/ How to choose the color of walls and ceiling?

How to choose the color of walls and ceiling?

What can definitely be said is that,That color influences our mood. In the case of the color of the interior, you have the opportunity to influence your state of health, your emotional state and even your health. Changing the color scheme in the room in whole or in part can change its semantic load. For example, in a bedroom you should be cozy and calm, you should want to sleep, and the hall can be divided into zones of "rest" and "asset". All this is possible if you know the psychology of color, that is, how this or that color affects the mood and even our subconscious. Therefore, before you begin to do repairs and choose the color of walls and ceiling - read the recommendations of specialists to create a mood through color.


There are several special categories of flowers,Which work like an energy drink. They excite the nervous system and not always the way you would like. You will be surprised, but the most active is the bright blue color. It is a bright, riveting blue eye, past which it is simply impossible to pass. Do not confuse it with dark blue, which acts, on the contrary, soothing. And the blue with the yellow inserts is just an explosion of energy and activity. The second category is red, but its darker shades are easier to carry. If these colors are too dark, they become more soothing than tensing. One or two in a similar color scheme - this will be enough to "revive" the room. The main thing is not to overdo it with active shades, so as not to drive yourself into a neurosis.

Calming down

There are many colors that soothe the nerves andAdjusting to relaxation and peace. It is almost the color of light provided their pale palette. It is possible and red to make calming if its shade will be hardly appreciable and there will be no bright inclusions or large elements of coloring of walls. The warmest and most soothing colors are: blue, beige, purple, brick and green.


Deep, but bright shades of blue and violetWork to increase the sense of comfort and coziness. But try not to use these colors for small rooms, because it can cause or develop claustrophobia in some people. Deep tones of green also fall into this category, because it is very similar to nature. You can combine the colors of walls and ceiling, according to the proposed range.


Shades of green, not too dark or lightIs considered refreshing. If you go to darker shades, you will achieve the opposite effect. Bright shades of tangerine and peach also fall into this category. Lemon is also refreshing if it is not too pale.

Stable atmosphere

There are various reasons why you canPaint the walls and ceiling in colors that bring neutrality and stability. For example, if it is an office or a medical office. These are usually shades of beige, blue-gray, green. They are most common in offices and good hospitals - an unobtrusive style that tends to lighter tones. These colors do not stimulate any emotions. By the way, white color (the usual color of our domestic medical institutions) is contraindicated for the interior in general. He acts depressingly, leads to confusion and depression, causes a sense of loneliness and even frightens.

Reduction of aggression

Studies show that bright pink color"Pulls" energy from people, making them weaker. That's why in many prisons around the world the cameras are painted in this color - to reduce the aggression of prisoners. Many parents color this room for a girl. Well, if you want your daughter to always be a "good boy" - this is the solution for you. Bright orange and dark yellow shades also fall into this category.


Dark shades of green, blue and gray, andWhite can suppress mood and even lead to depression. Be very careful with these colors. You can use them only to focus only on one wall and combine it with something else. But generally similar colors in the interior should be avoided, especially in small rooms.

Pressure and anxiety

Although it seems noble - to formalize yourLiving room in burgundy color, but designers know that this color creates a suffocating atmosphere in small rooms. Black can be classic for a boardroom, but in an apartment creates the same feeling. In general, be careful when you decide to use very dark colors.

Activation of thought processes

Bright light blue and sunny yellowFree the mind and activate its work. These colors help to concentrate, tune in to work and perform it to the end without stress and stress. Very good combination of colors for the work area in the children's room. Ironically, very pale pink is also seen in this vein. However, do not use these colors in the bedroom, as you will not be able to calm down. Activating the mind is not the most necessary thing before going to sleep.


Rich milk chocolate tones and intense, butNot too bright, shades of red, pink and peach - that's the color version of the most sensual room in your house. Speech, of course, is about the bedroom. These shades to you in this case and should be selected - the color of the walls and the ceiling, and you will owe your romantic mood and desire. Do not overdo it with red! The surplus of this color will not excite you, but will cause aggression and anxiety.


Dark purple and black are symbols of power andAuthoritarianism. They should only be used for very large rooms and offices. In the apartment, be careful with them - these are very specific shades that require special conditions and special purpose.

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