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How to choose the right wardrobe

Well, and where do I put this cupboard?

First of all, it is necessary to determine, and for what"You need it." If this is just a symmetrical answer to a neighbor who already has one, you can not read further. After all, the closet - a thing exclusively functional, designed to make the impossible possible - to add a useful place in our cramped apartments, using the so-called dead space.

In each, even the most "improved" apartmentThere is a place where you can not put anything, but really want to. That's in order to make the most effective use of these "dead" square centimeters and you must correctly treat the choice of the cabinet, which the conductor on the railway can take behind the compartment.

Experience shows that the closet is bestFits in the hallway, bedroom, living room and nursery. It is clear that his device and content will depend heavily on the location, and hence the purpose. Therefore, first of all, ask the manufacturer or carefully study the instructions for the purpose of the "best in the world" furniture.

Buy a ready-made coupe or order?

This question can be compared only with the fact thatFamous Hamlet "to be or not to be." And the answer is actually quite simple. If you "have money" to order. The cabinet will be as you see it in pink dreams: both in color and shape and content. If you just want to give a gift to her husband's mom for an anniversary - buy something cheap.

On the other hand, the right furniture orderRequires some skills. It is necessary to accurately measure the space that will fill the compartment by height, length and depth with the help of a tape measure or at the worst end of a centimeter sewing tape. When taking the finished product, make sure that there are no gaps between the cabinet and the walls. Custom made furniture, like a sewn atelier dress, should fit perfectly in size and fit into the style of your home 100%. Perhaps to accomplish this task, the maximum will require the help of a professional.

How not to let yourself be deceived with this closet?

  1. Everyone knows that there are two fools in the market: one sells and another buys. There are several tricks with the correct choice of a wardrobe.
  2. First, select a company with a name. A solid production should have a real phone, according to which at any time and for any question you will be politely answered by the manager. It is desirable to have a website on the Internet with the correct description of all the characteristics of the proposed furniture, high-quality photos in several projections and an indication of the present value (rather than last year's). Well, and, of course, no cellars and shops outside the city "for half-price acquaintance";
  3. Trust not only your eyes, but also draw along a smooth-looking surface with your hand. If you feel undulation and roughness, you can not take it;
  4. The next stage is the functioning checkMechanisms. This is the same compartment, so do not be afraid, come in, settle down, feel at home. If you are told that the hinge will "stick together" over time, and "all new boxes" are pulled out hard, since they are new, and not used - do not believe a word of the seller-consultant who is well-trained in psychology. On the contrary, it is bad and with a grinding working mechanic, creaking in the door door, "small cosmetic defects", say that the cabinet is quickly made from cheap components and costs at least half the price.

Perhaps now the correct choice of the closet compartmentWill seem to you easier than you thought. And it is correct - "the gods do not burn pots"! Can anyone else, except the woman who is the keeper of the hearth, make a family nest worthy of the happiness that she gives to her man !?

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