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Decorate the apartment with beautiful paintings

Maximum neutrality: Not to spoil the appetite even for the purist. Ideally - a still life or a natural landscape in cheerful colors. In the office, on the contrary, idyllic images will lull. There are more appropriate more dynamic and energetic subjects - for example, city landscapes or black and white photos. The bedroom is a place of solitude, images of people here are undesirable. You can decorate this room with abstractions, but calm in mood.

In the bedroom of a lonely person It is better to place a cheerful story: It has a therapeutic effect. The fact that funny little animals or fairy-tale characters are suitable for a child, and so it is clear, but it is better to decorate the apartment with beautiful paintings. Actually, the main artist here is the child himself. It is necessary to take into account the location of the room: in the south it is better to place pictures in white cold colors, and in those that go to the north - on the contrary, in the solar range. And the size of the room: in small watercolors and engravings look better - they are more chamber than oil.

Well hang!
It's time to read out the main commandments of a beginnerGallery owner. The classic "museum" height is 152 centimeters from the floor to the bottom edge of the frame. But this is not a dogma. For example, in the dining room, where everyone is sitting, you can decorate the apartment with beautiful paintings and hang the images a little lower. If the ceilings in the house are high, and the pictures are small, you can place them in a group. If there is a fireplace in the room, something picturesque is asking for it. Same for style and size of the picture can be weighed in one row at the same distance. For different - create an asymmetric group. Pictures should be well-lit. But it is impossible, that on them direct sun rays fell: from this they quickly deteriorate. This is especially true of paper. On the other hand, care must be taken to ensure that nothing obstructs the image and does not interfere with the inspection: no growing plants, no opening frames or furniture pieces. The desire to decorate the apartment with paintings is good. But the main thing is that you do not leave a sense of proportion and you did not arrange a Louvre at home.

About high and small things
The brighter the main colors of the picture, the sooner it isBother with the eye. Watercolors, pastels and various graphics are best placed in a mat. Painting usually hangs with some slope (otherwise it glows), but the angle should be small. The frame for the dark picture should not be very light.

By the way. Will not leave a trace. When heavy furniture lasts for a long time on the carpet, there are crushed places on it. Destroy the traces of furniture you can by putting on the "dents" pieces of ice and letting it melt. After the water sucks, and the carpet dries, vacuum it. Bag and carbine. Lemon or lime? Citrus fruits. A small mandarin tree in the bedroom - summer has already come to your apartment! The easiest tulle. Instead of curtains of shells - a great idea to create an invisible border between the kitchen and the living room. The airy fabric looks very feminine. Sumptuously! Solid parquet, discreet wicker furniture ... "Dilute" the palette with two colors: green and yellow.

The hallway ...
Greets the guests with cheerful shades -Bright-green and yellow. On a note. Yellow color is often associated with warmth and comfort, so do not neglect it when decorating your apartment. Lemon shades are perfectly combined with a cool color scheme. All shades of green are the colors of life. And green is more relevant than ever in spring and summer, when nature wakes up from hibernation.

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