnly stylish, but also take into account all the rules of feng shui for the house, which in modern small-sized flats is very difficult to implement. But to strive is worth it. There is a cheap option for normalizing energy in a house that brings changes and improvements in life in all its areas-using Chinese talismans.

Where to begin

Usually people, trying to change and improve theirLife, seeks to fix it all at once. According to Feng Shui, you should not do this anyway! Consider that at the moment you will not miss - love, money, good rest, health ...

Masters of the Chinese doctrine of harmonious lifeWarn that you should not try to activate all zones at the same time. So you will only make it worse. You can make active only two areas located in the areas most "friendly" to each other, while others are in conflict.

For example, you need love and materialWell-being. Unfortunately, you are not able to get both of these things at the same time - areas of love and marriage, on the one hand, and wealth on the other are in a mutual conflict. Therefore, undertake the obligation to activate separately, otherwise, in the end, you risk destroying their action and further shaking the main position. But if you want you to have more money, then this ascent is a hierarchical ladder. It's safe to deal with both areas, because each of them can complement the other and your success is guaranteed.

Identifying areas

If you already know what you want to achieve withHelp talismans and amulets of feng shui - you can proceed to the next stage. Its beginning is the activation of the area, which you must first determine and find out in which part of your house it is located. According to Feng Shui, each zone corresponds to a certain direction. Determine clearly the center of your house, take the compass and place it in the center, orient yourself to the sides of the world. If you do not have a compass, you can buy it from a specialist feng shui in the store. This is not an ordinary compass, on which all areas are already selected. For convenience and simplicity, you can take a sheet of paper and draw a contour of your house on it.

The name of the zones and their meaning

  • Zone of wealth - southeast
  • Zone of fame - south
  • Zone of love and marriage - south-west
  • The area of ​​the family is east
  • Health zone - center
  • Zone of children, creativity - west
  • Zone of wisdom and knowledge - northeast
  • Career Zone - North
  • Travel zone - north-west

Now that you already have an idea aboutSeparate areas and you understand where they are - activate them. How? With the help of Feng Shui talismans and amulets - their significance we will consider below. Each zone requires immediate activation, so you can safely go to the store of feng shui talismans. Each of them usually corresponds to a strictly defined area. Chinese mascots and amulets are an easy way to improve energy in the designated area of ​​your house, which does not require large expenditures of money and time.

Chinese mascots of feng shui

Laughing Buddha

This is the supreme god of wealth and happiness in feng shui andOne of the most popular mascots. A figurine of the Buddha is suitable for the activation of the wealth zone. There is such a Chinese superstition - if you want to fulfill any of your desire - lightly rub the belly of Buddha-mascot 300 times, thinking about the fulfillment of this desire.


Personalizes wealth, success, strengthensPositive impact on fate. It is best if the frog holds large Chinese coins in its mouth. The bigger, the better. A frog can be not only in the house, but also in the office. Especially if you are a boss and are interested in making a profit.

Crystal spheres

This is a special feng shui sphere of glass and oxideLead. To eliminate financial difficulties, the diameter of each ball should be at least 40 mm. When the rays of the sun fall on the surface of the sphere, it spreads broken lines of different colors around the room, which contributes to the mitigation and improvement of the energy of the house. It also creates the targeting of energy flows, and is also used to protect against negative energy. In the house there are practically no ordinary areas that are not suitable for this purpose. Placing such spheres can lead to the creation of the desired effect of the prism.


Mirrors in Feng Shui are always used in pureForm, they must be relatively new, in no way inherited from the great-grandmother! On the back wall there should be no scratches or damage, the reflection should be clear. Never use mirrors that distort the image! You can use a mirror of any shape, but the octagonal (which symbolizes harmony and family well-being) is best adopted.

What does the mirror give us? Firstly, it is light, but, according to Feng Shui, it is also the personification of a new positive energy at home. Moreover, the mirrors reflect the negative energy of Qi. But to the location of the mirror in the house you must be very cautious - it is a powerful energy clot, but if you unfold it incorrectly, it will destroy the influence of other talismans. Mirrors, for example, are also installed in front of a Buddha figure, not allowing his energy to be sprayed in vain. So the talisman will work for your success, and the energy between it and its mirror image will not only remain for a long time, but will also be "hot."

"Song of the Wind"

These are special pendants in the form of long pipes,Metal or wood, ringing from the touch or the wind blowing. "Song of the Wind" raises energy in your home, prevents difficulties in work and improves other aspects of your life. At any time, when you need to draw positive energy in any area, just touch the bells - this will immediately create energy flow. It is believed that the "Song of the Wind" should not be purchased as a gift for someone - a person himself must choose a melody that he likes. Otherwise, the effect of this mascot will be opposite expectations.

Bamboo Flutes

A very effective symbol of Feng Shui. Perfectly removes evil spirits and drives out of the house troubles and bad people. Bamboo flutes are able to preserve and support all your efforts and create a relaxed atmosphere in the house. Be careful - flutes must be placed at a strictly defined angle, depending on the goals they pursue. Firstly, the flute must be in the area that you want to activate (and not on the side of the zone). To activate "wealth" and "travel", the flute must hang at an angle of 450 Left side down, right-up. For zones of love and marriage and wisdom and knowledge - the same 450, But now the right side is down, and the left side is up. In the "family" zone, the flute should hang vertically with the narrow side down. For glory and career areas, the flute is placed horizontally, and for the health area it can be used in all directions.

Chinese coins

This is an extremely effective symbol of wealth andSuccess in financial matters. Hieroglyphic inscriptions on coins contribute to the achievement of prosperity. For a better performance, coins are tied together with a rope so that the symbols are at the top. The number of coins should be 3 or 9. Put them in the wealth area and in all the places related to work and finances.

Living plants

Green plants bring positive energy,So we always remove dead leaves from indoor plants. The following plants have a very strong influence on humans: bamboo (the king of plants), the tree of happiness (luck, happiness and wealth), and a money tree that brings wealth. It is better to forget about artificial plants - they are considered dead and are unlikely to be able to improve the energy status of your home. Fresh cut flowers also work fine, but only until they begin to weaken. Dry flowers should be removed immediately.


Aquariums are able to attract wealth and success, butThey require proper care. Therefore, before you decide to put them, carefully check the equipment necessary for this. Fish are living things, not bronze figures! They need appropriate care. Water in the aquarium should always be clean, and fish - healthy. According to Feng Shui, the best combination of fish - 8 golden 1 - black. If the black fish dies, it is believed that with her death, the misfortune from your house also leaves.

Fountains and waterfalls

Fountains should not be used in the zone of glory,So it is akin to a fire. And water extinguishes a fire, that is your glory. So placing a fountain in this zone will negatively affect this area of ​​your life. Feng shui water is a symbol that must always be in motion. It creates a positive flow of energy, prevents stagnation.

Why does the talisman "not work"?

- First, the talisman or amulet should be located in the "right" zone. For example, a pair of wooden ducks located in the wealth zone will not only bring no benefit, but can even attract greedy people to you.

- Secondly, talismans and amulets should always be clean. If there is dust on them, they not only cease to function, but, figuratively speaking, they "cover with dust" those spheres of your life for whose improvement they are responsible.

- Thirdly, the talisman should not be damaged. If the talisman has cracks and scratches, if yHe is broken off or chipped off pieces - he must be destroyed, because he has already done everything he could, taking on negative energy. And in its place you need to put a new similar talisman.

- Fourthly, the area you want to activate should not contain obstacles. it So-called garbage - old newspapers, fragments andScraps of old things, broken furniture, items that have long been no longer used, clothes that were not worn for a year ... All of this needs to be disposed of not only because it is negative, but it does not give you practically no benefit. This rubbish, which only prevents feng shui talismans and amulets their importance to correspond properly.

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