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New Year's interior of a children's room

In the New Year's interior of the children's roomThere must be a place for a miracle - only then the child can really appreciate your efforts and efforts and feel the spirit of the holiday. After all, the New Year is, first of all, happiness for the child. All the charm of this holiday lies in the mystery of magic, in the onset of a new and pure, like snow, future.

First of all, in the New Year's interior take placeBe balloons - and the more the merrier. After all, the kids really like playing with them. And if your favorite children have already grown up, leave the balls to create a New Year's composition in the children's room.

New Year's tree in the children's room can be decoratedMulti-colored balls, preferably filled with helium. Helium is needed to ensure that the tree does not take up much space - thanks to it, it seems to float above the ceiling - light, delicate, fragile. Imagine this magical picture? Believe me, your baby will definitely appreciate this Christmas tree and certainly will not forget this New Year!

Next you should take care of the festiveTable - after all, he must amaze and surprise your crumb. Let on this fabulous night even a tablecloth and dishes familiar at first glance appear to be different, magical ... Maybe the child will seem incredible - but you must show him that all toys come to life at the New Year and even fruits can become cheerful people.

You can decorate the table with everything your soul desires. It can come in handy cones, branches, Christmas toys, candles, tinsel ... Everything that you associate with the holiday and brilliance. The more decorations and accessories - the festive will be the children's room, which you, in fact, are trying to achieve.

In general, you can decorate the New Year table as you like- it is only necessary to connect all your imagination (and after all, for your beloved, you can try, right?). We will only describe a few design options for you - suddenly, do you like any idea?

Do you want transformations? Start with the tablecloth! To the habitual piece of matter turned into a real fairy tale, drape it with colorful pins, making soft creases. If you do not want pins to catch your eye, you can cover them with carnival masks. It will be very original!

The central composition on the table must be doneExpressively, but it should not look cumbersome. To do this, install on a plate (try to choose something brighter, more original) candlestick with a beautifully decorated candle. On the plate lay out your favorite Christmas balls and garlands of your baby, twigs, bumps. The resulting composition is carefully placed in the center of the festive table.

On the New Year's table you can put a few moreCandles. So that they do not seem unpretentious and not boring, they can make original candlesticks from an apple. This is done in the following way: take an apple, cut out the middle (the cutout can be decorated with spruce branches) and put a New Year candle in it - that's all. If the children are small, the candle can be changed to a Christmas tree decoration, while a correctly directed light source betrays a beautiful flame effect. You can also use a Christmas tree garland that will give the table a beautiful backlight. It is desirable that the apple be about the same size as the candle - that is, not too large, but not small.

In order to beautifully serve the table, weNeed napkins. On the occasion of the New Year, it is best to use napkins with New Year's symbols, for example with snowflakes or a bearded Santa Claus with a sweet Snow Maiden. As napkins are suitable small bags of cloth, tied with a bright ribbon. With the help of napkins, you can also designate places for guests by placing glasses on them with drinks.

To make us more festiveMood, place near the glasses cones or sprigs of spruce. By the way, this is a universal decoration for the New Year's table and the interior of the nursery in general - the bumps and twigs can be placed anywhere.

Original additions to our festiveThe table will serve as fruit: oranges, tangerines, lemons, apples. From fruits you can make funny little men, and this lesson does not take you much time and energy. So, take small berries, for example, mountain ash or currants, and fix them on the skin of the fruit - it will be "eyes" and "nose". A "hatter" can be a sprig of fir or a leaf of any houseplant. In order for these people to harmoniously fit into the New Year's composition of the festive table, try to decorate them with all the empty space.

If your child's table is in another room, do not forget to put New Year's treats on it. On the table you can also put beautiful plates made to order.

Of course, a pleasant surprise for the baby will beBright and shiny posters and pictures, symbolizing the coming year. Serpentine and "rain" will make the children's room much more fun, fill it with the atmosphere of the holiday.

And when the clock strikes twelve times, in the life of your crumbs a new year will begin, which he so joyfully met in the circle of his beloved and native people!

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