/ How to equip a room, bedroom, so that it is cozy?

How to equip the room, bedroom, so that it's cozy?

The premise
If you have moved into an apartment recently, then youThere is still a possibility to determine which room is suitable for a bedroom. Feng Shui will help you choose a room and orient on the sides of the world, based on such considerations:

- If you want to breathe new energy into a relationship with a partner and establish sexual relations, then we choose the northern direction,

- if you want to bring the relationship with a partner to a high level and maintain stability, it will be better to choose the north-western direction,

- choose the western direction, if in life you do not have the usual romance,

- Of course, there are other directions as well. It should be remembered that they will contribute to a successful sexual life and peaceful rest.

Color spectrum
While an ordinary room in the house or in the apartmentWill turn into a bedroom, you need to think a lot. It is considered that in such a room the softness of the interior and pastel colors should prevail, but this is not so. The bedroom needs to be made both for themselves and for themselves. This does not mean that from the bedroom you need to arrange an ancient cave or a room in the style of a safari. Try to listen to yourself before you start repair, answer the questions:

"Are you fast asleep?"

- Do you wake up rested and cheerful in the morning?

- Have you had to wake up for some inexplicable reasons?

- Do you get up easily in the mornings?

- During the day, do you have a desire to sleep and attacks of an unmotivated yawn?
Answering such questions, you will be able to decide what kind of bedroom you need.

In the style of Yin
This bedroom is suitable for those who wake upRested and slept, does not wake up at night for unexplained reasons, sleeps well. For those who easily get up, and who do not have the desire to lie down somewhere on the office sofa.

In such a bedroom should be golden, pink, beige, peach tones. The bed is better to choose a round one. In principle, the furniture should be rounded.

It is desirable that the bedroom was soft, lightlymuffled light. The ideal option would be for the bedroom to have lamps with colored shades of pale pink or soft blue colors. In principle, it will be a classic bedroom.

In the style of Yan
This bedroom will be ideal for those who at nightSees emotional dreams, not nightmares. He does not get enough sleep, with great difficulty gets up, not paying, his attention, on the alarm clock, at work secretly dreams of a dream.

Of the many colors you can choose for a bedroom -Blue, rich green, dark red, which are close to burgundy color. The ceiling is better to paint in the same color as the walls, with the difference that walls of more intense tones should be than the ceiling.
Bedding is best chosen by sprinting, which should be bright. Light bedroom will provide several sconces in a transparent-matt or classic white bubble.

Between Yan and Yin
Whichever bedroom you choose, we will have to beBetween Yan and Yin, these energies are in close relationship with our inner, our state. If you choose a Yin bedroom and you see a worsening of sleep, then you need to change the delicate colors of bed linen, something bright, and hang a bright color spot on the wall, for example, a picture and hang it in the visibility zone.

If you have ceased to feel comfortable inYan's bedroom, you feel incomprehensible anxiety and increased excitability, replace the color, bedding, on white. On the wall opposite you, when you fall asleep, hang a gas cloth of a beautiful gentle shade, all this will restore balance.

Of course, the main one is the bed on which we sleep. It should not be too big and convenient. Here is the best option for a bed with an even low headboard.

The bed should be without any built-in boxes,Stable, without various additional functions. If there are built-in boxes, then you need to store only bed linen, but not as family photo archives, shoes, clothes.

The bed should stand so that you can seeDoor, but to sleep with your feet to the door is unacceptable. Do not move the bed close to the wall, there should be a small gap of about 5 or 10 centimeters. If you sleep instead of a bed on the couch, then you need to sleep always on the sofa spread out.

The bed should be yours, but not transferred to you byInheritance from mother, grandmother or someone else. Things preserve the property to store the energy of the old masters, and, resting on the grandmother's bed, you unwillingly repeat her fate.

Entrance door
You can give recommendations regarding the bedroom. First, if possible, the room in which you sleep should be far from the front door. Secondly, the door to the bedroom should always be kept closed. This statement is true, then, when at the moment there are strangers in your house, they fill someone else's energy with the most intimate corner of the apartment, and this will badly affect your rest.

It will also be superfluous to remind that guests should not be in the bedroom, do not let them sit on the bed, this will lead to sleep disturbance, and also lead to problems with the partner.

Thirdly, the bedroom should be possibleSoundproofed. Such a proverb as "my house is my fortress" can be completely attributed to your bedroom, than it will be more isolated and quieter, the better.

Fourth, the bedroom needs to be constantly ventilated, you need to sleep with curtains closed, and also with closed windows.

The biggest thing you can afford is two orOne bedside table, bed, linen closet, table with a chair or with a small ottoman. All the rest will only clutter up space and will help to worsen sleep. The main function of the bedroom is a rest area, you do not need to turn it into a work area.

Preferably in other rooms placeComputers, televisions, video recorders, telephones and other equipment. In the bedroom you can leave a small boombox, provided that you will listen and enjoy quiet music (nature noises, classics and so on). It is necessary not only to disconnect with the help of the remote, but also to remove the plug from the socket. Not the best option will be if you fall asleep under any music.

Symbols of Feng Shui
In the south-western part of the bedroom there is a zoneLove, you need to install angels or mandarin ducks, this will depend on your taste. They will promote the harmony of your relationship with a partner and love.

In the bedroom there should be candles - yellow, orange,Red and better pink. We need to take care of pleasant smells. Here you can use essential oils, incense, aromatic sticks, aroma-flavoring. For a sound and healthy sleep are the smells of valerian and lavender.

Among the symbols of Feng Shui, which are needed in the bedroom,It is necessary to stop on the "Trap for dreams". They are sold in specialty stores, you can choose the one that you like best, and hang it at the head of the bed.

What should not be in your bedroom
- Family archives and old newspapers - this is a source of unnecessary energy, and newspapers that contain criminal chronicles, have a great loss of sleep.

- Vine plants, they suck and take energy when you sleep.

- Also do not keep the safe and everything that is associated with them, it can be money. The bedroom is not the place where financial issues should be solved.

- Bright side light and ceiling lighting - all this dispels the intimacy of the situation.

- Trash and unnecessary things.

- Aquariums with fish and cages with birds, they must be carried to another room, which is not intended for rest.

Now we know how to equip a bedroom room,So that it was cozy. This is far from what else can be said about the bedroom. But, using these simple tips, you can improve your mood, sex life, sleep and even health. The main thing is to start acting, and already life will show that you are better. Change your life, listen to your intuition and everything will change, only for the better.

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