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Style hi-tech in the interior

Careerist's apartment

Hi tech - one of the fashion trends intechnical design, clothing and architecture. If high-tech clothes are jackets with stitched players and shoes with "climate control", then the interior of an apartment in this style is, rather, a special philosophical understanding of life. He gives its master clarity of thought, order in all its spheres of activity. Strangely enough, he is most suitable for a careerist, a person who is busy with business - high tech does not have to rest and does not allow the owner to relax.

Hi tech - style is ironic, it is important to highlightbeauty of objects, in other interiors on the contrary, carefully concealed - all holders of highlights, fasteners, switches, etc. All the technical equipment seems to "stick out", exaggerate, become some kind of theatrical and decorative. If, for example, you have open water pipes in the kitchen, they must be dyed in bright colors, and if air ducts are held in the rooms, it's generally luxurious! They can be made bright red, yellow, and even better - covered with a sparkling metallic. Technological progress is proceeding at a tremendous speed, and other forms will soon replace other forms in the interior, for example when transparent computer cases enter the fashion, round plastic forms of incomprehensible destination appeared in "high-tech" interiors.

Cheap TV here will not work!

And one more important detail: if you have decided to design an apartment in this modern style, all the equipment in the apartment is simply obliged to match it. For example, a TV in an apartment should not just be with a liquid crystal panel, but with a panel of the latest modification (well, the most expensive, respectively), otherwise the house will simply look like a "self-contained apartment with a claim" and nothing but hidden ridicule, its visitors do not will cause. The same is true with kitchen appliances - the author's projects of the best designers of the world (in high tech nothing can be usual) turn it into a work of art. So you will have to "match". Of course, we do not advise anyone to buy author's works - their costliness exceeds all our fantasies - but the industry now produces food processors that slightly resemble space plates (this is also not cheap, but, as they say: "It was called a mush ...").

In general, the interior of this style is usedThe constructions, characteristic earlier only to industrial complexes and buildings. Therefore, first of all, the designs of colored glass with the mandatory addition of metal elements: rivets, balls, legs, etc., are welcome.

Freedom for the light!

And in such an apartment should definitely belight effects! Highlighting is given very great importance: nowhere, in any room it can not be simple. Light is used white and multicolored. In addition to lighting the ceiling in the rooms can be a modern form of sconces and floor lamps (the latter - less often, yet they take an inexpedient lot of space). In any case, in this interior there is one very strict requirement: the light here should simply ideally be combined with the space of the room: for example, if it is an orange bedroom, the backlight can not be white, it should also be warm, yellowish-reddish shades.

Riot of color - a delicate approach

However, there are different directions within thestyle hi-tech in the interior. It can be a strict geometric interior with straight lines and a one-color color scale, or maybe a riot of colors with undulating (but also geometrically correct - no modernist!) Forms. Or the use of organza in curtains and opposite colors next to each other, for example: purple and yellow, light green and pink. But if you really want this all-consuming "joy of life" and decided to go that way, please note: it is the most difficult, well, very dangerous - it is difficult to combine opposites not only in human relationships, but also in the interior, this requires real professionalism and very serious artistic taste. Therefore, without the invitation of a professional designer, you can not do here.

What's on the surface

In furniture and household utensils in high-tech stylewelcome chrome surfaces, stainless steel, bent pipes, rotating seats with adjustable height. And - no crushing - the surface of objects should be made of solid plates: glass, metal, plastic. The floor can be both plastic and wooden. Another important detail: all objects and surfaces should be more than carefully processed - they should not be visible any seams (wooden floors should be painted in unusual colors - bright blue, pink). By the way, modern closets were born in the depths of this fashion - in such an apartment there should be nothing superfluous, clothes and objects unnecessary in the interior should be removed, as if they were never there. And, of course, the perfect purity and glitter of all glass and metal - high-tech can not stand a speck of dust and not a single spot on the glass table!

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