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How best to choose a food processor

What kind of "festive" mood after such works? By the time the hostess gets in such a state that she wants only to retire somewhere in a deserted place and rest ...

To significantly facilitate the "female share" by savingPower hostess for fun and communication, a food processor is capable of - a small device that combines the functions of a juicer, blender, grinder, graters. But how best to choose a food processor?

This device consists of three nodes - the engine,Bowls and a different set of baits. The functionality of the combine is determined by the number of the latter. Among the attachments are found: a knife, a grater disk, an emulsifier disk, a universal mixer, a press, a dough kneading nozzle, a freezer, a meat grinder, a grinder for cereals ("mill").

Knives in the kit, as a rule, a few. They are made of stainless steel and are used for cutting, cooking stuffing and other grinding products. The degree of grinding is determined by the length and speed of processing the products in the combine. For shredding cabbage or slicing slices use a knife with a diagonal slit. And cut the products into pieces of random shape will help two blades on the plastic holder.

Trowel is used for shredding and grinding. Depending on the diameter of the holes of the grater, the cutting will be larger or smaller.

The disc-emulsifier serves to whip the cream,Preparation of sauces, mayonnaise, other dishes similar to them consistency, as well as a test for pancakes. At the same time during work - thanks to the lid on the working bowl - your kitchen will not be splashed with what you whip or mix.

A multimixer, also called a mini-mill or mini meat grinder, is used to grind garlic, nuts, onions, fresh herbs, in one word - foods in small portions.

Press - this is a special nozzle for the preparation of puree (for example, from potatoes) and fruit mass from soft fruits that do not contain pits. The consistency of mashed potatoes is determined by the type of strainer.

The kneading hook is a hook that looks like a curved hook"Flyers" or scapula. This design allows this nozzle to mix the dough not in one portion of the bowl, but consistently knead each portion of the dough until a uniform mass is formed. During such mixing, the remains of flour and other components of the dough do not accumulate on the walls of the working bowl.

Ice cream maker serves homemade cookingIce cream. The day before its use, the nozzle should be placed in the freezer so that it reaches the working temperature. All components of the ice cream are mixed in a bowl and then include a device for freezing.

Meat grinder in the food processor is smallDiffers from the usual electric meat grinder. To it it is possible to get separately various knifes, lattices and nozzles. The fundamental difference (undoubtedly, for the better) from the standard electric meat grinder is that you do not have to look for suitable chopping utensils, and even after use you do not have to disassemble the whole mechanism, but just remove the knife and rinse the bowl.

The mill nozzle grinds the cereals to a fine-dispersed state. Usually this nozzle resembles steel millstones.

Blender - a device designed to mix all kinds of liquids; With its help you can prepare cocktails or baby food. And in the blender, ice is crushed.

Juicer squeezes juice from fresh fruit. But using a combine for this purpose instead of a separate juicer produces a lot of waste. The amount of juice at the outlet is determined by the volume of the working bowl. The citrus juicer within the food processor resembles a conventional citrus press and can cook up to one liter of juice per minute.

The working bowl of the combine may be glass, plastic or metal. Usually in the trading network are available and spare bowls. They come in different forms:

  • Resistant to subcooling - up to 5 degrees below zero - you can store directly in the bowl of pate, mince, puree or juice.
  • Heat resistant can withstand heating up to +80 degrees. But boiling water in such a bowl can not be poured!
  • Shock-resistant bowls are resistant to accidental falls and impacts, but one should not experiment and deliberately test them for strength: they may not survive!

The capacity of the bowl is significant. It should be understood that the total volume and working capacity are not exactly the same. So, a bowl of 1.5 liters is suitable for processing a couple of kilograms of dry vegetables or one and a half liters of liquid, but it can be kneaded 750 grams of dough. In some bowls, small amounts of food can not be processed. Combines with such bowls usually have a mini-mill. And in the bowls, suitable for processing small portions of products, the nozzles are located below, and the bottom has a special design.

The motor determines the speed of rotation. A food processor can have from one to four high-speed modes with a speed range from fifteen to 12,000 rpm. Increasing the power of the engine reduces the duration of preparation and processing of products.

Multifunction combines usually contain allOr most of the attachments and functions listed here. In the so-called compact harvesters, the equipment will be smaller, but they take up less space and lower the price.

How best to choose a food processor forYour needs? Decide what features of the food processor you need most, and also with what quantities of products you usually have to work with. Do not forget to pay attention to the terms of the guarantee and ask whether there are any service centers in your city that serve this brand of products and can supply spare parts and accessories to it, both during the warranty period and after its expiry.

And enjoy your technique with pleasure!

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