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Design, style - white in the interior

There are houses in which, after visiting once, notI want to return again without any reason. I think everyone has ever been in such a house. And there are those in which, after 5 minutes of presence, you begin to feel at home. And few people realize that the blame for this very often is precisely the color scale in which the interior of this room is made. The lighter the room in which you are, the more positive emotions it will cause in you and you will want to return here again. A darker room will cause a completely opposite feeling.

White color in the interior at all times wasIs popular. Modern designers and decorators take advantage of the opportunities offered by the use of white in the decoration of premises. White interior fits almost any style - from classic to modern, from minimalism to the now popular fusion.

White symbolizes purity, lightness, space, withIt can help visually expand the space in small rooms. And at the same time, the interior, decorated in white tones, does not look simple and unattractive, on the contrary, white gives sophistication and refinement.

In the 20 years of the last century, European andAmerican aristocrats preferred to decorate their estates in white, as it was considered a sign of wealth, good taste and aristocracy. In the 60's, minimalism entered the fashion, and again white became predominant in interiors. He stressed the simplicity and laconicism of the design.

White color like no other strikesA variety of different shades: white, pearl, ivory, creamy and many others. But at the same time, pure white interiors without any color spots are extremely rare. When decorating the interior in a white color scheme, designers necessarily add a few bright strokes.

White "friends" with almost any color. In combination with beige, brown, terracotta colors and shades, the white room will become cozy and peaceful.

When adding bright blue, green, red details, the interior will be transformed, becomes interesting, memorable.

Very unusual looks black and white combination - this interior solution is not suitable for everyone, but it's harder to find a more stylish option.

In a white interior a very important role belongs toIllumination, because here any nuances and errors are visible as in the palm of your hand. Correctly selected lighting can emphasize all the advantages of a white room, give it sophistication, while an incorrectly delivered light will bring all the designers' efforts to zero. Very interesting is the color illumination in the white interior, with its help you can change the color scheme of the room, experiment with various combinations of colors.

White color in the interior gives the room a specialCharm, but that provided that it is not too much. Because if you overdo it, it creates a feeling of cold and loneliness. That's why it's better to use shades of white, such as pastels, beige, white-pink, white-yellow, etc. These colors will help you create a feeling of warmth and coziness in your home. Also, this effect can be achieved with furniture, paintings and any other accessories of bright color, which will stand out on a white background. With a calm white interior will be well blended with light floral wallpaper and curtains. Against the background of white, any other color acquires a brighter and more saturated color. Even accessories of pastel tones will look saturated, and create a perfectly harmonious ensemble in the interior of your house. That is why, a room decorated in light colors will cause the host more positive emotions than a room of more somber tones.

So, whatever the overall style of the room, the use of white in the interior will always be a win-win option. It will help to emphasize the individuality of the house and its owner.

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