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Feng Shui: how to equip your house?

To choose a color scheme that suits everyonefamily members - is perhaps the most difficult task when decorating rooms. Each room is dominated by a certain element - Fire, Earth, Air or Water. Any of them has their own color preferences, which should be taken into account when repairing. However, everything is not as simple as it may seem. If you obediently follow the "tastes" of the dominant element, this can lead to an undesirable effect, for example, to the extremes in its manifestation. Ideally, if the room is dominated by tones, which complement, shade the color of the main elements. This approach allows you to achieve energy balance, to harmonize the atmosphere in the house.


This is the territory of Fire, which is associated withMars - a planet of violent passions. It is on the basis of this and it is necessary to equip the kitchen. Mars correlate bright red and orange shades. Mars's antipode is tender Venus, which means it's worth adding her favorite colors - pink and blue.


Here the Air element prevails. In these premises they are met and escorted by guests, share the latest news, conduct frank conversations. Communication refers to the sphere of Mercury, preferring gray and blue colors. The irresistible energy of the Air will be balanced by warm beige, yellow, orange - traditional tones of Jupiter.


These rooms are managed by the elements of Water. It is characterized by the blue, green, white colors of Neptune, the patron saint of Pisces, and the Moon, which is responsible for Cancer. However, do not rush to purchase facing materials and wallpaper of this particular scale. In this case, other laws apply. It is much more correct to give preference to the flowers of the Earth, which is in harmony with the Water - sand, pink, light gray.


In the cloakrooms, storerooms and other auxiliarypremises dominate Earth element. To create a favorable, comfortable atmosphere in them, it is recommended to use the colors typical of Water signs: the walls of the blue-green scale (Pisces) and the brown floor covering (Scorpio). You will soon notice how your reserves will begin to replenish.


Do not underestimate the role of the balcony or loggia,even if in your home they are very modest in size. They seem to connect the two worlds - go beyond the boundaries of the apartment, allowing us to enjoy the open air space. Here, according to Feng Shui, the power is divided at once by two elements - Earth and Air. This place is considered unusual from an astrological point of view, so pay close attention to it. It is not necessary to arrange a warehouse of old things on the balcony. Clear it and try to keep it in order. It is best to use this zone for meditation. Let there be a corner in the house in which you can retire at any time of the day, put your thoughts in order and throw off negative emotions.


Note the number of sharp corners in theyour home. Long since they have been correlated with the dangerous planets-destroyers Mars and Saturn. If family members can not find a common language, they constantly quarrel and scandal, and the atmosphere of suspicion, jealousy and aggression reigns in the house, because of the negative energy of these two evil planets. Its impact can be neutralized if you try to smooth out, disguise all the corners in the apartment. Place in these zones large indoor plants, especially suitable for ampel - their climbing and falling shoots will create a sense of movement. You can drape the "sharp" place with decorative curtains or arrange the furniture to visually cut the corner.

It is especially important to take such steps ifthe baby came home. Children under seven are too vulnerable and unable to resist the evil will of the planets. The exception to the rule is a child born under the sign of Aries or Capricorn. Because these signs are governed by Mars and Saturn, respectively.

By the way, the adult representatives of Aries and CapricornThe tension that all kinds of corners create in the house is vital. They are fueled by this energy, they receive additional forces. If the head of the family was born under the sign of Aries or Capricorn, there is no point in resorting to designer tricks and hiding the angles - the well-being of the household depends on the master's state of mind. In other cases it is better to hedge and try to protect your house by neutralizing the negative influence of the planets.


Distributing rooms between family members,take into account their age and status. The largest room should be given to representatives of the older generation. Older people are usually correlated with the signs of the cardinal cross - Cancer, Capricorn. They need to feel the attention and respect of their loved ones. If the old people are given lesser private quarters, they will decide that they have become redundant, and will start to hand over quickly.

In the second largest room can be locatedan extractor providing material stability. The head of the family corresponds to Taurus and Scorpio, related to fixed signs. Home for them - a strong rear, they appreciate the calm atmosphere, which allows you to relax and gain strength.

Under the nursery should be given the smallestroom. For schoolboys, teenagers are patronized by Gemini, and to young men, before creating their own family, is Sagittarius. If you settle the child in a spacious apartment, he will become capricious and overconfident. For pre-school children meet Cancer and Capricorn. Toddlers are better placed where they feel most comfortable.

These are the basic principles of Feng Shui - having arranged your home, according to them, you will find peace and harmony. In addition, there is nothing complicated in this. So it's worth a try.

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