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Favorite vacation spots of the rich


The most inexpensive (depending on which hotel!) And acceptable for the price / quality ratio is Egypt. The main attractions of Egypt, of course, are the monuments of the ancient Egyptian culture. But only a few go to this tourist country just to enjoy the centuries-old pyramids and sphinxes built in honor of the pharaohs. After all, most tourists are attracted by the warm and calm Red Sea, golden beaches with soft and heated sand under the sun, small decorated beach bars with chilled non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

The water world of Egypt is unique: Coral reefs, a wonderful and indescribable underwater world where you can meet strange colorful fish, which you can see for yourself by putting on a scuba diving and plunging into the abyss of the Red Sea. You decide, all day sunbathing on the beach or grab a camera and go with a group of tourists and a professional guide to inspect the unusual monuments of ancient civilization, from which breathtaking, since the ancient pyramids and statues are so beautiful and huge that one can only guess how in antiquity Could create such incredible buildings.
The Egyptians are basically very cheerful and friendlyPeople, fully aware of the importance of tourists for the development of the country, and therefore they are always friendly and ready to do anything, just to make you like their country, and you came here once more.


The Maldives are the flower of the Indian Ocean. Rest in the Maldives will cost you a lot more expensive than in Egypt. But it's worth it! The amazing and unique beauty of the islands attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every season. From the warm and mild tropical climate and the hot sun, all the ice in your heart will melt. In the Maldives, you rarely see a sad local resident, who will grieve for fate. This is because the Maldives is a divine paradise, which is not in heaven, but in the Indian Sea, which gently and gently washed its banks. The unique nature gives tourists a feeling of carelessness and joy.
And the obvious advantage of the Maldives is that forRest in it does not need a visa. However, for those who like to have noisy fun under the influence of alcohol, there will be disappointment - alcohol is expensive here, and it is very difficult to find a store where you will be sold alcohol for take-out.
The card of the Maldives is the factor"Robinson Crusoe" - the opportunity to feel detached from civilization, to feel the sweet call of primitive freedom and even for a couple of days to merge with the pristine nature. You can simply settle on a small island in a bungalow on the beach and enjoy the gifts of the islands, try on yourself oriental medicine, after treatment you will feel right.

Divers from all over the world fly to the Maldives,Because the underwater world of the Maldives is unusual and unique. Under the water, tourists are waiting for a fantastic and colorful picture of the underwater kingdom of Poseidon, inhabited by an innumerable number of exotic animals, many of which are hidden in masterpiece coral reefs. But you can not in no case tear, collect and break dead or living coral reefs, it is pursued by the law of the islands.

Canary Islands.

The climate of the Canary Islands is ideal forPeople who do not like strong heat and heat and prefer to bask under the rays of a soft sun. The average temperature is from November to April + 24C. In order to rest here, annually purchase permits for the Canary Islands 8 million tourists. Rest here is considered one of the most popular and prestigious, because the trip to the Canary Islands is considered a voucher to the paradise of happiness.

We are used to the word "tropical" rememberAn exotic paradise where there is no civilization and the nature is pristine, where at night only the singing of night birds and the soft surf are heard, where the sun is brightly reflected from the golden sand on the beach, on which chaotic exotic shells and small red crabs crawl. And the Canary Islands perfectly match our view of the untouched nature. You can watch the snow-capped mountain peaks on the islands, when you yourself will be relaxing on the water mattress, lazily floundering in the warm blue water.

The inhabitants of the islands are very friendly and always to youWill help and invite you to the table, but to see all the beauty of the local culture, you need to get to the Canaries at the Carnival de Tenerife, which takes place at the end of February and leaves a storm of positive emotions that will be remembered for life.

Of course, this is not a complete list of places for rest of Russians, however, one of the favorite ...

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