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Interior of living room in apartment

Living room is a place that unites andConnects all other rooms. It is multifunctional. Here we gather with the whole family, receive guests, watch TV or arrange gatherings for a cup of coffee. In other words, most of the life of the owners of this living room passes in the living room.

The living room is the most fullRoom. All the important things and interesting elements of decor want to be placed in the living room, and always in a conspicuous place. This is the vase donated for the jubilee, a favorite painting in a wide frame and photos from trips and so on.

What you want to see constantly, and what you wantBoast - all want to arrange this in the living room. And it is for this reason that the living rooms turn into a warehouse of things, some piles of various elements are obtained, because of this, the appearance, laconicism of design and style unity are lost. To prevent this from happening, you need to connect in the living room, what you would like to put on public display, very carefully place the elements inside this room.

What should be placed in the living room?
In every family there is something that needs to be arranged indoors. However, in all modern apartments in the interior of the living room is a home theater or TV.

Of course, this is the center of the room. Here they sing karaoke in a fun company, watch movies with friends, the whole family gather around the TV. The modern world does not imagine itself without technology, it is impossible to imagine a living room without it. Conventional screens or plasma small, large are the emotional, logical, aesthetic, visual center of the room.

In addition to the TV, there is also an element of the room,Which is not inferior in importance, and this includes a fireplace. Modern apartments are not adapted to such a thing, but still the fireplaces are very popular these days. By the technology of manufacture, they reached a level where the imitation of the fireplace is not inferior to anything in the original. Different gas and electric fireplaces, and even marble fireplace masonry, with candles inside, gives a feeling of comfort, some special warmth, attach charm, and sophistication to any interior. Modern design, this classic element allows you to fit into any room of any style.

A popular design object is the aquarium. It is a bright spot in any apartment. Helps to relax after a hard day, pacifies, brings to the apartment a particle of natural nature, it is so lacking in the modern city. A large aquarium with beautiful exotic fish will be an original decoration, and do not want to hide it in the bedroom. I want to place the aquarium in a conspicuous place, so that I can often admire it.

It is difficult to list the elements that would serveCenter of gravity of views. It can be any design items, for example, figured supports, original sculptures, paintings in expensive frames. But do not mix all this in the living room, then, after all, merge into one kaleidoscope of colors and shapes that will interfere with perceiving each element separately.

How to arrange
When creating a living room layout,What would you like to place in it. Among the items you need to choose and prioritize, select one to be the center of the room, and from this basic element the impression of the room would be built. This object should be placed in such a way so that the person who enters this room rested his gaze before he could look around. Its location is necessary and can be emphasized by the background.

Around the main point of the living room will be added a littleSpace. This can be a shelving system, a specially made niche, wall texture or color. This will concentrate attention, both at the center of the room. The remaining items of the future interior should be arranged in order of priority, so that they do not overlap with each other.

Each element must be the center of a partRoom, which is lead him. These secondary objects should also be emphasized by the background, but in this case it should not be so rushing and less bright than the main one. You need to know that around the element there should be some amount of air, space, the amount of background. Attention should be concentrated on the selected element.

If you place the fireplace under the TV, then youYou can not use either one or the other. If you include them together, when you watch TV, you will not grasp your eye, or you will want to admire fire, and you will be distracted by TV, there will be a desire, even occasionally to glance at the TV. You can also say that if there are other similar combinations, this fireplace is near the big sculpture in human growth, the TV is butt-end with the aquarium.

And when such elements are distributed toDifferent walls, and then each element will carry a function that it must carry. Then the view will not need to be torn. It is enough to choose what you want - to watch the inhabitants of the aquarium or watch TV. You will not interfere with anyone if one of the family members wants to sit by the burning fireplace, and the other will want to watch TV.

Photos and shelves
In addition to the central elements in the living room,Be a number of important and minor things. These can be porcelain sets, souvenirs from trips, frames with photos, bookshelves and so on. And there can be many things that correspond to the habits and tastes of a particular family. With shallow filling, these little things will be a perfect background for the center, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

If you place around a large numberTrifles, then they will destroy their other valuable element with their diversity. If you like exhibiting pleasant trifles on display, then treat this with attention and in your room take a separate place for them.

At the fireplace it is logical to put chairs with pufikami under their feet, so that they are sufficiently close to the fire. Proceeding from the diagonal of the screen, you should push the sofa away from the TV.

Between the sofa and TV, the dining table will beLook pretty strange. If the table is put to an outdoor fireplace, it will simply block it. When placing furniture, you should be guided so that you can conveniently use the interior elements, what is the size of the passages. We must simultaneously think over the arrangement of furniture together with the filling of the living room with different design elements.

Now we know what should be, the interiorLiving room in the apartment. What and how to combine with, it is for each family individually. Things for convenience and inner comfort should be in place, in general be concise and complete space.
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